Minji's Ex

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It has been three days since the talk of Minji and Yoohyeon and the two seemed to inseparable with each other. They do not physically clingy with each other but they casually talk about a lot of things every minute of the day. 

"It sounds horrible, Tree. Like when did you learned that sound? It did sound like a bird but you doing it, is hilarious." Minji slamming her chair in the music room which is besides the younger girl, she's laughing at Yoohyeon who glared at the older girl of insulting one of her unique talents. 

"I learned it from my bestfriend, Dami. You should meet her. She's pure and kind but rebelious" Yoohyeon grinned at Minji still cackling.  

"Just like you but she's kind unlike you" Yoohyeon added which makes Minji stopped laughing and thumped Yoohyeon's shouder in disagreement. 

"Yah! I am the nicest person you've ever met. And plus, I'm helping you with your memories coming back" Minji tried to play with Yoohyeon's conscience but the younger girl seemed not pleased with what she just heard from the red haired girl. 

"Unbelievable, now we're counting efforts. Wow! Only Kim Minji" Yoohyeon clapped weirdly which makes Minji put her hand on the younger girl's shoulder. Yoohyeon halted and looked at Minji with an annoyed face which she lets out small smile. 

"I was just kidding, Tree. I know that I'm probably the worst person you've ever met on your first day but I'm not that bad" Minji reassured her while standing up. Yoohyeon couldn't help but to agree with the older girl, she's been nice to her for these past three days and she couldn't believe it either. She would picture Minji as one of those heartless Mafia she read in some Fanfiction sites she visited, who killed bunch of innocent lives but not anymore, she's more like an innocent puppy with those cute smiles. 

Even though the dreams that she have been experiencing for the past few weeks are temporarily gone but she can't help thinking over again about being Rachel. She was not quite good at digging up some information about her past and that she wanted to absorb it gradually so that she could not be overwhelmed by it. And she liked where she is now, getting to know who Minji is and who knows she has something to share that might be part of her past. 

"Yeah, yeah. I know. And Bora is late. We really have to film our videos. We still have a lot of things to accomplish other than this" Yoohyeon rolled her eyes waiting for any sign of Kim Bora. 

She stood up and stretch every muscle of body when she hit the chair she barely saw and tripped a little causing her to fall down to the ground but thankfully Minji's reflexes was quick and was able to catch the falling Yoohyeon. They looked at each other's eyes intently for 10 seconds as they both heard footsteps that came from their other member, Bora. 

Bora was so shocked at the scene in front of her that she needed a minute to take a breath, the two both pulled away from each other's embrace and Yoohyeon nervously greeted Bora who hid herself at the back of the door. Hearing Yoohyeon's voice, she came out from her hideout and face them both with an eyes closed. 

"Are you both decent?" Bora asked still eyes closed, then Minji approached her and held her hand down from her eyes.

"We are. And you are overreacting. And late" Minji bluntly said to Bora still in shock. 

"Are you two dating or something?" Bora absentmindedly asked the two which surprised Minji as well as Yoohyeon. 

"NO!!! Why would I date this nerd? And she's a girl" Minji narrowed her eyes while pointing to Yoohyeon. 

"Ouch! that hurted. As long as I can remember, I think we dated. Well probably, it's just in my dreams. " Yoohyeon thought. "Ahh, what was I thinking. I'm not. Probably not" She tried to brushed off the idea of dating girls which she couldn't believe herself. 

Bora deeply sighed. "Shall we start filming?" Ignoring Minji's statement. The two of them wagged their head in agreement. 

Kim Bora couldn't helped to notice that the two is actually really close, not romantically, but really casually close with each other. But sometimes she caught the two while filming that Minji was helping Yoohyeon for her emotions for the songs and the younger girl undoubtedly follow Minji's suggestion without being uncomfortable. They have been filming for two days and they are undeniably civil with each other probably that is why they finished the task in a short period of time. 

"Okay, I think we are all good. I'll edit it and once i'm finished. I'll let you guys know" Minji said while fixing some of her camera. Bora and Yoohyeon already fixed their things and ready to go home.

"Minji, we're gonna go. You want to come join us?" Yoohyeon offered which makes Bora glared at her. 

"Ah, nah. I'll pass. I still have things to do on my music club" Minji said not looking at the two. Hearing this makes Bora sighed in relief. 

"Okay. Bye bye" Bora said dragging Yoohyeon out of the room leaving Minji alone. 



Meanwhile, Bora and Yoohyeon happily walking on the hallway towards the exit gate of the school while holding hands. Yoohyeon laughed at some jokes of Bora but stopped when Bora started asking her about the real score between her and Minji. 

"What is your deal with Minji, Yoohyeon-ah?" Bora asked unexpectedly. Yoohyeon was stunned but was able to answer Bora's question. 

"She's just helping me with stuff I can't tell you about" Yoohyeon replied. Bora narrowed her eyes as she was curious about what Yoohyeon was talking about. 

"Why didn't you asked me then?" Bora said in a pleading voice. "It doesn't involve you. And I don't want you to get worried. " Yoohyeon answered. 

"Okay, but if Minji hurt you. I'm one call away" Bora worriedly looked at Yoohyeon and nodded. 

They heard someone was yelling their names and could see that Siyeon was trying to cope up with them b

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