The Letter

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Minji was fond of having a peaceful weekend in her big mansion. There was just something about the silence that surrounds the place, and it was refreshing for the older girl. She walked towards the window of her room and tilted her head on the backyard she used to play with her twin sister, JiU. She smiled at the sudden memory of her twin. They were so close to each other, inseparable if you must say.

“I missed you, my friend” Minji frantically shook her head.

“My loving sister” She corrected.


JiU and Minji were inseparable, both have the same interests, Music. They both have the same features and a bright smile. They both have each other’s back when one of them gets in trouble or feeling sad. They also liked to prank their older brother by doing some decent pranks on him wherein they would always scolded by their parents. JiU was more reserved than Minji. She was quickly drained by a lot of interaction and could sleep for more than 8 hours to recharge herself. She was uncomfortable with Minji’s acquaintances when both of them went out together and wouod always nudged Minji to go home. Minji, on the other hand, was very understandable of the personality of her twin. They sometimes fought over little things, but JiU was the first one to apologize even it’s Minji’s fault. When they were younger, they both have their natural black hair and sometimes, Siyeon and Bora are confused who’s who between the twin.

“Ya know what, sometimes I don’t know who is JiU or Minji between you two, it’s getting frustrating.” Siyeon pouted while crossing her arms, glancing at the identical twins while leaning on Bora which makes the small girl flicked her forehead. It makes Minji felt uncomfortable seeing them touching one’s forehead.

“Ouuuuch, Bora. You are really feisty with that small body. Uhhh and I hate it since I am quite huge than you are” Siyeon annoyingly said while glaring at Bora. The twins were amused at the little brawl of the two. Minji shook her head while JiU leans in her head on Minji’s shoulders.

“I think I’ll just cut my hair, so that these two won’t be confused anymore” JiU innocently said, hoping for Minji’s approval.

“I won’t let that happen, sis. We're going to Japan and you look beautiful as you are” Minji complimented, pinching her twin’s cheeks. JiU loved it when Minji do that to her. They were interrupted by the twin’s parents with food on their hands as both Siyeon and Bora clumsily rushing towards the food.

“JiU, Minji. Come and eat some food. You both are getting thin” Their dad jokingly said while the twins looked at their respective healthy tummies. They chuckled with each other before getting some snacks as they heard Siyeon and Bora munching the food loudly. They both glared at the weirdness of the two.

After the little get together with their friends, both JiU and Minji went to their rooms and talked about a lot of things.

“When we get older, Minji. I wanted to have little kids and I want them to live together in one house. That would be total chaos and I love it” JiU said , laughing while genuinely looking at Minji. JiU waited for Minji to respond seems like she’s in deep thought. She did the thing that Minji hates the most especially when she is deeply thinking. JiU flicked Minji’s forehead and crunched her nose which makes Minji irritated and annoyed at the sudden gesture of her own twin. Minji aggresively tickled her twin but the latter just laughed hysterically which makes Minji annoyed even more.

“You are hot headed, Minji. Relax.” JiU pushed Minji a little while taking a deep breath.

“You know how I hate that. While you love that when I do that to you. Why must I be the one who got pissed so easily while you are so patient” Minji said while looking at the ceiling.

“We’re twins, Minji. We have different similarities but we have a lot of differences. So don’t worry about it, I’m here to control yor hot temper” JiU chuckled and pinched Minji’s cheeks while the latter rubbed it lightly.

“You promised? I hope that we both get into the music school in Japan. Fingers crossed. “ Minji hopefully said. She was really wanted to get to that school as much as JiU.

“We will, Minji. We will” JiU confidently said reassuring her twin. The twins waited for the results patiently. They always checked their respective emails hoping for good news. Minji heard her twin yelling on the other side of the room, excitedly running towards her.

“Minji, I got in. I got in!! “ JiU was pumped up with the news she received and put her hands on Minji’s shoulder while glancing at the laptop. They both heard a notification. JiU was so enthusiastic while Minji seemed to be nervous.

“Open it, sis” JiU patting Minji. Minji kept her composure and exasperated a sigh. She clicked the email that reads:

“Dear Ms. Kim,

I regret to inform you that the committee rejected your application on Music Academy - Japan......”

Minji didn’t even finished reading the email she received and frantically walked out the room and proceeded to their bedroom, JiU felt sad for her sister as she followed the latter to comfort her. She flunged to the door of their room and knocked lightly for her twin to hear. Minji looked up from her blanket and sat up, JiU could tell that her sister poured out her tears as she saw how messy her face feature is.

“Minji, I’m sorry. I-uh will decline the offer to stay here with you” JiU genuinely said while holding her sister’s hands. Minji shook her head.

“No, nooo. It’s your dream. I can still continue my dream here. You pursue your dream, Ji. Don’t let this opportunity slipped from your hands because of me. I’ll make sure that I will be a good person even if you are not here. Siyeon and Bora are still here. So don’t hold back. I am so proud of you” Minji hugged her sister while tears streaming down her cheeks. Admittedly, Minji was quite jealous of her sister and at the same time was afraid that when JiU's gone by her side, she will not be sane. But she promised her sister that she will be strong for her. 



Minji went to a closet and she was trying to find a box that contained one of the most important thing in her life: A letter from JiU, where she found when her twin was lying on the hospital bed, full of blood and bruises. 

"Oppa, can you accompany me to Japan?" Minji requested, almost asking pleadingly. 

"To what? Make the girl's life miserable again?" Soo Hyun firmly asked. Minji knew that his older brother was not amused of what she did to the poor girlfriend of his other sister. Her older brother shook his head. 

Minji felt guilty and ashamed of herself. "I promise, Oppa. This time, I will personally apologize to JiU and Rachel. I felt like I have to, since I have caused fear to both of them" Minji dismissively put her hands up high. 

"Minji, it's better to be sure. I don't want them to get bothered by any of your stupid plans. And I think this is one of them" Soo Hyun still won't believe her sister. Minji groaned. 

"Bro, can you give me a chance? I promise I will be a good girl. You can personally fix my things going there. Just let me be. I'm asking for your company, to assure that I won't do anything stupid" Minji promised with cute eyes. 

"Alright, but I will call mom and dad first" Soo Hyun said while typing their parents' number. Minji saw her older brother nodding and patiently waiting for her brother to share what he and their parents agreement. Soo Hyun put down his phone and faced Minji's confused face. Soo Hyun crunched her nose which Minji really hates and he chuckled a little before speaking up. 

"Alright, mom and dad agreed, but they are going to meet us in the airport with them. So, it's settled we're going to Japan." Minji was so ha

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