Yoo’s first day of school Pt.1

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 “Okay, my dear, here’s your stop. Seongnam High School. I know you love music, honey, you do not need to hide it anymore. Show ‘em what you got” Ms. Kim excitedly told her daughter who anxiously scan the environment of her new school. 

“Ma, I think I can’t do it, like re-really, you know that when I'm around people I get sweat palms, my heart palpitates, and I am cconnfused” Yoohyeon stutters. 

Ms. Kim got out of the car not minding the little comment from her daughter and open the door where Yoohyeon seated, she can really tell that her daughter is really scared right now. New environment, new faces, new challenges and probably new real friends. She thought of one friend of Yoohyeon who really stayed by her side, no matter how stubborn Yoohyeon is, Lee Yoobin, she called her Dami for short, and the latter called her by her full name. 

Unfortunately, Dami moved to another school due to the work of her father. And Yoohyeon once again alone, unhappy. 

“Just try, my dear, for me, I do not want you to be alone in your life forever, you need a man” Ms Kim jokingly told her daughter while trying to make a smile on her face. 

“Okay, for music, and for my mother who’s been very supportive” She smiled at her mother and give her a kiss on the cheek. She steps out of the car and carried her packbag. And slowly walked to the gate of the school. 

“Have a good day, honey” Ms. Kim waved and blew a kiss to her daughter. Yoohyeon smiled a li

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Chapter 35 is up everyone. I think that this is a short update but I hope you like it. I would appreciate if you leave your thoughts on the comments below. Thank you and have a wonderful day :)
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