Chapter Twenty Eight

White Rainbow
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“Young lady Wu, hello,” the owner of the shop welcomed.

“Boss lady, is my cloth ready?” Lantian said.

“It's already. Please try it,” the boss lady said, then led her high customer to the changing room.

Before the mirror, Lantian looked at her own reflection. She scanned herself which was within her identified dress – dark blue robe and white cloud collar. During this, her mind was reminded of her brother’s words, “Listen to your heart clearly before you make a decision.”

Immediately, she removed the dress and told the female manager, “Swap my collar to sky blue color. And from today, all my clothes have to have a sky blue collar.”

“Yes, I will do it for you.”

When the boss lady left, Xiaolan came near to ask her mistress, “Miss, why do you change the color of your collar?”

“It’s mother’s favorite color. I wore it for many years. Now I want to wear the color that my heart wants,” Lantian said.

“I don’t understand.”

“You don’t need to understand.”

When coming out of the room, her eyes met with a sky-blue cloth on the table.

“Is it a new arrival?” Lantian asked.

“Yes.” The boss lady nodded her head. “It just arrived. This color is rare. I can get only one.”

The high lady took the cloth to inspect. It was really a fine piece.

At that time some ideas popped up. She hurriedly said to the manageress of the shop, “Boss lady, I want you to make a dress from this cloth. A woman's style.”

Hearing that, Xiaolan opened her eyes, “Miss, are you returning to be a woman?”

“Don’t hope for it,” Lantian spoke.

“But you said you want a dress of woman style.”

“I want it for Caihong.”

“Young lady Yang!”


“Why do you make it for her?”

“Don’t ask me many questions. It’s my business,” Lantian claimed, then she handed the cloth to the boss lady.

“When do you want it?” The boss lady asked.

“I don’t know yet. I will tell you later.”

“Yes, and I need the size of that young lady.”

“Give me the paper. I'll write it down for you.”

Once again Xiaolan opened her eyes when she heard her mistress speaking.

“Miss, do you know the body size of miss Caihong?”

“Um.” Lantian nodded her head while she was writing on the paper.

“How do you know?”

“I hugged her a few times, so I can sense her size.”

“Ugh!” Xiaolan unlocked very big.

“Don’t ugh…” Lantian gave the note to the boss lady. Afterwards, she walked out of the store with her little maid walking behind.

“Don’t go with me,” she told. “You help me find a house repairman. Then you go to tell mother that I will go home but maybe a little bit late. And don't wait for me to have dinner, I will eat outside.”

“Yes miss.”

“And don’t say anything about my work.”


After reminding, the high lady divided her way from the little helper and went straight to Wan Hau Lou. Last time she had drank, she did not pay yet, so today she came to pay and she took a chance to visit the beloved geisha.

“Yang Ying.”

Hearing the voice of the female customer, the hostess hurriedly opened the door.

“Young lady Wu,” she said with a big smile.

“I came to pay for the wine, and take time to see you.” Lantian walked to sit on the chair. “I heard you are not well. How are you?”

“I've just caught a cold,” Yang Ying said and closed the door. Then she came to pour tea for the female guest.

“Thanks,” Lantian said and took the cup to take a sip. “Are you going to see the doctor?”

“Doctor Ming had come to check. He said that it is not serious, I just need a rest.” 

“Good to hear that.”

“Young lady Wu,” Yang Ying took a seat next to the big miss, “yesterday I met w

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