The Camping

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Yoohyeon was preparing her things for the last day of the school before the break. She would have so much time on her own and her weird habits. At the same time, she could not help to think but to spend some missed days or even months with JiU. She would really liked to make it up to her but she felt something is different about her. She knew Minji was a bit rude and a troublemaker before some figment of her memories came back, but she cannot help to wonder the drastic changes of her lover. JiU was so lovable, caring and an angel and Minji is an epitome of a reverse personality of her understanding lover. She pondered it was probably because they'd never seen each other after the accident and Minji would thought that she was already a decaying body. And that is perhaps she's changed. But she was confused as to why Minji didn't recognize her when they gaze at each other's eyes.

"Is it because I looked different than before?"

"But I'm same me. I looked like Rachel 2 years ago. I never gotten surgery or something"

"Or is it because she was mad at me?"

"But she's been so nice to me lately. Especially since the time that she knew I am Rachel"

"Or is it because I still have so many things to remember. And something is missing and I do not know what"

"But all I know I have to figure it out by spending time with her. I missed her, so bad"

Endless thoughts had been on Yoohyeon's mind and she was really tired of thinking about possible scenarios in her puzzled head. Since the minimal incident during the talent show, her mother was more distant to her. It seems like her mother was guilty of something that she was too afraid to tell. The ambiance of her own home was replaced by deafening silence and an unbearable gazes between them. She felt guilty of lashing out at her mother and she didn't deserved it, whatever happens, she is still her mother even though they have a lot of misunderstandings. 

They ate together, still ignoring each other and the only sound that filled the room was the sound of their glass and metallic spoon hitting each other. But Yoohyeon broke the silence. 

"Ma, I'm done. I have to go to school" Yoohyeon got up and bring her used utensils to the sink. While she's at the small part of the room, which is the sink, she heard her mother spoke. 

"Darling, I know that you start remembering things and you felt that I hid you the truth, but I am thinking it's the best for you. I want what's best for you. I hope that you understand your mother" Her mother admitted almost breaking her voice. Yoohyeon rush towards her mother and hugged her patting her head lightly. 

"Ma, at first I don't understand why you do it, but Ma, I'm a grown up now, let me make my own decisions in life and let me learn from it. It doesn't mean that I will leave you or abandon you just like Dad, I will always be her for you, Ma. No matter what happen. I always love you" Yoohyeon said reassuring her mother. Mrs. Kim nodded and hugged her daughter tightly. 

"I'm sorry, Darling. I hope you forgive me" Her mother apologized. The younger girl felt relieved and spoke about the unexpected. 

"Ma, I want you to meet JiU in flesh" Her mother looked up, surprised but accepting. 

"I would be glad, Darling. I know that she is a good person as you describe her to me back in Japan. I just didn't notice that until now that you are back being your happy self." Her mother genuinely smiled and Yoohyeon was filled with happy emotions inside her body. 

"You know how happy I am, Ma for you to finally accept me and the person I love" Yoohyeon almost cried and kissed her mother's cheeks. 



"You're all smiles today, Yoohyeon-ah. Are you finally recognizing my endless love for you?" Handong surprised the younger girl by the statement while putting down her snacks on the table, Yoohyeon eating her burger while unknowingly wearing the biggest smile. 

"More that that, Dongie. My mother finally accept me who I am. " Yoohyeon playfully kissed Dongie's cheeks, unnoticingly, Minji rushed to break the inevitable kiss. 

"Minji, you're on time. Yoohyeon almost kissed me. And you ruined it" Handong sarcastically said, disappointed from the almost kiss of the younger girl. Minji and Yoohyeon giggled at the silliness of their friend. 

"Back to the topic, I thought you were straight, Yoohyeon-ah" Handong curiously asked the younger girl, Minji leaned to listen because she herself was curious. 

"You know how my mother, she was against about homoual relationship, but now I think she accept me now. I thought I was straight until my memories came back" Yoohyeon said glancing intently at the red haired girl, Minji looked away and pondered. 

"Her mother was against their relationship? That must be so hard to handle. But atleast, now she seemed so happy. I just wish you are here, Ji"

"Oh my, really Yooh? So do you remember me now? Your one and only Handong?" Handong frantically shook Yoohyeon's body which makes the younger girl chuckled, still intently looking at Minji. 

Yoohyeon laughed at the silly joke of the chinese girl. "No, but someone I have loved before" She said gazing at the confused eyes of the red haired girl. Handong stopped as she gasped at the sudden statement of the younger girl. 

"Who might be this lucky girl, Yooh? Let me talk to her" Handong mockingly said in a serious tone while holding her hand like counselor. Minji was eyeing the chinese girl then Yoohyeon at how awkward the scene is. Yoohyeon was about to answer but Bora and Siyeon cut them off. 

"Hi!" Both of the girls greeted in unison. "Seems like the conversation was so serious, did we interrupt something?" Bora added while placing their snacks on the table and seated.

"Nah, Handong was just annoying Yoohyeon. So, it's the last of the school. We're gonna see each other again in like 2 weeks" Minji blatantly said. Handong was glaring at Minji and Yoohyeon just shrugged, feeling the atmosphere unpleasant. 

"You know, our friend Handong here is going back to China and she talked to me that if it's alright that we you know, going CAMPING!" Siyeon exaggerated the last two words, standing up putting her hands up which makes the people looked at her weirdly. 

She seated shyly and added. "Well, if it's okay to all of you" 

"Come on guys, it's just one night. And I will miss you like for two weeks. It's devastating" Handong said while putting a fake crying. Bora find it weird and nudged her chinese friend. 

"I don't know people, but I think I'll pass. I have a lot of things to do?" Minji declined the offer. She just don't feel like it. 

"Oh come on! Minji, it's just one night. It's like you have better things to do, anyway. You're gonna miss my annoying for a day" Siyeon groaned trying to convince the red haired girl. 

"Hmm, well I do not completely trust you, Si. Last time we hang out together, you got me drunk" Minji narrowing her eyes, and Siyeon lets out a guilty chuckle. 

"And you accidentally kissed me" Yoohyeon mentally said while recalling the event. 

"I'll think about it" Minji said, unsure. Bora and Siyeon looked at the younger girl waiting for her response, Handong too. 

"Ahm, Same. I'll think about it and I have to ask permission from my mom" Yoohyeon said while fidgeting her fingers. 

It was the last hour before the break and the five friends decided to company each other towards the exit of the school. Minji and Yoohyeon were secretly being awkward with each other as they were walking few meters away. 

"Alright, if y'all gonna go camping with us three, hit us up" Siyeon said eyeing Minji and Yoohyeon as they nodded subtly. They said their last goodbyes and went home. 

As Yoohyeon was back from school, she received a text from Minji and s

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