Chapter Fourteen

White Rainbow
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The five ladies and the gentleman walked between tall green bamboos growing in a row. Just a few breaths, they got out of the blue cover, and arrived at another new green scenery.

“A lot of vegetables,” Lifen yelled. She turned to the male guide, “Does this farm belong to Wu too?”

“Yes.” Longwei wagged. “Eldest mother likes farming. At house does not have enough space, so she makes a farm here.”

“Is it for sale?”

“No, it’s not. It’s for family only.”

“Good.” Lifen waved her head. “What vegetables are there on the farm?”

“It has many. Cabbage, cucumber, bean, watermelon, and others.”

“At home, I have bunnies. They like cabbage. Can I get some for them?”


“Thank you, young master Wu.”

The youngest of Yang ran into gardening.

“Be careful,” Liqing said and rushed to follow her teenage sister.

Seeing the presence of Yang's fifth young mistress in the farm, Lantian lifted her head; she perceived Caihong and others were coming; however, she was not bothered, she returned her head to dive to pull the plants for her beloved old woman that was resting at home.

As the sun was going down to the West, the kids of the high minister and the millionaire went up the same carts to return to the central town.

In the leading carriage, Longwei, Lantian and Caihong remained in chairs like they had sat.

Staying in the carriage made the younger girl remember the event in the morning. Because she did not want to experience falling once more, she kept her fingers at the sill of the window strongly. This would hurt her body, so to get healthy back and waists, she decided to sit sideways.

Within such a pose, the high girl could perceive only half the face of the female junior. Lantian did not agree, she wanted to see the full feature of the colleen, hence she said to her brother, “Second brother. I am tired. Can I lean on you?”

“Of course,” Longwei stated.

Quickly, the younger sister leaned her back against her elder man’s arm and rose her left leg to put on the seat, while another leg was enlarged on the floor of the cart.

Now, she was able to visit the Yang clan’s flower full of eyes.

The glance of Wu’s daughter caused inconvenience inside the mind of the younger lassie. However, she did not have another way besides telling herself to stand against the womanizer eyes of this elder female.

Before the sun set, the Yang young ladies were sent home safe and sound.

Kids of Wu did not get in to pay respect; they hurriedly returned home – due to Wu Guang asking for a meeting with Longwei, and Lantian needed to hand the plants to her ma before they were dried.

“Mother, I’ve got you the vegetables,” Lantian said.

“Did you go to bamboo grove?” Lady Chen said.

“Yes.” Lantian wagged. “I went with brother. We took the daughters of master Yang to go out.”

“How are Yang’s young ladies?” Lady Mei said.


“Sister, do you want a daughter-in-law now?” Lady Chen asked.

The lips of lady Mei indicated smiling.

“Longwei is twenty three now,” she said.

“Right.” Lady Chen wagged. “You are the mother of Longwei, you have to organize his future. Me too. I’ll think about my Lantian.”

“I don’t want,” Lantian said.

“Son has to take wife, daughter has to take husband,” lady Chen confirmed.

“I don’t care, I don’t want a husband.”

“We are born as human, we have to get married, have kids, and have a family.”

“Getting married is not fun. Having a kid, raising a kid is difficult. You have experience. Are you feeling easy to raise me? And having a family is so boring. Problem, dispute.” Lantian shook her head, “No way.”

“It is the law of nature. Humans have to have a partner.”

“But there

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