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It has been four days since the meet up with Yoohyeon, and Bora and Siyeon accompany her to some places that Yoohyeon have not been in. Minji decided not to come along with them due to the fact that she was not sure of how to even face the now silver haired girl. The couple totally understand why so they just let her be. 

Minji tried calling Siyeon several times due to the fact that she is already late for a morning meeting in the company. Siyeon was Minji’s personal secretary slash rant buddy everytime she have something that she didn’t like in the company’s system or employees. And this is the first in two years that Siyeon was late, she was never late as she have known that she didn’t like tardiness since they were just students.

“Is she sick ?” Minji whispered as she heard someone knocked at her office’s door. She looked at the direction the sound came from and it was one of her employee, Eve.

"The board of directors are waiting in the meeting room, Miss" Eve informed as Minji nodded. 

"I'll be there in a minute" Minji took her laptop and her notebook that was supposedly Siyeon used to do, but the latter was nowhere to be found. She instructed Eve to take down notes during the meeting since Siyeon was still not here and she was not answering to any of her calls. 

She entered to room with guys on their 50s, she looked at her brother who was in the center and smiled. She was tasked to present financial position of the company during the year and probably after would discuss on the steps to improve on. 

After the presentation, one of the board of directors suggested to improve the company's marketing campaign since it's not the focus of the company for the past two years since Minji became the Vice Chairman of Operations. Minji motioned to Eve to write it down on her notes. 

"I am afraid to say that you are right, Mr. Yang. We will consider your suggestion and work on it. Thank you." Minji stated, professionally smiling at Mr. Yang. 

Mr. Yang nodded but added. "If you don't mind, Miss Kim, I have a friend in Japan who can help us on this area. If you don't mind the cost. I'll convince them to give us a discount. And they will give us competent artists" Minji hesitantly nodded but think that Mr. Yang had been so generous in giving out suggestions and had been true to what he says. 

Minji smiled at the suggestion. "Thank you Mr. Yang. We will consider and I think we still have money to do that."

The board of directors seemed to agree on what Mr. Yang suggested so, Minji decided to carry on with a voting system to who's in favor with the suggestion and it seems that majority of the board of directors voted to spend some on their marketing area. Minji nodded and dismissed the meeting, taking handshakes from the board of directors. 

She immediately proceeded to her office and was startled by the presence of her friend in casual attire. 

"Siyeon!" Minji was a bit pissed by her friend and took heavy steps towards her table which the now black haired girl, Siyeon followed. Minji was waiting for Siyeon's excuse or explanation as to why she was not present in the meeting let alone she didn't even leave a message informing her. 

"You showed up" Minji started, Siyeon was ready to explain but was interrupted by Minji's comment. 

"Why are you late, and didn't even bother to show up in the meeting. And you are on your casual clothes which violates the company's dress code, Lee Siyeon" Minji scolded her friend slash employee. Minji was so strict as a boss you could say, she wanted everything to be perfect and aligned with the company's system. Even during their high school days, Minji is a good fit fir being a leader, she always worked professionally not letting personal issues with a person hinder her to achieve her goals. 

Siyeon just sighed deeply after Minji finished her sentence. 

"I was with Yoohyeon. I was not aware of the time and decided not be around today. You know how I missed that girl." Siyeon explained. Minji just shook her head. 

"You should atleast send me message, Si. I won't hold you back" Minji replied. 

"I know but my phone died. So I came here to personally apologize. I know it's not professional and you hate it" Siyeon tried to smile to please her boss. 

"That's a deduction to your monthly salary, Si. You can take the notes from Eve during the meeting and make sure to let me see it before I sign it." Siyeon immediately hugged Minji and the latter tried o break from it but Siyeon's hug firmly. 

"Thank you, Boss" Siyeon kissed Minji's fluffy cheeks before going out her office. The older girl just chuckled and watched Siyeon exiting her office. 

Minji lets out a heavy sigh and continued in signing some papers she left before having her presentation during the meeting of the day. While doing it, she could not deny the fact that she think about what Siyeon did today that makes her tardy for the day. Meeting Yo

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