Chapter Thirty Eight

White Rainbow
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At the camp, Caihong stood by the door with not happy face. Above, she saw the sky was dark and the moon started to show up.

“See,” she stated, “I said already. She lies to me.”

Before she went into the kitchen to create a dish for Wan Hua Lou to taste, she took a look at the doorway that the girl of Wu usually came from. Actually, she could do it tomorrow, but because her mind still thought that the elder sis would come, she did it at night and grabbed a chance to wait for her.

Until midnight passed, she believed that the high woman would not arrive for sure, then she went into bed with a sad heart.



Talking about Lantian, she opened eyes the next day.

“Caihong!” She called and at that moment she hurriedly rose back from the bed with a wish to get out of the room but immediately her head spun, making her lose balance. At that time, Xiaolan arrived. She called, “Miss” then quickly caught and assisted her mistress back to sit on the bed.

“You are not yet healed. Doctor said you have to rest,” she told.

At once, Lantian noticed her hands were wearing gloves, “What is that?”

“Oh, your hands touched the bat guano and were infected. The doctor told to cover your hands like this.”

“I want to see Caihong,” Lantian said and wanted to remove the gloves, but Xiaolan hurriedly grabbed her hand telling, “Doctor said you cannot go anywhere and not contact anyone to prevent infection for at least ten days.”

“Ten days!” Lantian opened her eyes. “No, I want to go now. I am late. She is waiting for me.”

However, Xiaolan didn’t allow her lady to get out.

“Miss, if you go now, you will be able to infect her.”

The words of the young maid froze the body of the high lady. Caihong was her weak point; she would be unable to tolerate it if the young girl got something wrong. But her heart was quivering since she had promised to visit the girly yesterday.

“Then you go to see Caihong but don’t tell that I am not well, just tell her that I am busy so I cannot go to meet her,” she stated.

“Miss, it doesn't mean I don't want to help you," Xiaolan claimed, "but because I am serving you, the doctor said I should not contact many people either."

Hearing this claim, Lantian dropped her shoulders and face. In her mind was having an unhappy feeling. If she was well, this matter was a piece of cake, but now her big part of energy was lost making her unable to even think.

Xiaolan pitied her mistress so much when she saw her face. Her female master was usually smiling and energetic, but now she was so weak that she could even stand by herself.

"Miss." She bent her knees and put her hands on the thighs of her mistress. "It's just ten days," she said in a soft tone.  "The doctor said it can be less than ten days if you take care very well.  If you are worried about young lady Yang, you should take care of yourself to be healed quickly then you go to explain to her. I think she will understand."

As the comment seemed to be right, the daughter of the high minister nodded her head slightly. She took a long breath then asked, "Where is mother?"

"Eldest madam is at the palace. Tomorrow is the feast, she is busy," Xiaolan said.

"Who helps her?"

"She does it alone. She told me to look after you. She was worried about you so much. When you were unconscious, she stayed beside you."

Lantian stayed silent after she heard it. She seemed to know and feel guilty as she usually made her ma concern.

"Miss, let me apply medicine on your hands."

The high lady accepted by saying "um" in then the young maid quickly went to take the medicine with a smile over her face.



Because of the illness, Lantian could escape from joining the royal banquet.  However, she could not celebrate since she was unable to go anywhere even out of her room.

Lady Chen hurriedly came to her daughter's room when she arrived home. Her mind was glad to see that her daughter woke up. She told that the father was worried about her, but the daughter acted like she didn't hear it. 

After the banquet, official madam Wu was still called by the house of the eighth prince and she didn't refuse even once. Of course, she didn't dare to deny the suggestion because they were the royal relatives and furthermore, she herself was glad to help as she had a wish to unite her daughter and the young male of the royal family. 

Every time she came back from the residence of the eighth prince, her face bloomed like sweet basil seeds meeting with the water.

"Third sister, today the consort asked about Lantian. She also gave the bird's nest to strengthen her health," lady Chen said.

"Really? Looks like she likes Lantian so much," lady Mei said with a smile.

"Yes, she likes and worries Lantian so much. She wanted to send the doctor of the eighth prince chamber to check for Lantian. I told her that Lantian is better and thanked her."

"What's about the young prince?"

"He asked about Lantian every time he met me. He wanted to visit Lantian, but I tried to stop him as I am afraid that he will be infected."

"It's very good, eldest sister. I think this time you'll get a son in law. I'm happy for you that Lantian can have a good shelter."

While the two elderly women were discussing happily, Lantian who was sitting on the bed for Xiaolan to apply medicine was having a big bored feeling as she heard it.

"Lantian." Lady Chen turned to the daughter. "When you are well, go to thank the co

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