Minji's Partners

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"I will make your life miserable, Yooh. Just wait for it to happen." Yoohyeon woke up talking to herself as she remembered all the exact same words from Minji in her dreams. She did not know if she would believe it or be scared that it will most likely to happen considering the fact that Minji would do such a thing just like what happened in the first day of school. She sighed deeply and groaned, thinking that the latter will happen at any day. 

"Yoohyeonie, come down already, I know that you are already awake." Her mother yelled from the kitchen. Yoohyeon got up with her pajamas on and came downstairs to eat her breakfast. She would always admire her mother for doing such a good job in raising her after that her own father abandoned them for another family. She would always think that her mom is really strong and seemed unbothered by the separation, but she knew that deep inside, her mother is really hurting. 

"Ma, I'm done, I am going to take a shower now and get ready to school." Her mother nodded in agreement, putting the dishes on the sink. 


The school was not that far from their house, so Yoohyeon decided that she will take a walk to school, probably everyday. She just like the scenery and that the fresh air made her mind at ease. She was mentally hoping that her second day would went well. 

She entered the classroom, scanning. It was 7:25 in the morning, the students were already on their seats, well except for the red haired girl. She was not on her seat or in any corner of the classroom. She sighed from relief, she did not want to interact with that rude person. She stood at the back door for a few minutes.

"Hey, Yoohyeon, nice performance yesterday, well except for the last part." The blonde girl complimented and somehow insulted her which made Yoohyeon moved and went to her seat, ignoring Siyeon. She did not know if she was being sarcastic or apologetic. 

"I'm sorry for what we did, I genuinely am" Siyeon added. She seemed to be really genuinely apologetic unlike Minji.  Siyeon was waiting for Yoohyeon's response and she could sense it.

"U-uhm, it's all good, am fine" She replied. Siyeon manage to half smile, glad to hear it from Yoohyeon. Siyeon was supposed to say something when someone cut her off.

"Well, you should be, Siyeon" Bora interrupted. "Why would you always prank innocent people and enjoying it. I always asked myself. A-and what benefit can you gain from it? huh?" Bora angrily added. She quickly went to Yoohyeon checking her if she's okay. She nodded. 

"I just wanna go home and sleep. I can't wait for this day to end" Yoohyeon thought. She could see that Siyeon rolled her eyes to Bora and looked at Yoohyeon mouthing "Sorry". 

The class went pretty well and Yoohyeon can't wait to go home and rest and recharge. 

"Minji is suspended for three days"Yoohyeon heard it from a group of boys sitting on a bench.

"I think she deserve it anyways, she scared the new girl"

"But the girl can sing"

"And awkward"


"The school will be boring for three days, I think. Minji is a one hell of a gorgeous girl. She fell from heaven"

"More like a fallen angel" 

Yoohyeon heard the conversation from the three young boys while unnoticingly passing by them. And felt embarass of herself. She will never be at ease for the rest of the school year. For sure.

"What a waste" She thought. She could be rude but on her train of thoughts only, she never actually wanted to offend anyone even they would do horrible things to her. She would always forgive but will definitelynot to forget. 



The backyard with colorful flowers made Minji's mind and soul relaxed. Her house is pretty big, and some people would call it a mansion. She is one of the heir of a big company (Kim Techno Industries, Corp.) managed by her brother, CEO Kim Soo Hyun, 26 years old. Her brother is a simple man, he would al

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