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Minji woke up from a heavy headache, dizziness took her body into a weakling system. She could not comprehend what’s happening around her but she felt a tingling pain on both of her hands. She was tied up by a rope that she barely moved her body. She blinked thrice to clearly see the surroundings, it was ruins, shattered glasses everywhere.

Minji heard heavy footsteps accompanied by humming. The music sounds familiar, she had heard it before and it was a significant sound to her. Yoohyeon's beats for the marketing campaign of the company.

"This person is working for me". She anxiously thought. Her blood boiled from deception. Then a figure appeared in front of her with some bundle of papers in her hand. Minji grunted in pain as she tried to untie herself from the tightened rope. The figure spoke in a soft voice that Minji used to hear. She could not believe that such an angel face she hired wore a facade all along.

"Minji, I mean, Boss. You need to sign these papers, it's due tomorrow" Bending down, she handed out the papers to her with the same expression.

"Eve, what are you doing?" She stammered from her words, fearing for her life. She did not want to be washed away from this earth, she did not want to leave Yoohyeon like this. Not again.

"Papers. And a solo time with you, Minji." She put her chin in Minji's lap, desperately looking at Minji's fearful eyes.

"Why are you doing this, let me go! If you want money, I can give it to you. Just tell me how much. And I won't file charges against you. Eve, please" She said, pleading. Tears streamed down her face. Eve wiped it with her thumb, shushing her boss.

"Don't cry, Minji. I don't want to see you cry. I want you to be happy" She lightly kissed her boss' cheek, eyes shut and feeling all of her secret admiration for her.

"With me" She continued, now facing Minji with a smirk on her face.

"What?!! We can't be together, Eve. I love Yoohyeon. SO MUCH. WITH ALL MY LIFE." Her voice echoed inside the abandoned building. Shouting her overpouring love for Yoohyeon wich makes Eve felt a raging anger in every veins of her body.

"You can't be with her, Minji. I love you and I will make you love me. Even if it'll make me take matters in my hand." She shook Minji's chair so hard that she arched back against it. Minji's expression turned into shock and in pain. She moved closer to her face and whispered.

"Yes, I drugged you and I sent you those death messages just like what you did to her. Isn't it amazing, we did an exact same thing? We should be together, Minji" Her eyes were fixed right through Minji's soul.

"You're not Yoohyeon. And you will never be. I will never love someone like you, Eve. You deserve someone better that will love you for who you are" She said in daze, recalling all the memories, painful memories in the past that she longed to forget. Then suddenly a gun was pointed in her head.

"NNO! I want you. Only you, Minji" She desperately yelled at her, ready to pull the trigger as her eyes were bloodshot.

Minji smiled, tears falling down, her wrists were in pain from the rope tightly wrapped around it. She wanted to escape from this reality, from her inevitable death. She wanted to tell Yoohyeon that she love her. She wanted to hug her tightly. She still needed to live her life with her. But....

A gunshot was heard, maniac laughter and screaming booming inside the place, then Mini was on the floor, unconscious.


Then Eve fell down, a gun was kicked away from her grip. A thick wooden stick fell, causing a thud noise beside the unconscious Eve.

"Pup, hey!" Yoohyeon walked towards her lover, sobbing so hard. Picking up her body and wrapped her in her arms.

"Yooh-Yoohyeon, Tree" Minji whispered in her ear, barely breathing.

"Minji, hang on, please. I beg of you. I love you so much. Please hang on" She faced her with her right hand caressing her beautiful face.

"I love you, Tree" She heard and she kissed her lips with love and passion but Yoohyeon felt pain in her neck, she got hit by the wooden stick she carried with her. The two girls intertwined their hands together, gazing at each other's eyes full of love and admiration before everything went blurry.


Three days after the incident.

Yoohyeon went to the secret room inside the mansion where all the pictures of Minji's late sister and parents were there. She walked towards her late lover's smiling picture. She read her name out loud, almost crying.

"I love you and I always will. I won't ever forget you. Thank you for all the memories we shared together. They were one of the happiest, Kim.." She smiled widely.

"Minji" She deeply sighed.

A warm hands wrapped around her her waist, snuggling to her her neck, feeling every nerves electrified throughout her system. She smiled, brushing her hands against her arms. Then she suddenly flicked her forehead which makes her pulled away from the precious hug.

"You know how I hated that, Tree. Gosh, you always do that, huh. And you seemed to like it a lot." Minji said in annoyance but in a soft voice.

"It's nothing compared on what you did at the hospital, I almost have a heart attack" Yoohyeon rolled her eyes. She diverted her gaze to her late ex-lover's picture.

"Jiu, your sister...." MInji put her hand on Yoohyeon's mouth.

"Don't tell her"

"You brought this to yourself. I will"

"Yah! Tree!" Yoohyeon walked out from the room, leaving Minji lightly caressing her barely healed scar on her left head. But Yoohyeon got back with a tape recorder in her hand and Minji furrowed her brows in confusion.

"What's that?!!"

"I recorded myself on what happened in the hospital. I just want to remember it too well on how you deceived me that day" Yoohyeon explained, then she pressed the play button, revealing her hoarse voice but so enchanting in Minji's ears.


Yoohyeon's recording

"I woke up with a throbbong pain on my neck. It's probably because of the impact of the stick that Eve hit me with." She let out an exasperated sigh before she continued.

"I was confused, I saw you on the ground, unconscious and blood was drenching from your head. I was really terrified to see you in that situation. I went to you after i hit Eve with the stick I carry, then hold you in my arms, checking if you were okay. You lost an amount of blood. I needed to bring you to the hospital in an instant but I got unconcious but I heard you saying you love me before I went to slumber. Then suddenly I'm in the hospital with a cast on my neck. Looking around and I can see my two bestfriends and Gahyeon beside my hospital bed, resting. But I didn't see you. I thought of a lot of possible event that may happen to you and one of those is that you're probably in a morgue but I immediately brushed off the thought, I decided to got up from bed. Dami woke up and stopped me and sked me where I'll go. Of vourse, I'm going to find what room you are in, you brat" A cute laugh was heard from the recorder.

"I panicked and went to the other room as Dami instructed

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