Chapter Nine

White Rainbow
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At the residence, Yang’s family was waiting for the presence of the son of the high minister.

With experience in society for many years, Yang Fu could ease his mind to not be seething. In contrast, his wives were full of anxiety, especially lady Fan, she was filled with keenness for making Longwei meet her Ehuang.

“Master, madames, young master Wu and young lady Wu are arriving,” the male maid informed.

“Invite them in quickly,” Yang Fu said.

The provincial millionaire felt proud as he heard Wu’s third daughter also came. He had known that Lantian was the beloved child of Wu Guang. In Wu’s house, she had more power than anyone, even Longwei had less authority than her. He also knew that other millionaires, that had daughters, had invited Longwei to their houses, but Lantian did not go, only his house she came along with her brother. With this, Yang Fu felt he had bigger hope than others to attach flesh and blood to Wu.

The son and daughter of the mayor arrived inside the hall of the Yang. The two kids paid respect to the elders.

“Master Yang. Madames Yang.”

“Young master Wu. Young lady Wu,” Yang Fu greeted back. “It’s Yang’s honor that the two of you agree to come. Please have seats.”

“Yes,” Longwei stated.

After taking chairs, Yang Fu kicked off a small chit-chat. This old man had experiences in society for many years; he knew what to say and what to avoid. He asked but did not mention too personal question.

During the conversation, the son of Wu maintained a humble and polite manner. He gave a possible reply. This gave big pleasure to the old Yang – he was sure this young guy was the best to be his son-in-law.

Lantian was in the seat next to her second brother. Though she did not open lips, her ears and eyes were unlocked to inspect the cave of the spider demon.

In the opposite row, three madames of Yang sat with smiles over their lips. Wu’s girl could guess that in the chair closer to Yang Fu was first Yang madame, then second Yang madame, and third Yang madame. These three women kept their mouths shut, but their faces expressed clearly about content in their minds; when they looked at Longwei, their eyes showed twinkle light.

Lantian felt pity and humor towards her brother.

‘Being heir, sometimes, is not a blessing.’ She thought.

What was lacking in the hall was the daughters of Yang. The ladies were the main dish for today's dinner; they could not be absent, Lantian thought.

Not long after, Yang’s madames rose from their seats and made excuses that the dinner needed them to check. In head of Lantian sensed they would be going to inform their daughters about the meeting scene; soon her brother would be brought to see the main dishes.

The girl was very awesome. Her guess was right.

A moment later, Yang Fu initiated that he wanted to guide Wu's brother and sister around his house.

When they got off the seat, Lantian knocked her brother’s arm slightly and whispered, “It’s time to see the menu.”

Longwei revealed on his face that he was under pressure, but his sister giggled.

Along the journey, Yang Fu spoke about his residence. Size of land, number of rooms, name of hall, size of space, kind of furniture and its origin and so on. His speaking skill was very great; there was no doubt he was successful in business. The wonderful thing was he did not have story repetition.

When they jumped to tour the park, Lantian thought Yang Fu should work as a matchmaker. His design ideas for men and women were very great. A locale for a meeting between her brother and his daughters was organized in the yard by the waterfall, surrounded by colorful flowers, green trees and the sound of birds, under the cool sun light, along with the music, and the four ladies were practicing dancing. The scene was very good, it was like watching the goddesses dance in paradise.

Yang Fu introduced his four gems orderly.

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