Chapter Twenty

White Rainbow
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Left jaw of the eldest son of Chen Hai was hit by a heavy fist making his left face feel a burn. Coming after, a strong foot kicked in the middle of his belly causing him to fall on the ground.

Chen Huan covered his stomach and cried, “So hurt.”

“Bastard, you dare to abuse woman! You want to die.”

The male ert raised peepers then perceived the daughter of Wu was standing before the girl of Yang.

Actually, he was scared that the powerful girl would punish him more, he wanted to explain, but his stomach was really in huge pain; moreover, his lips were broken to bleed because of the paw of the woman so he was unable to utter an apology.

Fortunately, the female warrior did not continue looking for trouble with him because she was in a hurry to take care of the young lady that was standing by the wall touching her right lower back.

“Are you alright?” Lantian said.

“I hurt my waist,” Caihong told.

“Let go to find the ointment.”

The elder sis assisted the junior in a manner of caring to the room upstairs.

“What’s wrong?” Yang Ying ran in.

“She hurts her waist. Take her to the room. I go to take the ointment,” Lantian said.

Yang Ying held the arm of the injured young lady and walked her slowly to the room, but it was not the room where they had dinner, it was another room which was quiet, clean and decorated like the room for the couple on the wedding night.

Caihong was brought to lay on her stomach on a huge and soft bed. She set her chin on the soft and fragrant pillow when Lantian came in with a small bottle in her hand and applied buttocks on the bed beside her thigh.

The Wu woman grabbed the cloth of the younger girl on purpose to raise it up, but immediately, the owner of the cloth blocked it.

“Hey, what do you want to do?”

“Apply the ointment,” Lantian said and caught the bottom hem of the shirt, but Caihong rolled her body to escape, “I can do it by myself.”

“You are hurt. I will do it for you.”

“No need,” Caihong stated, her face becoming pink.

Lantian chuckled when seeing the behavior of the younger lady. She realized that this female junior did not want to expose her meat because she was shy.

At that moment, Yang Ying volunteered to give a hand, “Let me do it.”

The daughter of Wu wagged her head, “Fine.” Then she gave the balm to the geisha.

Even though Caihong did not accord to open her shirt if Lantian was still by the bed.

Because she was afraid that if she delayed the time, the wound of the younger girl would be more painful, she accepted to go further from the couch to give time to the daughter of Yang to get treatment without pressure, but she did not go out of the room – because she was worried that the girl might need help then she would able to give assistance on time.

It was very strange that Caihong herself was unable to understand as well. She did not comprehend why she was feeling shy to allow the female senior touch or see her body, but for Yang Ying, she did not feel any burden. 

‘All of them were females the same; why do I mind only with her?’ Caihong thought.

Seeing that the rich girl was silent, the female host made a call, “Young lady Yang, my strength makes you hurt or not?”

“Oh no, it doesn't hurt,” Caihong hurriedly replied.

Yang Ying grinned and continued kneading the wound of the girl.

Caihong blew a slight wind then stated, “Your fingers are good.”

“To do the kind of job like mine have to know this skill,” Yang Ying said.

“Well,” Caihong looked around the room, “is it your room?”

“No, it belongs to young lady Wu.”

Caihong narrowed her eyebrows, “She has a room here?”

“Yes, it is for when she wants to sleep here.”

“Does she ever stay here?”

“Yes, she frequently had night stay here.” Yang Ying paused for a second then added, “Before this room is sister Caihong’s.”

“Is she your sister?”

“No, she is not my sister, but she is like my

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