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Yoohyeon is a new transfer introverted student to a school full of extroverts. Mysteries unveiled when she meet Minji, an outstanding student but mischievous.


Ma, do I really need to transfer to that school?” Kim Yoohyeon desperately whined to her mother. Her mother knows that Yoohyeon would disagree with her decision. She knows that her child is somehow an introvert which shows everyday. After school, Kim Yoohyeon would locked herself in her room and listen to music endlessly until she would call her up for dinner. 

She would thought that sending Yoohyeon to a new school with a brand of having lots of social activities would improve her social life. 

Kim Yoohyeon was once a bright person and socially inclined until her father decides to abandon her and her mother for another woman. After that, Yoohyeon have been distant to people, she even ignored her mother for months and her close friends which eventually left her totally. 

From that moment on, Yoohyeon would always eat alone in her old school. 

“It’s for the best, my dear, trust me” Her mother smiled at her daughter’s disagreement. “And plus, you get to be acquainted with new faces”. Her mother added. 

Kim Yoohyeon just sighed deeply. 


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