Princess Syndrome

Make You Mine
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“Are you attending a funeral?”

I fake a smile at his question while I finish up putting my sunscreen all over my arms. “Oppa, I don’t have that many selections in my clothes, I have eighty-percent of dresses and the remaining twenty are fancy skirts, blouses and office pants.” I explain myself of why I ended up with this dress out of all the dresses I could use. Not to mention, I didn’t initially plant to apply for any jobs here, it was an abrupt decision of mine so I was not prepared for it. Anyway, this attire is really comfortable and I like it. “Also, this hat will protect me from the sun.” I add while nodding persuasively. “It’s six in the morning.” He pointed out with a passion but a playful and amused smile starting forming on his lips.

Sure sure, it’s funny for you. I don’t care.

“Well, at least get rid of the shoes. Please, you had a hard time yesterday, remember?” He changed the topic and started complaining about my shoes this time. “Yes, Oppa.” I mumble before getting back in my room. “.” I whisper to myself before looking down to my shoes. Again, eighty percent of my shoes have heels because I’m a very short woman, okay?! Don’t judge me. The remaining twenty percent of my collection are very fancy, high-end shoes that I do not want to use for farming and my feet tend to hurt a lot when I use them. People, including myself, buy these expensive just for the sake of having it and because it’s a lavish possession.

What do I do?!

I flinch when Kyungsoo peeked in my room again. “Are you ready or not?” He asked while gazing down the clock in the room. “I-I’m going to be very honest, I don’t have shoes that are fit for farming.” I admit defeat because I really don’t know what to do anymore. He sighed heavily as he opened the door wider while looking down to my shoes. “Please don’t fire me, please. . . I just really didn’t know things would turn out like this, I thought I could apply as an assistant so I chose good clothing.” I plead while rubbing my hands together.

Ugh, I have never begged like this, especially to a boy.

Oh wait, no. I have begged before. I begged my mother not to leave me but it was the very last time that I begged a human being. I’m only doing this because it’s necessary to my plans to keep this job. “No, it’s okay. I understand.” Kyungsoo shook his head while looking in space, as if thinking. “Let’s see.” He walked over to one corner and opened the bottom closet. “What’s your shoe size?” He asked while peeking in the closet. “220 mm.” I answer earning a light groan from him. “Nope.” he stood up straight again before he could even grab a pair of shoes from the closet, it’s probably his sister’s. “W-we don’t have the same size?” I ask with my hopeful eyes.

He paused just right in front of me. “My sister is not a baby so that’ll be a no.” He replied before walking out. I frown hard when he said that. What does he mean by that, I’m a baby?! Ugh, this bastard. I follow him outside while tip-toeing because I’ve removed my shoes already. I’m really worried that all these is making him have second thoughts on letting me work. Oh my god, please no. I haven’t even started with my plans yet. For the first time, he looked somewhat. . . pissed? Oh god, please no. I swear I didn’t mean this to happen. I was ready to endure it if I had to wear the heels. “Hey, it’s really okay if I just wear my heels. I’ll endure it.” I reassure him making him turn around with a frown.

“I’m not a mean person, alright? I won’t let you suffer like that.”

I purse my lips in a tight line as I look back at his concerned eyes. Uhm. . . o-okay. “Wait, let me just—wait for me.” He suddenly grabbed something from the end table by the couch—oh, keys. “Where are you going? How about the training?” I ask while following him out. We arrived at the vacation houses’ parking lot and he walked over to a car.

“Oh, you drive?” I ask while looking at the car.

In all fairness, it’s a decent car. Nothing too fancy but neither was it crappy-looking like how I would have expected him to have. “Of course I drive, public transportation here is very tricky.” He answered and opened the car door. He turned to me one last time. “I’m going to get you some shoes but I want you to promise me that you’ll try your very best later and listen to me carefully, I care for my employees but as return, all I want is for you to work hard.” He suddenly turned to me and look me dead in the eyes. “I promise.” I put my right hand up while looking back at him.

I must say, it’s pretty hard to look at him.

He’s intimidating even if he’s kind?

“Alright, wait for me. I hope there’s a store open already. I might end up going to the market instead.” He looked up in the sky. “Tourists’ berry-picking will open soon so we might have to train along with the tourists. I guess it’s a good thing too, you’ll be able to see how it really works.” He said before glancing at me one more time, actually he was scanning me from head to toe, with those intimidating eyes of his. Ugh this is awful in the gut. “I’m assuming extra small? Triple small?” He suddenly asked making me pout.

I look down to myself.

Is he talking about my clothes again?

“Uh, whatever. I’ll see what I can do. I’ll be right back, okay?” He got in the car and drove off. I stood there watching his car leave. “Since you’re not a very awful human being, I could do my plan more smoothly and comfortably, I guess. I’ll take that as a good note.” I convince myself before getting back in the house.


The whole time, I just sat there on the couch waiting patiently.

And I think it took him almost an hour to get back.  

“How was it?” I stand up almost immediately once he got in the house with some black bags in his hands. “I got you the shoes and also some pants and shirt, I hope it fits you though.” He started taking them out from the bag and placing them on the coffee table in front of me. “Oh—what the—” I grab the shirt.

Okay so. . . he got me a kid’s shirt with a Disney princess printed on them. On the goddamn shirt! YES, you heard it right.

I look at it horrified. “I had no other choice, the adult section was all too big for you, I think. And I have keen eyes, It looks like it will fit you.” He explained before giving me the pants next. And it looks like a pair of pajamas or granny pants but in a damn kiddy size! Is he seriously going to make me wear these? Is he trying to bully me, because it’s working! I’m physically and psychologically distraught just by looking at this combination. “C’mon, change. Tourists are already coming.” He snapped his fingers before walking out. I breathe in and out before following my gaze at him. “Oppa, thank you so much. This makes me feel that I always got your back.” I thank him as sweetly as possible just for the sake of it.

I’m just going to murder him in my head, stab him multiple times, drive over his head with a goddamn ten-wheeler truck, peel and turn his skin inside out until he’s unrecognizable.



I openly glare and pout at him as I stood there. He looked rather proud of his fashionista’s pick. “So, are you ready?” he asked while folding his arms. “I look so ready, don’t I?” I mumble back, forcing myself not to sound too harsh but still let him know what I am not amused. “You’re so cute.” He sniggered before walking towards the field first. My eyes turned rounder while staring at his back. Oh my god, he just called me cute.

Is this the start?!

Oh my god, I’m freaking out.

I cover my mouth just so I wouldn’t squeal in victory.

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