The Talent Show

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The day shines bright which makes Minji woken up by it and stretched her limbs and got up from bed. As usual, she would be greeted by her brother's sweet smile before going to school. She would admit that she still cannot believe that Youngchae, her ex lover, is the bestfriend of the person she was supposed to pay in restitution. 

She went to school wearing the biggest smile while warily looking around the vicinity of their school. While walking in the hallway towards their classroom, an arm was wrapped around her shoulders and saw Bora tiptoeing just to reach her. 

"Woah, you got taller, Minji" Bora having a hard time reaching her friend's height. 

"It's not my fault that you're small, Bora" Minji wriggled Bora's arm. But the small girl tightened her hold to annoy the red haired girl. Minji pinched Bora's arm so hard that the smaller girl decided to let go of her hold from her shoulders. Bora wistfully glanced at the older girl but Minji was looking straight ahead towards the direction of the girl she's dreadfully wants to make amends with after all these years. She saw Yoohyeon with Jungkook again having a deep conversation on the hallway and they seemed to be comfortably talking with each other like they are bestfriends. Bora could feel tension on Minji's aura and unnoticingly, the red haired girl approached the two cautiously but Yoohyeon was aware of the move by the older girl and was about to end up her little with the boy but was too late as Minji into their discourse. 

Jungkook was aware of it too, so he lowered his head down and tried to walked away from the situation. 

"Hey, so let me join your company" Minji suggested shocking the two. "So, Jungkook, what is your real intention to my friend here ?" Minji asked suddenly, holding Yoohyeon's hand. 

"Uh-uhm, what do you mean, Minji?" Jungkook asked stuttering. 

"Well, are you like courting her?" Yoohyeon raised an eyebrow, gripping Minji's hand hardly. The older girl flinched. 

"Ah, I'm trying to be a friend, nothing else" Jungkook firmly said which makes Yoohyeon sighed in relief. He deeply knows how he felt about Yoohyeon but he's trying to hide it just pleased the older girl. He doesn't want to be in conflict with the red haired girl as he is barely living his high school life and doesn't want any trouble. 

"If you have feelings for her, don't try to hide it. Confess" Minji said leaving Jungkook in confusion. Yoohyeon tried to figure out what's on Minji's mind on why she'd talked about that. 


"Okay, what was that again, Minji?" Yoohyeon followed the older girl to her desk, furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. The red haired girl groaned from annoyance. 

"Come on, you didn't notice. The boy have feelings for you, should you atleast acknowledge it?" Minji said while looking in Yoohyeon's puzzled eyes. 

"What?!" Yoohyeon suddenly yelled surprising the students inside and Mr. Park who just entered their classroom. 

"It's time for class, Miss Kim. Kindly go back to your seat" Yoohyeon bowed in obedience glaring at the shrugging older girl. 

"Alright, so talent show will be tomorrow, I hope that you are all excited since three of your classmates are participating for tomorrow's event, come and support them. As promised, I will be giving them a perfect mark for the job well done" Mr. Park could hear some students groaned in jealousy, since the three have an assurance of getting a perfect mark and will perform on stage on the talent show. 

"Kindly stand Miss Kim Yoohyeon, Kim Bora and Kim Minji for an applause, you deserve it" The class applaud them with enthusiasm.



Yoohyeon tried to ignore Minji during lunch but the older girl was constantly annoying her by pinching her cheeks and tickling her but Yoohyeon still enduring the possibly cute bunny that annoys her. 

"What's up with these two?" Siyeon whispered to Bora who seemed to not care at all while Handong is secretly glaring and pouting towards Minji. 

"I don't know, you saw what happened earlier, the puppy yelled at the bunny, probably of what Minji said" Bora annoyingly said while sipping her drink. 

"Are you sure that Minji is okay? She seemed to be extra clingy these past few hours" Siyeon continued to notice what Minji is doing to the younger girl that hardly cannot bear the older girl's teasing. 

"Minji, can you stop?!" Yoohyeon stood up yelling at the older girl and walked away. Minji was shocked at the sudden outburst of the younger girl and chased after her. 

"Wooooh, lover's quarrel?" Siyeon commented while looking at Handong who definitely was pissed at Siyeon's mocking her. Bora, on the other hand, just sat there and loudly sipping her drink. 


Minji found Yoohyeon sitting on one of the bleachers in the soccer field crossing her arms in annoyance while mumbling her words not noticing Minji's appearance sitting beside her. 

"I was just joking, okay. But really, if he has feelings for you, he should have said it. And I clearly see that you have a little crush on him" Minji softly said while looking at an empty soccer field. Yoohyeon glanced at the older girl and narrowed her eyes and put one of her hand on Minji's shoulder which makes the older girl looked at Yoohyeon's eyes. 

The younger girl sighed deeply. "I did have a little crush on him, Minji. But that doesn't mean I love him. We're all in high school and crushes comes naturally, I guess" Yoohyeon expressly what she felt about Jungkook, which the older girl nodded in agreement. 

"Hmm, well sometimes a little crush turns slowly to love without you noticing it" Minji brushed Yoohyeon's hair with her right hand making it looked messy. Yoohyeon was so annoyed that she accidentally slapped Minji's back which makes the older girl groaned in pain. 

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Minji" She mockingly apologized while fixing her messy hair. "I hate when everyone is doing that. Pushing me to something I am not sure of" This makes Minji realize her mistakes that she shouldn't have done in the first place. Forcing Yoohyeon to fall in love with a person she's not sure of having real feelings. 

"Okay, I apologize. I won't do it again" Minji raised her right hand and Yoohyeon nodded, sighing deeply. 

"If you are not cute enough, I won't forgive you" Yoohyeon kissed Minji's cheeks whoch makes the older girl felt a strange feeling inside her. 

"Oh, and by the way, since Dami is already here, I need you to talk to her. Fix whatever you have in the past, Minji. You deserve forgiveness and being forgiven" Yoohyeon firmly said while unnoticingly holding Minji's hand that makes the red haired girl felt warm.

"I promise, Yoohyeon-ah" Minji genuinely said glancing at the younger girl who's gaze was at the empty soccer field. 


The trio decided to practice for the last time for the talent show. As Bora is about play the music, Siyeon and Handong scuffled in the dance room which makes the trio shocked at the sudden entrance of their classmates.

Bora narrowed her eyes. “What you two doing here? You’re kinda ruining our practice” Bora said bluntly.

“We just want to show you our ending support, Bora. We are going to be your biggest fans. Wooohoooo” Siyeon confidently stated while Handong facepalmed herself from the foolishness of her new found friend.

“It’s okay, Bora. Let them. We might actually need them for their judgment later on” Minji patted Bora’s back and Yoohyeon giving her friends a thumbs up while smirking. The two cheered loudly, even though it’s still just a practice and not the actual stage yet. The trio were taken aback by the silliness of the two.

“What do you think?” Yoohyeon asked while catching her breath from the intensity of their practice.

“Hmmmm, well it’s not perfect, we should have won, Handong. We’re better than them, don’t you think ?” Siyeon mockingly said while talki

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