Yoo's First Day of School Pt.2

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Yoohyeon stopped her tracks when she was able to find her room. "Room 213, here it is"  she whispered and sighed. The class have not yet started and she had a lot of time to find an empty seat away from interacting with her classmates as to why she came to school early and make life threatening decisions. She entered the classroom using the backdoor, looking down at the floor and side eyeing the people who was already inside. There were like seven people inside and  Yoohyeon could clearly hear some whispers as she tried to find an empty seat. "Oh there it is, 5th row, 5th column,near the window just how I like it", she thought. The classroom was not that big but it could fit 30 students in total. But as she was about to put her bag on the chair and a piece of paper on the table, she was stopped by a little tap on her shoulders and heard the stranger coldly says 

"That is my seat, you didn't get the memo, newbie?" The stranger furrowed her eyebrow at Yoohyeon who look straight in her amber eyes. She could feel the tension between them and Yoohyeon was sweating from embarassment at the sudden interaction with the stranger. 

"I-I" She was cut off when the bell rang, a sign that the class will start at the moment and students begun to be on their seats. She put her bag back on her shoulders and internally panicked looking for an empty seat when the teacher entered in the classroom just on time. Yoohyeon was not able to find an empty seat and heard the teacher called up her name. 

"Miss Kim Yoohyeon" the teacher said with authority and pointed his finger, signalling her to come in front and she did.

"Goodmorning class, as you can see, we have a new student so, please be nice to her. When I say nice, do not make any pranks on her, okay?" The students were all smiles and giggles as the teacher said those statements like it is a normal day for them to make a prank on a new student except for the student whom she encountered earlier, she seemed not to care at all.

"We will not, sir. We are all gonna be nice person and approachable as much as we can" A girl with blonde hair seated on the 2nd row, 3rd column, sarcastically said. Yoohyeon stood there awkwardly. 

"I have to be ready for these pranks, I will not be able to survive this , what if I get

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