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Minji took a day off from her executive responsibilities to focus more on the abrupt friend date with her long time friend. She was still surprised at herself, she acted on impulse, she was swayed by her outpouring emotions towards the girl or to say the least, she was out of her mind when she asked her for a date.

She asked Bora for an advice on what to wear for the date. It was an afternoon where Minji was frantically rummaging through her stuff and Bora who was sitting pretty, watching her friend throwing her old clothes anywhere.

"I do not know what to wear, Bora. Can you help me?" Minji said in sarcasm as she can sense that her friend is secretly giggling at her actions.

"Nah, I think I'll stay here for a while watching you panicked for no reason"  Bora teasingly said receiving a glare from the older girl.

"Yeah, watch me suffer. I've been suffering my whole life" Minji sarcastically said but with a small guilt in her voice. Bora can feel a little bit of sadness in her voice as she quickly went to her friend and face her worrying face.

‘Hey, relax. You said, it’s just a friend date, right ? ‘ Minji nodded, as Bora hysterically laughed at her friend. The older girl narrowed her eyes at her friend whom realized the gaze from her, she slowly stopped her laughter and pit her hands on Minji’s shoulders.

‘It’s just a friend date, you say. Just be yourself, no matter what you dress, Yoohyeon will still look at you like you’re the only person in her life. Whether you dress like a trashbag, she’ll still see you as a beautiful girl’ Bora said, reassuring her friend.

"I know" Minji unknowingly replied in a lower voice. Bora wrinkled her nose could not believe how confident she sound at that moment where in fact she was really worried on what to wear in her date.

"I guess you don't need me here, Minji. I can just buy a trashbag and let you wear it" Bora said in annoyance, rolling her eyes. Minji cackled and pat Bora's back to stop from her tracks towards the door.

"Yah! I was just nervous, okay? I wanted to boost my self confidence in terms of dating. I haven't dated for I don't know how long, Bora. And my last relationship was with Yubin. I'm just really glad that we became friends because of her. And as time passes by, I forgot how it feels to date someone." Memories crept into Minji's mind, glances of the past pictures in her head, the hurting, the betrayal she felt during those younger times that now was partially healed. She forgave Yubin, Yubin forgave her and that's what matters but there is someone that she wanted to make amends with, no guilt, forgiveness and love. Yoohyeon.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of a silk fabric on her hand, offered by her friend. A blue spaghetti strapped silk dress.

"Here, it looks good on you. I know Yooh will drop once she saw you on that dress. You always wore your business casual attire and it tire my eyes out" Bora jokingly said.

Minji touched the dress examining and fitting it with her own body with a wide smile on her face.

"Be yourself, Minji. She'll love to see you smiling again" Her friend said in a concerned voice. By hearing those words, she knew she imply to someone who was an important person in her life, the fragments of images, voices and sensation were felt throughout her body. Jiu.

Minji hugged her friend. "Thank you and I will. I never felt so relieved for the past couple of years"

"It's time to love again, Minji." Bora responsed as she felt her heart beat pumping out of her chest while waters streamed down in Minji's eyes.


Yoohyeon was lying down in her bed, scrolling through her phone, sticking her tongue out, trying to find a perfect dress for the date.

"No, skirt? Too revealing"

"Too covered"

"I spent hours and I still can't find a decent dress, ugh, I hate myself"

"Why do I have hoodies on my wardrobe and dresses are none of them?" She grunted annoyed at herself. She buried her face on her mattress, feeling the mixed emotions: excitement, happiness, and fear.

"It's okay if she laugh at me" She said in a muffled voice. She turned to face the ceiling only to hear a knock on her door. Dragging her feet towards the door with a dishevelled hair, she opened the door, only to be welcomed by her friend, Yuki with a big box on his hand.

"Love? Yuki? What are you doing here?" She said stuttering, her friend let himself in to her own room, ignoring her inquiry.

"Yuki, what's this?" Confused as she is, pointing her hand at the white box besides her friend on her bed.

"A gift. Come on, open it up" Yuki stood up and pushed her towards, sitting her besides the box.

"If it's a snake, Yuki. I swear to god I'll hit you with a big spoon" She said in serious nervous tone. Her face was unreadable at the moment as she hates surprises like this. But then she run her fingers through the examine, feeling it of something was moving inside, none.

She opened the box slowly and was surprised to see a silk floral dress. She looked at her friend in disbelief and shock.

"Yuki, you don't have to this. It's expensive a-annd" She trailed from her own words.

"Don't worry about it. I do not want to make you dress in your hoodie anymore. And it's a date, right.?" She nodded but only to realize something.

"How did you know?" She raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms, interrogating him.

"Let's say a little bird told namely Lee Siyeon. And it's your fit. I know it'll look good on you" Yuki chuckled, receiving a sudden hug from the silver haired girl.

"Thank you so much for this, Love. I really appreciate it. And I'm nervous about the friend date" Yoohyeon shyly said.

"What are you worrying about? Afraid of loving the person who once deceived you ?" Yuki said in a serious tone which makes Yoohyeon's system froze for a moment.

"That's a really serious question. Well, I think so. But I really wanted to gamble too. I know Minji had drastically changed all these years. She was a great friend, she accompanied me even though she already knew the truth but I understand why she hid it from me. Yuki, I have no idea of who I truly am before and she was the only one who stood by me, wanting to get my memories back but she was scared too. She was scared that I'm going to be hurt again, in fact, I know she wanted to make things right and she'd really regret all those things she'd done to me and to Jiu. If my bunny forgave her, I forgave her too. And yes I am definitely afraid to open my heart again" Yoohyeon felt like she was about to cry, the waters inside starts to heat up because of all the different feelings she felt at the moment: Longing, fear and happiness.

"And I know this date is the beginning of it all. I will get to know her without facade, without pretending, just herself" She added, almost breaking down in tears.

"Well, you truly have a genuine feelings for that girl. If you have that special connection that you, yourself, your heart could not comprehend like you always wanted to see her, desperately wanted to touch and kiss her without knowing the reason and setting aside all the conflicts you have with each other because when you are in love you act on impulse and everything comes naturally, everything is euphoria" Yuki commented, brushing her hair to calm down.

"It's time for you to fix yourself, you have a date to attend to" Yuki added.


Minji wore Bora's pick and there was no in denial that she was comfortable with the clothes. She brought with her a jacket, in case there will be change of plans. She pondered on what the younger girl would wear.

"I hope not a hoodie, Yoohyeon" She jokingly said to herself as she sat near the window, waiting for the younger girl.

She deeply sighed to let the stress out. Her feelings were overpouring at that moment, she didn't know what to say, what to act, how to face her.

"You brought this to yourself, Minji. You have to do this" She cheered up herself, hearing the restaurant's door, revealing a smiling face, gorgeous girl walking slowly at her direction like everyone, everything paused for a moment, gazing at each other's faces, taking every moment to look every inch of each other's body. As Yoohyeon was in front of a surprised Minji, the latter immediately offered her hand for a handshake.

"Minji, we're not at work. Here" Yoohyeon pulled her in a hug, feeling the different tingling sensation as they touched each other's skin.

"Let's forget work for tonight. Let's have fun, Minji" Yoohyeon broke the hug and proceeded to sat across Minji, putting her hand on top of hers.

"Will do. I initiated this, so yeah." Minji can't help but to avoid eye contact to the girl in front of her. She might faint from her heart beating so fast.

"Uhm, you look beautiful, Yooh. I was expecting you in a hoodie" Minji laughed, peering her eyes on the silver haired girl who was flustered.

"Well, I thought you still wore your business attire. This look is good on you. I like it" Yoohyeon replied back, giggling.

"So, what are we going to eat?" Yoohyeon asked.

"It depends on you, you can choose any on the menu" Minji answered.

As time ticking so fast, the two girls got comfortable with each other, making jokes with each other that they genuinely laughed about.

Yoohyeon even changed seats just to be seated bes

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