Chapter Thirty Seven

White Rainbow
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Along the road, the clever woman walked with her lips smiling without stopping.

In the house of Yang, she didn’t understand why the younger girl was angry with her all of a sudden. Now, she found out the reason behind it.

Of course, she noticed the lassie changed her expression after the name of Yang Ying was put in.

‘She is jealous.’ Lantian thought with a big smile over her face.

When she had left her house, she had gone to a jewelry store and bought a thing for Yang Ying to thank her for helping Caihong. Because she missed the younger woman very much, she had sent Xiaolan to take the gift to give to the geisha, and she quickly went to the girl’s house.

Since she didn’t tell the girl, that was why she misunderstood her; but it was a very good misunderstanding. Now, Lantian realized in the heart of the second daughter of Yang there was her too and this made her mind bloom big.

However, her maid did not comprehend and misunderstood as well – but differently.

“Miss, if you want to know the birthday of young lady Yang, why don’t you ask her directly? Why did you say that to her?”

Hearing this question, Lantian sensed that this young maid was slow. In fact, she didn't need to explain to her, but she should answer her questions.

“If I asked her directly, it would not have been stunning,” she said.

Xiaolan shrank her eyes, “Just asking about birthday, why does it have to be stunning?”

“It’s called a taste of romance. You are still a kid, you can’t understand.”

“I really cannot understand.” Xiaolan shook her head.

“One day, you will. Now, get two horses.”

“Miss, where do you want to go? Eldest madam told you to go back home.”

“I remember. It’s not evening yet. Hurry up. We’ll go to the farm.”

The maid thought that her mistress was putting trouble on herself again, but still she could not do anything besides following her instruction.

After getting the horse, Lantian rode it fast towards the vegetable farm, with Xiaolan went after.

“Third miss.” An elderly man bowed.

“Uncle, our farm has bat guano, doesn't it?” Lantian said.

“Yes, but we used it all.”

“Why don’t you get it more?”

“Usually, our workers went to collect it to use in the farm. But in the last few days, I saw the roof of the dining room was old, so I called some workers to repair it, however who knows, it was very old and tender; it broke making the workers wound.”

“Are they fine?”

“They didn’t get serious injuries. I informed the main house and third madam already sent the doctor to treat them.”

“Good.” Lantian wagged her head. “And other workers? Why don’t you tell them to get the guano?”

“Most workers we remain are women. We still have a few men, but they don’t know how to do it. So, we only have to wait for the wounded workers to get well, then I will tell them to get it.”

“It will be late if we wait for them,” Lantian stated. “I will go to get it myself. Xiaolan, you go to take the stuff and go with me.”

Xiaolan went after the old man to get equipment and material, then she jumped on the horse to accompany her young mistress.

While riding, she asked, “Miss, where are we going?”

“To the jungle to get the bat guano,” Lantian replied.

“Why do you go to take it by yourself?”

“Don’t you hear? The workers are wounded and the bat guano runs out of stock.”

“But their injuries are not serious, they will be well soon.”

“If we wait until they get well, Caihong’s flowers will die.”

“So, you go to collect bat guano for young lady Yang! I thought you do it for the farm, but in fact, you do it for a woman.”

“My mother is the owner of the farm, she is a woman as well.”

“But miss, how can we do it? We don’t know and we don’t have experience.”

“There is a first time for everything. You don’t need to be worried, just follow my lead.”

After speaking, the big mistress sped her horse, and the little servant had to push her animal to catch up to her young mistress.

In fifteen minutes, the two women arrived at the woods. They tied the horses at the mouth of the forest, then walked in.

“That’s their cave.” Lantian pointed.

Xiaolan watched the hill which was about fifty meters from the ground, mixed with stone and bushes. On the top, it had a large open crack.

“Miss, we don’t know where the guano is. How can we collect it?” she said.

“Teacher told that the bats hang themselves higher in order to protect themselves from predators. They will drop their urine and guano down from where they are hanging. What we have to do first is to get into their cave.”

“I heard they blood.”

“It will be fine if we chase them away. I remember teacher said the bats love the darkness, that's why they like to live in a cave. I ever saw them flying; they were a large group; I bet this cave should be very dark. I have to make the sunlight reach inside the cave, at least a few meters from the adit to make them fly further into the cave.”


“I don’t know yet. I have to check it. Where is the stuff?”

Xialolan took the things out of the pack that she got from the old worker in the farm. There were two pairs of gloves, four masks, and one

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