Operation, Start!

Make You Mine
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Being the good person that I am, I offered Anna help to clean up after dinner. Sunhee already went home right after eating, I just found out she lives somewhere else and has kids to take care of. Taeguk and Junhyung on the other hand went back to the kitchen to clean up and officially close it for guests before leaving. I pile the side dish plates carefully while gazing at Anna to make sure I’m doing the right thing. I’ve never cleaned up a dining table after a meal before.

You know what I think? It’ll be a good thing if I had a like she looks like to be a friend just to get to know more about this place and about Do Kyungsoo.She looks dumb and immature enough.For Soonhee, I think she’s too old and pretty mature to be played by me.

Besides, Anna and I are around the same age, this could totally work out.

“Anna-ssi. Can I talk to you comfortably?” I ask making her look up. “Of course, twenty-four, right? I’m twenty-four too. We’re friends.” She responded with a smile. See how easy it was? She literally opened up about being friends herself. “T-that’s good, Anna-yah.” I grin making her do the same. “No problem, Iseullie~ Haa, I’m tired.” She sighed in between chuckles.

Did she just call me like a baby?

Oh, please.

“You know, I’m so curious. Kyungsoo oppa. . .” I clear my throat while smiling at her. “He always smiles, like. . . since I came by this afternoon up until now, I don’t think he’s ever stopped smiling, I mean, it’s not like the creepy smile or anything but I’m still curious, it’s like he has no problem in this world at all. Is he really like that?” I ask. It earned me an amused laugh from the woman. “He’s really like that, he’s just so easy-going and kind-hearted.” She answered.

I find her answer vague because it doesn’t help me at all.

I need to know Kyungsoo’s weakness.

“Yeah, I could see that. Have you ever seen him mad before?” I snigger as I grab a cloth to wipe off the table like she was doing on the other side. “Yeah, we have seen him mad before, of course. But he’s still really calm when he’s mad. You just know he is when he gets really quiet. He bottles it up inside of him usually. Which for me is much scarier actually, right?” She replied. I must admit, she had a point. I prefer people who lets their anger out than keep it to themselves. “You’ll be fine, don’t be scared at him.” Anna reassured me while shrugging her shoulders.

“No, I’m not scared I just. . . I just wanted to know what my boss likes and dislikes so I can do my job well.”

I left her thinking again at what I said. C’mon, , you need to tell me more than that. I patiently wait while grabbing all the rice bowls together. “To state the obvious first, of course he likes hardworking employees and he likes it when you have initiative to do and learn things. What he dislikes, uhm. . .” She started while tapping her chin. “To be honest, don’t get me wrong but. . . Oppa usually dislikes people from big cities. He also dislikes spoiled brats a lot, they’re like a bunch of joke in his eyes.” She moved closer just to tell me those things.

Wow, I feel attacked.

What is she trying to say?

She looked around before leaning closer to me across the table. “Our boss actually thinks you’re a spoiled brat who’s just rebelling that’s why you’re here and he said you might just need some enlightenment and he’s going to give you that. He’s probably going to straighten you up throughout your stay here, girl. Before focusing on this business, he used to work as a social worker, he knows what he’s doing. B-but I hope he’s wrong, you don’t seem like a spoiled brat to me. You look well-off but not spoiled.” She mumbled before checking if there was anyone here with us again.

E-excuse me? Do Kyungsoo—that man thinks I’m a spoiled brat rebelling from her parents?! WOW. Now that explains everything. He treats me like a kid, what the ?!

But I mean. . . it could be worse, right?

At least he didn’t figure out that I had other motives.

Well, I can let him off on this one, as long as he doesn’t suspect about other things.

“Thank you for saying that. I appreciate it. Don’t worry about me, I’ll work as much as you guys will.” I answer, bottling up all the anger inside of me. So, I’m just really a joke to him, aren’t I? Let’s see who’s a joke in the end of this escapade of mine, Do Kyungsoo. Straighten me up, huh?

I’ll get his straightened up before I do, that’s what I’m sure of.

“I just told you that so you can work better, I’m not trying to gossip or anything. Oppa is a really good man, a really good boss. Once you get his trust, it’s all yours, so don’t break it. He will never scold you or anything but he will point it out if you’re wrong. You just need to be hard-working that’s all.” Anna explained before carrying the tray full of dirty dishes. I did the same on my own tray and we walked together into the kitchen. “You know what, it’s only your first day here so leave this to me to wash. Thank you for helping me clean the table though.” Anna offered as we arrived inside.

Phew, another thank you to her.

I really didn’t want to wash the dishes at all.

I put the tray beside hers on the sink. “Thank you so much, I really wanted to take a rest and get ready for tomorrow.” I admitted while chuckling. “No problem, good luck!” She patted my arm making me move away a little. People here needs to stop touching me, seriously. “Thank you! Have a good night.” I wave her a goodbye with both of my hands before skipping out of the kitchen.

Ugh, it’s getting chilly out here.

I look around the dark field while rubbing my arms. Okay, this is spooky.

They need more lights here, I’m serious.

I start brisk walking just to get out of here soon. I glue my eyes down the vacation lodges and camp where the lights are still bright in some windows, just to distract myself. “There’s lights in there, it’s not dark Han Iseul. It’s not dark.” I convince myself many times and I could feel my own feet walking much faster than they already were. , I need to pee. Is this because I’m scared? Why do I even have to have this walk after a nice and full dinner like that? I completely pass through the vacation lodges which scared me even more. Seems like most of the workers are all asleep by now, the houses only had one light by each porch but it wasn’t even bright enough to keep me company! “Come on, you can do it.” I look straight ahead while sprinting.

Remind me not to stay out until it’s dark again.

The sounds of the crickets made everything spookier than it already was. I hate hearing it! Plus the trees going along the movement of the wind and they look like a bunch of monsters ready to attack me. The farm itself, the blueberry bushes on the field making the same creepy movements and—ugh, look away, Han Iseul.

Finally, after that scary seven-minute walk—I estimated that in my head—I finally arrived in the house. I sigh heavily before sprinting towards the bathroom to let go of all the anxieties I just felt, also known as urinating. I grab the knob and quickly pushed the door open only

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