Chapter Five

White Rainbow
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Lantian remained in Wan Hua Lou till the sun rose.

When the morning came, she walked out of the leisurely place back home.

At the front door, the male servants were wiping dirt and leaves from the ground; when Lantian crossed, they made their heads lower respectfully and said, “Third young lady.”

Lantian just gave a small nodded head and said “Um” in . Last night, she had a huge fun with the pretty flowers, she did not have enough sleep, and it caused her to yawn on the way inside the house.

As she was strolling along the corridor, her ears heard some noise. Half opening eyes became full opening. Lantian made way following the loud voice till she reached the park in the middle of the house. In the scene, she saw Lady Mei, who was her third stepmother, and her maid, Lady Mu, her fourth stepmother, and her youngest sister, Dong Mei.

“Sister, I don’t take yours,” lady Mei said.

Lady Mu roared from her tips of nostrils, “Ugh!” She looked her angry eyes at her elder sister and spoke, “Don’t act before me. There is no one around. Show your real face. Do you think I don’t know you are pretending to be innocent? You can fool others, but cannot fool me. Your mind is full of evil. Don’t ever think you can step on my head. Your son is the heir of Wu, so what? You are nothing. Still you are third wife. You are a worm, not a caterpillar. Don’t expect to become a butterfly.”

Lady Mei stayed silent and made her face low like usual. She did not have the courage to protest; this was her weakness that usually made her being harassed by her younger sister who was nasty, greedy, envious, and selfish.

Lantian listened quietly. She knew if she did not jump in, her third stepmother would end up being a loser, but she did not enter now, she was waiting for the proper time.

“Fourth madame, my mistress does not take it. It’s really given by the master,” the maid said.

“How dare you!” Dong Mei yelled. “Know your class. You are a maid, so shut your mouth. That color is my mother’s favorite. Father knows it. All the time, he gives it to my mother. How can he give this time to others? Unless someone is doing a fox’s spell.”

It was the right time now; Lantian walked in.

“Who is daring to put a fox spell in Wu’s house?”

Hearing the voice of her haft elder sister, the pair of eyes of Dong

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