Chapter Thirty Five

White Rainbow
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Like mentioned above that the elder woman understood her younger sis very well. She guessed that she would bring the food to the tester by herself without waiting for her. Also, she could guess that the girl might meet another failure again. However, she was unable to do anything. She just wanted to confirm her guess, so after she got up from sleep, she quickly came to the entertained house.

While she was eyeing the cold dishes, Yang Ying came to stand near.

“She brought them to me at lunch time,” she said.

“She rushed,” Lantian stated, then she exhaled a slight wind through her nostrils.

“Actually, these foods are not bad,” Yang Ying stated. “If you want, I can tell mother Wang…”

“No need,” Lantian cut in. “She will not be happy if she knows it. Furthermore, I want her to learn. She has lived in the well for many years. Now it’s time for her to leave her comfort zone.”

“I see what you mean.” Yang Ying nodded her head. “Anyway, do you want to see her? When she left Wan Hua Lou, I saw her face was so sad.”

“I think it is not necessary.”

“But I am worried about her. She should need someone to comfort her. It’s her first experience in the society. At least, you should give her an idea.”

“At this time, the person she needs the most is herself. She has to figure out who she is and who she wants to be. If she cannot find it, though there are hundreds of me, it still does not have any benefit.”

Hearing this claim, Yang Ying stopped her lips to open.

The idea of the high female, she understood well.

Lantian wanted to help the girl. She wanted her to learn to depend on herself, not to wait or ask for help from others. In her opinion, the lassie was like a small lotus that was staying by the surface of the water and covered by big leaves. She thought staying like this would be safe for her, but she didn’t know that if she continued living such a life, she would not grow up and one day her stem would rot and die or she would be eaten by fish, crab and other animals. If she wanted to get rid of these, she had to come out from the shade. In conclusion, she had to become a mature lotus and bloom. And if she wanted to be that, she needed to be brave to get out of her shelter and go through wind, rain and heat.

It was like two years ago. Yang Ying remembered when Lantian was teaching her how to overcome the sorrow in her life as a geisha, she used a similar technique. She allowed her to find out by herself, especially her goal of living. She told her though she could not get out of the whorehouse, she should not work as a for the whole life; she should develop herself to another position which was higher. She told her to observe people around her that she could use as an example to encourage and to guide herself.

Yang Ying followed the instruction, then she noticed one person, it was mother Wang, the owner of Wan Hua Lou.

In truth, mother Wang was a former e along the street. She had sold her body to get food to feed her old parents. After her parents had died, she still had worked the same but she had saved money; then, she had opened Wan Hua Lou and became its boss lady.

After learning the history of the whorehouse female manager, Yang Ying saw that in this world it was not only her, there were many women meeting miserable lives and some might have had more sorrowful existence than her and women in Wan Hua Lou. Following, she decided to develop herself.

With help from the high female scholar, Yang Ying learnt how to manage the menu production in Wan Hua Lou till she was skillful and was trusted by mother Wang. Nowadays, she was able to limit her working time as a serving woman and turned to focus on marketing tasks.

Not only her but also her sisterhoods. Lantian would not be bored to share and guide if any of them wanted to learn.

Now, the high girl spread her aid towards the illegitimate daughter of Yang Fu.

However, Yang Ying noticed a difference between when she was helping her and others and when she was assisting the low rich offspring.

When Lantian was guiding her or other geishas, she was clear and serious, but now, while she was helping the girl of Yang, her mind was not grim. Yang Ying could clearly perceive the lips of the female scholar that said she didn’t want to see the girly, but her true mind was worried and wanted to go to her; however, she tried to stop herself – since she wished for the young woman to gain success by her own effort.

At the log, Caihong just finished working with the white water lily pot. When she was organizing the garden stuff, her eyes met with the basket that Wu had put vegetables and carried into the house for her.

The younger woman walked near the container that was used for the green. She touched it gently, then she was reminded of the words that the elder sis had stated.

“Delicious food is the food that makes everyone happy including the cook and the eater. It doesn't need to use special ingredients. You can use what you have in your kitchen. Even though it is a piece of cabbage, you can create something wonderful.”

At that time, magically, Caihong eyed through the opened door of the kitchen. Before the portal, she saw the grinding stone. Then she spun and walked towards the shelf by the wall. The young girl checked and found out she had some white cabbage, dried chili and a pot filled with soybean.

Voice of the high lady echoed in her ears, “The importance is you have to find out what you like and what you are good at."

Caihong grinned from ear to ear. Now, she got the meaning of cooking delicious food.

Without waiting, the poor daughter of the rich millionaire carried the soybean pot towards the grinder. She put the pot near the stone machine, then prepared the needed ingredients to produce the soy milk.

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