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Jihoon and Jieun are the worst hidden enemies within the Kpop industry.

As fate would have it, they have to complete an album together.

Will it be World War 3, or will sparks fly?


I was inspired to write a fic about two musicians who have a big age gap when I was watching My Lovely Girl. I actually didn't like the drama (poor script and I didn't think the FL suited the role), but I loooove Rain (Gosh he's super awesome and gorgeous until now lol) and I was thinking of a female musician who will be interesting to pair up with him and I thought of IU! She's incredile and they are opposites, musically. So here we are.

This fic is entirely for entertainment, so I hope no one will take it seriously ^_^

Chapter 48 is up! It's not a pleasant chapter, but it's necessary lol. I hope y'all had a great weekend :D
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