Starting Over

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Seven Years Later


Minji woken up with her alarm blaring through her morning. She whined at the loud sound and sat up on her huge bedroom, burying her face on her pillow. Minji dyed her hair into blonde because Bora thought that it will look good on her and she did. 

It's been seven years that she felt herself moving forward on her life. Focusing on one thing she loved the most, Music. And probably she also loved. Minji had been drastically changed to someone she didn't imagine herself to be. Minji had been so kind and accepted herself. Forgiven herself. Or she thought so. 

She had forgiven herself for all the things she did in the past and is having a good and cheerful life. But there was someone who she badly wants to make amends with and she could have a peace of mind. There were no days that she couldn't think of her. 

How is she doing these past years?

Does she have a wonderful job?

Does she have a peace of mind?

Did she forgive her?

Did she forget about her? 

Minji got up and proceeded to the kitchen and cooked pancake for breakfas partnered with an apple and a water. After breakfast, she got ready for work. A business attire for work and a ponytail with her specs. Minji had been helping her brother managing their company as a vice chairman after she graduated college taking up music degree. 

She was walking towards her car when she felt a vibration on her purse. She took her phone and could see that Bora was calling her. She answered and the first thing she heard was a whiny Siyeon. She shook her head at the silliness of the couple. It's been three years that the two had been dating, they were in denial at first but eventually confessed their feelings with each other in a camping spree facilitated by Minji. Minji had thirdwheeling with her friends and they even insisted her to date someone, so that they could have a double date. But Minji was unbothered but focused only in her career, but sometimes she also think of having someone in her life and it's not her priority at the moment. 


"Bora, could you please just hang up if you two are just going to make up, making me hear your disgusting noises" Minji laughed. She could hear Siyeon fell on their bed as it makes a loud thud on the other line. 

"There I already, got Siyeon out of the view. She's on the floor whining." Bora stated, laughing hysterically. 

"Anyways, have you heard the news?" Bora added making Minji curious. 

"What news, Bora?" She asked, wondering if it's another blind date lead by her bestfriend. 

"It seems like you don't have any idea at all, Minji" Bora nervously laughed on the other side of the line.

"What is it, Bora? I'm running late for work. I don't have any time for your jokes" Minji stated, hearing Bora sighed deeply. 

"Well, she's gonna be here for three weeks" Bora replied. Minji was taken aback at the statement of her bestfriend. She already know who she referring to but she needs to confirm her theory so she asked Bora.

"Who, Bora?" 

Bora sighed before she continued. 

"Yoohyeon" She answered. Minji smiled weakly and responded to Bora. 

"Alright, why are you telling me this ?" Minji asked. 

"Well, she said that she wanted us to have a little get together. She misses us" Bora happily said. 

"And I really miss her too, Minji. It's been a very long time" Bora genuinely said. 

"I miss her too, Bora" Minji thought. 

"So are you coming?" Bora asked. Minji was a bit hesitant at the question. She wondered if Yoohyeon have already moved on from the past and had forgiven her from what she did in the past. She looked down and remembered the bad memories in the past with Yoohyeon. And recalled all the questions she asked herself after Yoohyeon left Korea. 

"Was it about what happened between them.?"

"Was it because of her?"

"Was it about because she wasn't that persevere to talk to her?"

'Was it because she was scared of Yoohyeon's rejection of her love?"

Minji had been overthinking for the first two years since Yoohyeon left Korea and she was so devastated knowing that Yoohyeon already went away to another country without saying goodbye to her friends. Or is it just her who didn't accept she was long gone. 

Minji had been fine after two years

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