Minji/JiU's Birthday

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"My JiU" Yoohyeon mentally said as she opened her eyes. She felt warm hands on hers and tilted her head towards the person and talk under her breath. "My bunny". Tears were flowing down her cheeks as she realized that her one and only love was in front of her. 

She unnknowingly moved her hands and the older girl looked up with a tired face and motioned to call for a nurse for she was awaken. She stopped the girl and pulled her in for a kiss putting both of her hands to the girl's nape as she tried to let go of the kiss. But the older girl gave in and kissed her back passionately. Yoohyeon had never been so ecstatic since her memory loss. After all those dreams that have been flashing for a few months, she is now sure of what the blurry face looked like: Troublemaker Minji.

At that certain moment, Yoohyeon knows deeply inside that she once loved a young woman with all her life but because of her amnesia, she was deprived of remembering the face of her lover. 

Yoohyeon was slowly drifting apart from the kiss when she realized that her mother slapped the girl so hard. And started yelling at her, pouring out hurtful words to the person she just met. It made Yoohyeon confused but also wondered why on the sudden outburst of her mother. 


"I kissed her" Mrs. Kim was surprised at the confession of her daughter. Her mother was restlessly pacing back and forth in front of her daughter, clasping her hands nervously. Yoohyeon get up from bed and went over to her mother to console. She was terrified seeing her mother like this. She could her her mother rambling some words. 

"My darling is going back to her old ways" Yoohyeon can't clearly heard what her mother said but she somehow knew what she meant. Her mother was afraid of Yoohyeon's true identity: Being a homoual. Since her memory loss, Yoohyeon would always feel something that she is different. She would always liked guys, but that's just that. She had been quite mesmerize with girls' beauty and that sometimes she pondered why her mother always pushed her to date guys where in fact she didn't like the idea in the first place. She would always replied to her that she have priorities in life and that dating guys is not on the list. 

Now seeing her mother in this state, she was really against to our love from the beginning. Considering the fact that she remembered the words of JiU's mom in her dreams if her mother knew about their relationship. She contemplated on those words and now this is what she meant by it, her mother is totally against their forbidden relationship. 

"Ma, let me be who I am. Let me be happy. I'm not going leave you. Ma--" Yoohyeon pleadingly said to her mother who is now weeping in tears. 

"Darling, I want you to have a normal life. A  normal family. And being with that girl doesn't count." Mrs. Kim glanced up to her daughter who helped stand up and motioned her to sit on the hospital bed. 

"Ma, I will have a normal life, no matter who I choose to be with" Yoohyeon wiped the tears on her mother's eyes and Mrs. Kim just nod. 

"It doesn't mean that I'm not going to be hard on her. I still don't accept your relationship, darling. But if it makes you happy, I will no longer stop you" Mrs. Kim said in a serious tone.

Yoohyeon was so happy on what she just heard from her mother. She knows that there will be a day that her own mom would accept her as who she is, but not in its entirety. She was still against about a girl to girl relatonship, but she still have hope that gradually, her mother would accept it. She just have to patiently wait for that to happen. 

But now that Yoohyeon had somehow recall some memories of her past, about JiU and her, there's still something that bothers her, something that lacks from the new found discovery of her identity. She kept on thinking about it but still none. No new memories have been recurring, just the car crash and JiU or Minji and the feelings of overpouring endless love. 



"She kissed you?" Siyeon her chin in deep thought. Bora was holding Minji's hand for comfort and rest her head on the older girl's shoulder while walking towards the bus stop. 

"Yeah, she did. I was really surprised" Minji stared into space as she remembered the passionate kiss of the of her and the younger girl have shared. She cannot believe at that moment was ecstatic and she cannot deny the fact that she wanted more of it. 

"But how come did you know that Yoohyeon uh-uhm, Rachel was in that hospital?" Siyeon asked still confused, it made Minji caught off guard. Bora nodded at the query of the blonde girl. The two girls were waiting for Minji's confession and the older girl could see the curiosity in their eyes. 

Minji sighed deeply before speaking up. "Well, I was walking on a street, looking for a cafe'. I needed to ease my mind with hot choco. I was walking for like half an hour, because I was so slow" It made the two girls cackled. They were always fond of Minji's telling a story, and they missed this. 

"And then, when I wasn in front of the cafe' Siyeon and I used to visit, someone caught my attention, a girl who was running, sobbing uncontrollably. At first, I didn't noticed her, but she crossed the street, she seemed tired from crying like she was occupied about something. I saw a car coming in on her way, and she seemed not notice, she is still crossing the street. She stopped in the middle of the street and stand there, frozen and fell on the ground, unconscious. Thank God, the car stopped before it hit her. I immediately come to her and brought her to the nearest hospital, and called you two. And the rest is history." Minji ended her story telling and saw the girls gasped in amazement. 

"Did you really do that? Like you carry her bride style?" Siyeon genuinely asked, still shocked at the kindness of her friend. Bora glared at her, approached her friend and flicked her forehead. 

"Use your brain, Si. Just look at Minji, she can't carry a large dog like Yoohyeon uhm Rachel" Bora sarcastically stated and looked at Minji's reaction. 

"I kinda did, Bora. But I carried her on my back. She's not that heavy" Minji responded shocking Bora and Siyeon smirked at the small girl. 

They were on the bus stop, and thankfully the bus had arrived and get on it. 

"Seriously, Minji. Are you okay?" Siyeon sincerely asked the red haired girl. 

"To tell you the truth, I'm kinda not. The slap was painful but nothing pains me when Yoohyeon's mother yelled at me and called me a fool" Minji sighed deeply recalling the scenario earlier. 

Bora rubbed Minji's back as she was seated beside her while Siyeon seated in front. But the small girl pondered on why Minji badly wanted to help the other girl bringing back her memories. 

“Can you atleast tell me why are you doing this to y

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