Chapter Twenty Three

White Rainbow
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“Luckily, we arrived here,” Lantian said.

The younger lass seemed to have a small guilt when she heard the elder sis’s mention, because at the last moment she did not believe her, but she did not confess any word. She looked at her hand and found her wrist was still inside the bigger woman’s palm, quickly she snatched it off and moved to stand a little far and inspected the place.

This hut seemed to be abandoned for many years. It was old, messy and dirty everywhere. There was a door and there were two windows next to it. Door’s sheet was still useful, but the windows’ sheets were all broken. It was fortunate that the rain was not strong, so it did not come into the house.

On the floor, there were a few wood pieces suitable for being chairs; Caihong went to sit on one of them.

At the window, Lantian was checking the rain. “At the horizon there is no dark cloud. This rain will not last longer,” she claimed, then she made way to sit on the wood next to the girl.

“How do you know there is a hut here?” Caihong asked.

“I used to come here,” Lantian said.

“You came to this hill often, right? Or you might not be able to know the way like this.”

Lantian grinned and pointed her eyes at the girly then said, “Are you praising me?”

Hearing it, Yang’s daughter rolled her eyes and breathed ‘Ugh’ from her belly. The boastful attitude and joking of the woman made her lose feeling to talk with.

Outside the rain didn’t stop yet.

Because the hut was a small space, there was nowhere to visit, only sitting still.

Caihong felt weary and impatient so she thought of something to do. The lassie took her hanging from her waist then used her hem of sleeve to clean it.

From the left, Lantian examined the way Yang's daughter was washing her property. She saw she was caring about that thing, so she questioned her, “Is this hanging from your mother?”

Caihong shook her head, “No, it’s from my father.”

“Why does it have only one mandarin bird?”

“I don’t know.”

“It’s strange.”

Hearing that, the girl raised her face and watched the female speaker with an unpleasant expression. “The strange thing is your hanging,” she said.

Lantian took her hanging to hold in hand, “It’s not strange. It is unique.”

Caihong expressed “Hugh” and continued to clean the hanging.

“Your hanging is white. Do you like white color?” Lantian continued.

Caihong shook her head. “No,” she said. “My favorite color is sky blue.”

“But I see you are wearing only white dress.”

“My mother likes white.”

The elder lady raised one eyebrow as she heard it. “I heard your birth mother isn’t with you,” she claimed.

Caihong wagged her head and said in a low voice, “She died after she gave birth to me.” 

“Do you think her death is because of you?”

The younger girl didn’t respond to this question, but through her face, the female asker sensed she got it right. 

“You think if she didn’t have you, she wouldn’t die,” Lantian added.

“Everyone in the house said this. I am the one who made my mother die.”

The voice of the lassie was lower and her face showed a big sorrow. She downed her eyes and wiped the jade object in her hand slowly. She continued, “My mother likes white color and she likes rainbow. That's why she named me Caihong. She even said if the rainbow were white, it would be great.”

“You never met your mother. How can you know?”

“I heard about her from my wet nurse.”

“Um.” The daughter of the governor wagged her head in a row. Now, she understood more about the second girl in Yang’s family.

“After I was born, I lived with my wet nurse. I know about my mother from her,” Caihong explained. “My wet nurse told me that before my mother died, she said that she did not wish for me to live in a big house or gold mountain, she just wanted me to live happily. Moreover, she did not want me to do what I don’t want to do.”

“I can see your mother loves you so much,” Lantian said. “I think you have two reasons to dress in white. First it’s because your mother likes white color and second you feel guilty that you made your mother die, you wear it to mourn for her.” 

The little woman did not speak a word – because what the elder sis spoke was correct.

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