Yooh starts to find herself

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Yoohyeon opened her eyes with an unbearing headache as she scanned the room which she thinks that she's in an infirmary of the school. She tried to get up but warm hands stopped her. 

"Don't try to get up yet, darling" Her mom said in concerned tone while looking at her daughter like she is the only precious thing left in the world which is true. Yoohyeon nodded and put her left hand above her mom's hand. Mrs. Kim attempted to reach for the water bottle but was stopped when Yoohyeon spoke up. 

"Ma, did I have really have a bike accident?" It makes her mother stunned and wasn't able to find the right words to explain at the sudden query of her daughter. 

"Yes, darling" Yoohyeon's mother hesitatingly answered. "Why'd you ask darling?" Her mother was so curious on why the sudden question. 

"I just had a weird dream, Ma. Something about a certain persons and me in a car accident." Yoohyeon answered looking at the ceiling contemplating a lot of things. 

Her mother deeply sighed and widened her eyes as she heard her daughter broken down in tears. She felt a thorn hit her heart as she saw her daughter in a lot of pain. 

"Ma, why it feels so real and I feel heartbroken" Yoohyeon tried to wipe her tears but her mom put both of hands cupping the younger's face and hugged her tightly. 

They both don't know that Minji accidentally eavesdropping on their conversation behind an open door as she hold lots of food she bought for Yoohyeon, she felt pain from Yoohyeon's situation, but instead going inside she left the food to the nurse and ran away. 


Siyeon who just finished practicing for their group's dance routine and was able to wave goodbye to her groupmates, saw Minji ran so fast while crying. As a friend as she is she called out for her but Minji couldn't hear her so she ran and chased her. 

"Minji! Yah! Wait up!" Siyeon yelled a few couple meters away from Minji. Minji stopped and ran tow

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