Chapter Two

White Rainbow
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Sound of the music echoed, urging the guests in the event to rotate to a wide space surrounded by colorful flowers, before the pond.

The four young girls in delightful dresses, within unable to describe beauty, were coming out. Along with the musical rhythm, they swayed their soft bodies, their faces were smiling sweetly, making peepers of men and women in the feast were not able to take off.

Even the municipal governor Wu Guang shrank his eyes.

"They are..." he said.

"Respond to master Wu, they are my daughters," Yang Fu said.


"This is their first performance. If there is any mistake, please forgive."

"I think they are excellent."

Lips of Yang extended like the Yellow river. “Thank you so much,” he said, then he peeked at the heir of Wu who was watching the performance of his girls silently. In his mind did not care if it was his eldest or youngest daughter as long as she could get married with Wu's son.

But all his women imagined differently. Each Yang madame desired her own daughter to be consort of Wu's heir; however, Lady Ju and Lady Xu did not take a risk to cut in because they were just second and third wife.

First wife of Yang was Lady Fan. Her only daughter was also participating in the show for the Wu. Since she was standing next to madame Wu, she hurriedly took the chance to introduce her girl.

"Madame Wu, she is my daughter." Lady Fan pointed to a girl that was whirling before other three girls. "She is the eldest. This year, she is nineteen years old."

"Um." Lady Chen nodded with a smile. "She is pretty. Her movement is very good."

"She worked very hard for this performance. Even teacher Bai Yuyan admires her as great among students that she ever teaches."

"Bai Yuyan? Dancing teacher for the royal family?"

"Yes, it's her."

"No doubt that this performance is great like this."

Hearing the praise, first Yang madame's face bloomed bigger than a crow seeing a food. Her mind was full of dreams and large hope that her only daughter would be able to become the young madame of Wu, living above the pile of wealth and having higher fame than all girls.

As for Yang Fu, he cared only about how to make his design get good result. He gave the highest family a very respectable invitation to the honorable seats, which he had prepared, in order to visit his daughters clearly.

"Master Wu, madame Wu, please."

Wu Guang waved head one before he stepped following Yang's lead; afterwards, lady Chen and Wu Longwei moved, escorted behind by guests and assistants and guards.

After the Wu took seats, the guests hurried to find stand near the stage to see the performance of Yang's daughters. Only Wu's eldest young lady was not bothered, she did not even follow her family to special seats; she went to stand far away where there were no people; with her was a young female named Xiaolan that was her private maid.

"Yang young ladies dance very well," Xiaolan spoke.

In throat of Lantian said "Huh" an

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