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She slapped her so hard that she fell down from the girl’s grip. 


“Don’t come near her, you imbecile. I don’t want you clinging to my daughter anymore, JiU.” Yoohyeon’s mother drag her daughter out of the scene. 




“What’s your problem, Ma? She is just my friend! My friend!” Yoohyeon yelled at her mother as she saw her own mom being furious of the person she just met which makes Yoohyeon in confusion. M



“Can you atleast tell me why are you doing this to yourself, Minji ? “ Bora asked the older girl, comforting her. 


“I just don’t want to hurt her, Bora. I don’t want to tell her the truth yet. ‘Cause if she do, she will surely be devastated.” Minji sobbed just thinking of the possible scenario. 


“It will hurt you, Minji.” Bora said as she wiped her own tears seeing her friend being like this. 


“I deserved it anyways, Bora. I am paying for this, for her” Minji sniffed as she looked at Bora genuinely. 


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Chapter 35 is up everyone. I think that this is a short update but I hope you like it. I would appreciate if you leave your thoughts on the comments below. Thank you and have a wonderful day :)
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