Chapter Thirty One

White Rainbow
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“If you want to get soil, you have to have money. To have money, you must have a job,” Lantian said.

“I don’t have a job,” Caihong stated.

“I help you to find it, but I have a condition.”

Caihong rolled her eyes, “Old trick.”

Lantian extended her lips as she heard the words from the youngster.

“Agree or not?” She asked.

“How many days do you want to add?”

“No.” Lantian shook her head. “This time I won’t add.”

The speech of the elder sis made the girl freeze her eyes. With her breath holding, she waited for the clarification.

“You go with me this evening, but it does not count. You will still owe me four days.”

Caihong chuckled and said, “No different.”

“Do you agree or not?” Lantian confirmed.

The feeling was not good since she didn’t have any idea what kind of job this high lady would bring to her, but as she wanted to save her blossoms, she had no choice but to nod her head.

It was good news. The daughter of Wu was very happy, and she didn’t want to waste time, she told the young girl to change to be a man and collect her embroidery then hurriedly pull her out of the house.



Because it was still early in the evening, Wan Hua Lou didn’t open yet. Hence, Lantian could bring her female friend to meet with Yang Ying in the room.

On the table, Caihong presented all her achievements and Yang Ying scanned them one by one.

As for Lantian, she was walking around with her eyes viewing the room but her ears were kept on the discussion between the two women.

“May I say honestly,” Yang Ying said. “Your embroidery is simple. It does not suit our house’s style.”

“I know,” Caihong said and collected her stuff. “I didn’t study with any teacher, just from my wet nurse. She just knew how to do common embroidery, so the same as her, I can produce only the common works.”

“You can do other things besides this,” Lantian inserted her comment. “Yang Ying, what else does Wan Hua Lou need?”

“Now, we seem to have everything. Except, food. In general, in three months, we have to add a new menu,” Yang Ying said.

Lantian spun to Caihong. “You can cook a few dishes and bring them to Yang Ying to taste,” she said.

“I just know how to cook simple food,” Caihong said.

“It’s okay, young lady Yang. Just bring it. Sometimes simple food might work. Fire sea dragon and the snow river is an example,” Yang Ying told.

“But about the ingredients…” Caihong was worried since she had only a few things left inside her kitchen, and now her expenditure was cut, she could not get any addition.

This point Lantian sensed it. “Don’t worry. Everything counts on me,” she said.

The younger girl shrank her eyes at the elder sis saying, “What do you want in return?”

The daughter of the governor smiled her lips.

“You are clever,” she stated. “The same as today. It doesn’t count.”

At least she didn’t take a big advantage from her; Caihong was at ease to accept this deal.

Though the discussion was halted, the high lady didn’t intend to leave the campus of flowers soon.

Since Yang Ying was still on day off, due to mother Wang wanting her to get well, Lantian booked the visual flora of Wan Hua Lou coming to her beloved geisha’s room.

Inside the lodge, the daughter of Wu Guang had a fun time with the four pretty women while Yang Ying sat on the chair, waving fan in her hand gently, and watching smilingly along with Caihong staying next to her but with a boring expression.

Once in a while the younger gal blew wind from her nostrils.

In the middle of the room, Lantian was showing her brush talent and the sisters of Yang Ying were competing to get painting.

“Young lady Wu, I want to have a picture.”

“Young lady Wu, I want too.”

“Don’t worry. I paint for all of you. What do you want? Tell me.”

“I want to have a picture of a mermaid with a lotus.”


“Here.” The lady opened her robe showing the top of her chest.

Lantian grinned from ear to ear. “Um…” She her lips. “Your skin is so smooth.”

After saying that, the female scholar began to paint her brush on the rosy layer of the female entertainer. As she made the tail of the mermaid, she poked the brush to pull her cloth down a

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