Chapter Twenty Seven

White Rainbow
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In the house of the eldest bro, Lantian slept without waking up.

Until the afternoon of the next day, she opened her eyes and got up from the bed with her hands hitting her head slightly.

“Headache,” she murmured.

She looked around and recognized the room she was in belonged to the house of her eldest brother.

The younger girl went outside of the room and met with Aunt Li who was bringing the porridge in.

“Third miss, you got up,” Aunt Li said.

“Aunt Li, how many days did I sleep?” Lantian asked.

“Two nights and one day,” Aunt Li told.

“Oh.” Lantian wagged her head. “Where is second mother?”

“Second madam is in the praying room. You had not eaten any food. Second madam told me to cook porridge for you. Come to eat when it is hot.”

“I’m not hungry,” Lantian said. “I am leaving. Where is eldest brother?”

“He is at the pavilion.”

“I'm going to see him.”

After speaking, the younger mistress hurriedly visited her big bro.

By the rail of the dome, Wu Feng was standing alone looking at the view before him. When he heard the steps, he turned and saw his sister coming.

“You got up?” He said.

“Um.” Lantian nodded her head; her eyes and face were dropping a little bit as she was having a small shyness for her drunken action.

Wu Feng knew about this. He didn’t embarrass his sister, but he had to ask her what he wanted to know the most.

“I went to see third mother. She told me you cursed the ancestors,” he stated.

"Yes, I cursed them,” Lantian said.

“You are not wrong to fight for your own justice, but the way you do is not right.”

“Right or wrong, I don’t care.”

“You should control your temper. It’s not good.”

“It’s him who should control his temper.”

“He is our father. Is it necessary to win over him?”

“I don’t want to win. I never think about it. He is the one who wants to win. Five years already. I have tried to forget everything, but he grills me every day. There isn’t even a second he allows me to breathe easily. I tried to escape, I tried very hard, I’ve really tried.”

“I know.” Wu Feng whined. He understood because she and him shared the same father. “However, you should not be too harsh with him,” he said. “Third mother told me that you spoke about mother and I.”

“I didn’t say anything wrong. He is not good. In this world, only my teacher is a good man.”

The bro was silent for a few seconds before he decided to state about this matter, “I heard that you went to the East hill. Why did you go there?”

“Well,” Lantian seemed to speak unevenly, “I had a task over there.”

“Since your teacher died, you never even went near that hill, but now you go. I am curious what that task was.”

Lantian didn’t answer and spun her face to look away.

“Why don’t you say?”

It was hard for her to reveal about this matter, but she sensed that her brother seemed to know about her story, so it was not useful to hide.

“I went to see someone," she said.

“Yang young lady!”

“Um.” Lantian nodded her head.

“How long and how did you know her?”

“At the end of last month, I went with father and mother to millionaire Yang’s house warming, and met her there.”

“Why did you go to meet her?”

The girl was silent.

“I don’t want

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