Chapter Thirty

White Rainbow
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It has been a few days since Caihong met with Yang Ying at the market.

During these days, the lowly rich daughter stayed inside her camp and progressed her life like usual.

In the morning, she went to the kitchen in the main house to get the vegetables and meat for herself, then she took time to ask about the soil.

“I don’t know,” the maid said.

“Can you help? Or my flowers will die,” Caihong said.

“I cannot make a decision. I think you should go tell madam by yourself.”

It was like going to see the god of hell; Caihong felt cold when she thought about meeting with her eldest mother, but it was true, no one could decide about the household, only her.

Actually, Caihong knew – even though she went to her eldest mother, her eldest mother would not give permission to get the soil by raising the excuse that it was not an important thing and she didn’t want to spend money on it.

It was a frustration for the young lassie. Her flowers waited for the soil for many days. If they didn’t get the soil, she was afraid that they would suffer.

From the morning till evening, Caihong sat in her house thinking of a way to help her blossoms. She tried to recall the people in the house who could give her a hand at this moment. Then she was reminded of Lifen; she was the kind one that might be able to help her again after the bunny.

The unpopular daughter of Yang Fu hurriedly went to see her half youngest sister.

“Lifen, do you have soil? I want it for my flowers,” Caihong said.

“I don’t have.” Lifen shook her head. “But I saw a green pot in the park behind the kitchen, it has soil.”

“Can I take it?”

“I think you can. I saw it was over there for many days and it seemed no one cared about it. ”

Caihong expressed thanks, then hurriedly went to the back of the cooking room. She checked and found a medium size green pot filled with soil.

“It’s good,” she said and raised the pot. “Ooh, heavy!” She cried.

To get it up, the girl had to sit down and hug it.

As she was walking with the vase over her hands, Xiaojie was standing at the door of the kitchen asking a maid.

“Do you see a green pot that I left here?”

“I have no idea,” the maid said.

At that time, Caihong was walking past; in a quick glance, Xiaojie recognized the pot; she yelled, “Stop.” Then she quickly ran towards the girl. “It’s the pot of eldest madam. Why do you steal it?”

While she was saying this, she used five fingers to grab the container from the embrace of the second young mistress. Because the pot was heavy, suddenly, she lost her catch and dropped it on the ground making a piece break from its lip.

“It…” Xiaojie was panicked to see it; however, she was smart, she quickly yelled at Caihong, “Second miss, you broke it.”

Hearing that, the girl popped her eyes, “I didn’t.”

Still the bad maid claimed it was her mistake.

At once, lady fan and Ehaung were walking in.

“What’s the matter?” Ehaung said.

“Eldest miss,” Xiaojie said, “I came to find the pot of eldest madam that I had lost for many days. In fact, second miss stole it.”

“No, I didn’t steal it,” Caihong denied.

Though the eldest madam and her daughter didn’t believe her.

“Do you dare to steal my thing?” Lady Fan said.

“I didn’t, eldest mother,” Caihong said.

“Don’t call me mother,” lady Fan stated with a tense face.

“Not only that,” Xiaojie added the oil, “she made it break.”

“No, I didn’t do it,” Caihong said.

“You did it but didn’t dare to confess. No shame,” Ehaung stated.

“I really did not do it,” Caihong said.

At that time, Yang Fu was coming home. He was on the way to his room, then he heard the noise, so he came to check.

“What’s the matter?” He said.

Everyone was attendant as the master of the house arrived.

“Father,” Ehaung said, “she stole mother’s pot.”

Yang Fu shrank his eyes, “Steal the pot!”

“Yes master. Eldest madam bought it last week and handed it to me. I kept it in the kitchen but then it was lost. And today eldest madam told me to find it. When I was searching for it, I saw second miss taking it,” Xiaojie said.

“I didn’t do it.” Caihong shook her head.

“Don’t argue,” Ehaung yelled. “There is a witness and evidence. You are a thief.”

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