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Yoohyeon couldn’t help but to stare at Minji’s picture on their mountai trailing few days ago. She was in the couch scrolling through her phone, smiling widely. Her mom noticed how pleasing her child’s face is, now that she remembered something in her past.

“Darling, you seemed genuinely happy” Her mother commented while putting the apple juice on the table in the living room. Yoohyeon moved aside to let her sat beside her. Mrs. Kim too a glimpse on her daughter’s phone.

“Is that JiU? She looked like an anime girl, darling with that red hair.” Her mother complimented and Yoohyeon nodded.

“She looked a little rebel but she’s still herself. But I missed her innocent look when she had her black hair, she just looked like a bunny” Yoohyeon said, smiling widely. Her mother couldn’t help but genuinely joyful for her daughter.

“I hope she takes care of you unlike your dad” Her mother stated and Yoohyeon knew that her mom still misses her ex husband.

“He abandoned us for an another man with a family. He said that he loves him more than us, so probably that is why I am so protective of you having a relationship with another girl” Yoohyeon was surprised at what her mother just said. She knew that her father left them because of another family but she didn’t expect that her father is a homoual like her.

“Why’d you didn’t tell me, Ma?” Yoohyeon hugged her mother tightly.

“I don’t want you to know, Darling. I don’t want you to associate with that kind of person. And I think that you might be like him, so I never told you, afraid of becoming like him. But I guess I was wrong, you fell in love with the same gender and you seemed very happy with her. And I stereotyped all homouals like your dad. I’m sorry, darling” Her mother cupped her face and hugged her.

“It’s fine, Ma. I now understand why you did what you did. And I promise that I won’t leave just like what he did” Yoohyeon hugged her mother back.

“Oh, and you can invite JiU over for some dinner, anytime. I would like to know her more, personally this time. You’ve always been secretive to me before, so I think it’s time.” Her mother offered as Yoohyeon nervously laughed and nodded.

“Should I invite her ? She seemed not herself and we still not talk about us” Yoohyeon mentally said.



Minji decided to go to her sister’s grave to talk a lot of things about her lover. She was really nervous even though she was only faced by her sister’s six feet above the ground. She exasperated a sigh before she spoke and rubbed her hands against her jeans.

“It’s been a while, Ji.” She lets out a chuckle.

“I called you a lot of names but I miss calling you my sister. When you’re gone, I was really sad and lonely. I tried to forget you by doing awful things and even refer you as my friend and not my own sister. What a selfish human being I become.” Minji touching her sister’s grave that carved her name “Kim Jiu”.

“Oh and Rachel is an amazing girl. She’s quite like you. She is caring, understanding and..... forgiving” She hesitated on the last word as she don’t know if Yoohyeon would forgive her if she hid the whole truth. But the latter forgave her for the terrible thing she did on the first day of school.

“I already told you about the girl I pranked on the first day of school, Yoohyeon ? I felt somehow guilty of what I did to her and when she collapse, I really wanted to make sure she’s fine after that. But, yeah I still keep my pride top my head. And I should have known that she was Rachel after all, and things might be different now.” Minji knew that she was feeling things towards the younger girl.

“I am afraid to tell her the truth, Ji. She will be devastated, when she said that I was you, she was so happy. I could see how important you are to her. Should I tell her the truth, Ji?” Minji sighed deeply looking around the cemetery, something was in her mind that she wanted to tell her sister but it seems like she was holding back. She smiled at the grave amd finally said what’s keeping her from saying it to her dead sister. She looked away and whispered to herself.

“I think I might fall in love with her”

Minji was in her car when she received a text from Yoohyeon.

Kim Yoohyeon: Are you free this weekend ? My mom prepared dinner for you.

She read the text, smiling but quite nervous because the last time she met with her mother, she snapped at her. She texted back the younger girl.

Kim Minji: I am. But does your mother wouldn’t like to see me?

She fiddled her fingers nervously, waiting for Yoohyeon’s response. Kim Yoohyeon: No, she actually the one who invited you. I hope you come. She genuinely wanted to see you. If you don’t, I won’t be talking to you ever. She chuckled at the last message but she also overthink about it.

“If you knew the truth, you will despise me and shut me out in your whole life” She thought. She looked at an empty road before starting her engine.



Minji invited Yoohyeon for a stroll and the younger girl reluctantly accepted her invitation before meeting her mother in the weekend. She texted Yoohyeon to meet up with her at the near cafe’ to the the mall. She was sitting, tapping on the table as she felt warm hands on her shoulders and an unexpected soft lips on her cheeks. She was surprised but she liked the nice gesture from the younger girl.

“So, it’s like a date, or just a normal stroll?” Yoohyeon whispered on her ears, making her jumped.

“It’s not. It’s just I am bored, Yoohyeon” She said confidently making the younger girl pout.

“So you invited me here just because you’re bored. Unbelievable. I’mma outta here” Yoohyeon teasingly walking away as she heard Minji groaned and followed the girl, holding her hands.

“I was just kidding, Yooh” She dragged Yoohyeon to the world of fun and played numerous games in there. Yoohyeon was very pleased to do it with Minji since she liked games. Minji was quite competitive and that she didn’t want to lose to the younger girl.

“You’re losing, Tree.” Minji aggresively tapping the buttons in a car race as she was getting first place before the final lap, Yoohyeon behind her. But the younger girl didn’t give up that easily as she was really trying to crash Minji’s car against her car. She curses in her breath, but just a few inches away, the older girl won the race. Minji screamed, raising both of her hands and frantically shaking Yoohyeon’s disappointed body.

“Let’s go to the basketball game” Yoohyeon held Minji’s hands dragging her to the game.

“It’s easy peasy, Yooh. I think I’m gonna have the highest point between us.” Yoohyeon rolled her eyes as she thought she was not like this before, she hates games, she would always clung to her arms, watching her rather than play with her.

“Don’t be so confident, Minji, I’m gonna win this thing. Just see” She narrowed eyes and focused her eyes on the ring. Minji was surprised on how dedicated Yoohyeon is but she just shrugged it off, and focused on the game. She kept glancing at the younger girl, she was really fascinated on how serious Yoohyeon is on this particular game or she just want to win against her. She glanced at the younger girl's points on the top of the machine and she was impressed on how high her score is. She was not kidding of winning this game. Minji conceded and looked at the panting Yoohyeon smiling widely at her achievement. 

"450, Minji versus your 340. Beat that!" Yoohyeon smacked Minji's shoulder as she raised an eyebrow then laughed at her. She raised her hands in defeat.

"Alright, you won that" Minji stated while unnoticingly staring at Yoohyeon's dry lips. She did not know how long she had been gazing at the younger girl's lips but she

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