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It’s dinner time and since Kyungsoo’s family is home, he’s not joining the staff dinner. Lucky to me, since I live with him, I get to join them for dinner here at home instead. I mean, eating with the staff and kids isn’t so bad plus the food cooked by Taeguk and Junhyung is bomb but I could barely make a move on Kyungsoo because of the sitting arrangement. I watch Mrs. Do cook very intently, like I have mentioned, I am interested in cooking. It’s not something I would choose as a career but I do enjoy it on my free time. “Oh wow, I’ve never put potatoes in it.” I point at the dish she was cooking, she has her own twist in it that fascinates me. “Uh-huh? Have you tried cooking this before? Believe me, potatoes enhance the flavor of the dish in general.” She revealed enthusiastically while giving me two thumbs up.

“Yes, I have tried making it once because I tried it in this one particular restaurant, I looked it up on the internet, I’m not so sure if I actually did a good job though. It was only me who ate it in the end.” I reply while chuckling in embarrassment. I like cooking but I only cook for myself. I only have my father in my life but I have never cooked for him.

“Next time I’m here, you cook it and I’ll be the judge. Hm?” She teased and my hair making me flinch a little. A mild ache came across my chest being touched by a mother like that. It felt awfully weird. The last time I felt a mother’s affection like this was when I was still a kid. Even if she’s not my mother, I could still feel it from her hand. “S-sure, Mrs. Do.” I answer and move away and pretend to grab a piece of apple from the fruit tray in one corner of the counter.

I turn my head and glance at the living room where Kyungsoo and his father were settled in while watching TV.

“May I excuse myself for a minute? I’d like to prepare my pillows and blanket in the couch so I wouldn’t have to disturb Soobin in the room later on.” I told Mrs. Do and bow before walking away. I shared a brief eye-contact with Kyungsoo as I pass by the living room on my way to the room. What are you looking at, butthead? I give him my prettiest smile making him look away while furrowing his eyebrows while staring back at the television again.

If he suddenly gets awkward with me just because I finally know about his past, I’m going to be really mad.

“I ignore him for a while and knock on Soobin’s door. “Come in.” I hear the young lady answer from inside. I turn the knob and cautiously went in. I saw the girl sitting close to the window while playing with the guitar. “Hey, I’m just here to get the extra pillows and blanket in the storage? So I can already put it in the living room, I don’t want to disturb you here later after dinner.” I hurry to the closet. “Oh, unni. If you want you can just sleep here. The bed is big enough for the two of us.” Soobin suddenly offered while putting the guitar down to walk over to me.

My eyes lit up.

Oh my god, I really don’t want to sleep in that uncomfortable couch.

“T-that’s okay with you?” I ask while nibbling with my lips. “Of course~ warning though, I snore a little especially when I’m really tired.” She grinned shyly. “Oh, that’s not a problem with me.” I shake my head immediately. Snoring is almost like a common thing for people. I’m one of the lucky ones who don’t snore but I don’t mind people who do.  “Ooh~ it’s like a slumber party!” She skipped to her bed and jumped on it. It made me laugh, sincerely. I never had a lot of friends back in high school, I only had a maximum of three close friends who later on turned their back on me anyway but even then, they weren’t that close to me to consider them as best friends. They’re just. . . classmates whom I hung out with. “Unni, how does it feel to live in the big city? I really want to move to Seoul, I’ll go to a university there.” Soobin opened up a conversation as she hugged out a pillow. I sat down the edge of the bed while looking in space, to think about her question. “To be honest, I don’t know how to describe how it feels to live in the big city because I was born and I grew up there. One thing I could say though, it’s totally different compared to this place. Maybe in terms of convenience and easier access to a lot of things.” I explain as much as I could.

Soobin grinned excitedly. Unlike Kyungsoo, this girl seems to really like the idea of city life.

At her age, I’m not really surprised.

“When you’re in the university there later on, you should ask your Oppa to get you a nice condo close to your school.” I suggest while wiggling my eyebrows. “Aish—my brother doesn’t really agree with my idea of moving there. He said there’s also good universities in Jeju city so I don’t need to move away and leave them.” Soobin replied while making a face. “Have your brother gone out of this island ever?” I ask out of curiosity. “Hmm. . . I don’t think he has? I’m not sure. Wait—I think he has been to Busan once but that was purely because of work and he was only there for two days I think. So yeah, he basically has left the island but. . . even then, he didn’t go to the city area of Busan. For me, I’ve been to Seoul once for a school trip.” She replied while biting on her bottom lip.

Wow, Do Kyungsoo, he’s unbelievable.

And I’m not even surprised for some reasons.

Our conversation where shortly interrupted when we were called by Mrs. Do for dinner. Soobin and I head out together. “Let’s eat!” Mr. Do enthusiastically called out while gesturing us to come to the dinner table. For tonight, Kyungsoo brought in bigger table so all of us could eat. I was about to pick this particular chair when Mrs. Do suddenly held me on the shoulders and pushed me down to sit down right beside Kyungsoo. “I like this chair, sorry.” She pointed to the chair I wanted and grinned before sitting down there. I sneakily glance at Kyungsoo and he only responded with a light smile. “Sorry.” He mouthed while rubbing his neck. I gave him a reassuring smile before looking straight again. “Thank you for the food, I’ll eat well.” I clasp my hands together happily as I glance at the food served.

Phew, never acted that enthusiastic about eating before.

Got to impress the future in-laws! Eak—I cringe at that thought.

As we begin eating, Mr. and Mrs. Do mostly led the conversation. I tried to be quiet and poise as much as possible but still approachable enough? I can’t even explain how I acted. On the other hand, Kyungsoo spoke to his parents about the business. Soobin was the quietest one as she was eating while texting. I adjust myself on the chair causing the side of my thigh to bump against Kyungsoo’s. Our eyes met upon the contact and I give him a sweet smile. “is it too tight? You want me to move?” He asked softly while moving his chair a little farther away. “No, it’s okay.” I reply and move closer to him again.

I didn’t even notice his parents watching us with smiles on their faces.

Kyungsoo was the one who gestured me to look at them making me stop from moving close any further. “O-oh, sorry. You were saying?” I randomly ask as Mrs. Do was speaking – I barely even heard it because I was too absorbed on getting close to Mr. Secret Project right here. “As I was saying, maybe you could accompany me to town tomorrow? I like going to this particular store whenever I come visit, they sell the best yarns for my knitting.” She repeated her words for me. “Eomma, she’s working. I’ll just come with you.” Kyungsoo declined the offer for me making me pout while looking at him with my pleading eyes. “She looks like she wants to see the town, c’mon Kyungsoo.” Mr. Do backed me up making me clasp my hands together this time to plead even more while giving Kyungsoo my cutest puppy eyes ever.

I swear, it always works. Even Anna and Soonhee can’t stand it.

Soobin even stopped on texting while giggling, seeing my sudden aegyo towards her brother. “Unni, you’re so cute!” She giggled while peeking at us. I could see an imaginary word of PRESSURE on Kyungsoo’s forehead as he scratched the back of his ear in discomfort while gazing at his parents and sister. He forced an awkward chuckle while moving his eyes to glance at me. “Cut it off my salary? Hm?” I ask. Honestly, it’s a farm day for me tomorrow so I really want to escape from it. “Iseul-ah, we’re scheduled for fifteen groups of tourists tomorrow, I need you there.” He chuckled while explaining to me ever so softly.

“Just this once, please?~” I continue pleading while leaning closer making him move his head away while covering his face with his forearm. I could hear his faint laugh as he avoided my approach. “Aigoo, I didn’t know Han Iseul has a lot of aegyo.” Mr. Do complimented while laughing. “Okay okay, you win. I’ll cut it off your salary, you said.” He finally gave in and I was ready to celebrate my victory when he suddenly lifted his arm ove

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