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Make You Mine
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I’m done for the day. I got home alone, seems like Kyungsoo is still working. There really are some days, if not quite a lot, that he goes home later. He owns this whole business after all. I put my phone down the dining table and walked over to the kitchen. Hmm. . . should I try cooking? I know Kyungsoo’s been bugging me to cook for him.

After all that happened today, I need to relieve my stress through cooking. Actually, throughout the day, Baekhyun continued on calling me and following me around and I just let him because he won’t stop anyway, and I can’t afford to make him mad, he might expose me. Even when I was helping with the juice making, Baekhyun stayed by my side and kept carrying things for me which I actually appreciate, but still. . .

I open the fridge to check what we have available at the moment. We have eggs. . . I see a pack of tofu in there. containers of different kinds of side dishes that his mom leaves him with whenever they visit, drinks and pretty much nothing else. We need to go grocery shop. By the way, that reminds me, I kind of can’t wait for Kyungsoo’s family to come visit again. I’ve only seen them twice through out my whole stay here so far and aside from them rooting for me, I just. . . get to work less whenever they’re here.


Also, I wonder if Kyungsoo has told them anything about us.

The last time they visited, they only got the stay here overnight because Soobin had an important school event to go to the next day. Soobin texted me the other day and she said they will try to visit this coming weekend.


Weekend. Saturday. Byun Baekhyun’s going to bug me to tour this area.


I cannot let Kyungsoo’s family have a misunderstanding of who’s that moron in my life. “Oh, it.” I mutter as I close the fridge. I really want to cook but we don’t have much in there. Maybe tomorrow, I can drag Kyungsoo to go grocery shopping. I glance at the wall clock to check the time. Is it too late to go grocery shopping with him? It’s only seven in the evening.

Hmm. . . also, I’ve always wondered how it feels like to grocery shop with him.

Is he the type who doesn’t care what you buy? Is he the controlling type? Does he take so much snacks and unnecessary stuff like other people do?

I wonder.

Leaning on the kitchen counter, I smile to myself. “Ugh.” I slap my palm against my forehead to stop myself from picturing further than that. Well, if I’m going to cook for him, I at least should ask what he would like for dinner, right? I mean, since it’s my first-time cooking for him. . . I grab my phone from the table again to text him the question.

But as if the heavens have heard my contemplation, Kyungsoo came in.  “Hey.” He softly greeted with a smile while taking off his dirty boots. He probably came from the field. I scratch my neck while watching him walk over to the bathroom. “Uhm, d-do. . . do we really have plans tonight, oppa?” I can’t help but ask first. That made him stop before he could even get into the bathroom. He responded with a cute chuckle. “Not really, I just attempted to to put that guy in his right place so I said that.” He replied. I blink in confusion.

“R-right place?” I ask. Ooh, that’s some strong to say.

“Yeah, like. . . not with you?” He attempted to answer it more exactly before finally getting into the bathroom. “But Opp—” I sigh as the door closed before I could even ask him if he wants to go grocery shopping. He looks really tired though. . . but isn’t that an even more valid reason to cook for him? Should I go alone? I don’t know this place that well and I’ve always hated driving at night because it’s dark and I don’t have the perfect sight in the dark. Sometimes I think I have a mild night blindness. Or maybe it’s just me overthinking stuff so I just really hate driving in the dark, okay?!

I am a very careful driver, that’s why.

I should take the risk, right? I mean, that’s Do Kyungsoo we’re talking about. He would literally say yes to everything I ask. . . okay, that might be an exaggeration and also that made me think of things I shouldn’t be thinking of. I walk over to the bathroom door while fiddling with my fingers. I’ll just shout out my question I guess. . . he can hear it from inside anyway.

“Oppa? Can I ask you a question?” I loudly speak.

I flinch in surprise when the door cracked open. He peeked his head out, his hair is all drenched with water already, as well as his face and I could see a little bit of his neck—stop, Han Iseul, get to your point! “Oh, y-you didn’t have to open the door. You can hear me from inside.” I mutter while scratching my forehead so I could distract myself from looking straight at him. Damn, he’s fine.

“Don’t worry about it, what’s up?” he asked while rubbing the tip of his nose. “I was thinking. . .” I clear my throat while glancing at the kitchen. “Maybe we should go grocery shopping? We need to do it soon anyway and also. . . so I c-can cook.” I mumble out the last phrase cause it’s making me shy for no damn reason.

It’s just cooking, Han Iseul.

You cook pretty damn well, I don’t know why you’re nervous.

I saw how his eyes lit up upon hearing my offer. “I-I mean, you don’t have to go if you’re tired. You look really tired, maybe I can go alone. I’ll t-try to drive or something, I haven’t used my rental car in a while anyway, maybe I should use it before I get it cancelled.” I give him the option that I really hate and I don’t even know why. He looks really tired, ! I feel bad now. “No, don’t go alone. I’ll go with you, just give me a few minutes, okay?” He insisted on going along and gave me his sweetest smile. I gulp awkwardly while trying not to look back. But guess what, I still did.

Okay, this is getting awkward. He’s literally behind the freaking door and we’re just sharing this long- eye-contact for who knows what damn reason. “Alright, you should also put on some sweater. It’s kind of chilly outside. It’s the last month of summer, I could already feel the Fall season coming.” He reminded me before FINALLY closing the door. My shoulders drop in relief because if we lasted for more than five minutes in that situation, I might just faint in so much stress of knowing he’s freaking behind the bathroom door and he’s giving me that look.

Gosh. . . is he that into me now?

I’m. . . I don’t even know what to say. What exactly did I even do to attract him? I believe I didn’t really do well in my flirting game, like he said I’m very unpredictable because of my disorderly and apprehensive mind which I would assume is frustrating for a guy. And when I’m not unpredictable, I’m just over-the-top socially awkward. Do you feel me, fam?


A question that might remain a question forever.

Anyway, I walk to my room to get a sweater as he had instructed. Just as I walk in, I got a text. My face sank when I saw Baekhyun’s name. Are you kidding me?! He aint done annoying the out of me?

Did you and your boss go somewhere yet? Saw him still working.

Ah . Does he even have any right to interrogate me about my plans? And he’s wondering why I never respond to his calls and texts? He’s freaking annoying! With my gritting teeth, I decide to respond to his text this time.

He just finished all his work so we might be going soon.

I decline him in a very simple way. To be honest, despite the fact that I really want to tell Baekhyun to off, I can’t. Because he knows the real me and it’s so easy for him to expose me if he wants to. I can’t completely shut him down, at least not right now. Not right now that. . . everything’s going great with me and Kyungsoo.

And I don’t think my life has gone this great before, at least not in a long time.

So, am I still going through the plan? Uhm. . . I really don’t know. I don’t know what happened to me anymore. I allowed myself to feel just a little bit but I think it was a wrong idea because it went all the way and now I can’t take it back. I just. . . gave in, I guess. My thoughts were again interrupted with another text. I roll my eyes, ugh Baekhyun’s not done yet.

I don’t know why you keep hanging out with him, he doesn’t even know the real you while I do. You’re technically strangers to each other. Wouldn’t it be fairer if he knows the real you too? I’d admit defeat if that’s the case.

I gulp at what he said. Okay, that statement. . . sounded like a warning to me. I close my eyes as I breathe in and out, taking every breath heavily. I knew this was coming. Byun Baekhyun is still a powerful businessman, he always gets what he wants. . . except me, for the longest time. That’s exactly why he hasn’t stopped yet. I don’t think he will ever stop until he gets me. We’re similar in that way and that’s also why we will never go together very well. Ugh, this is ed up. I put my phone in my jeans’ pocket to let myself breathe more.

I need to keep his mouth shut. Okay, I know Byun Baekhyun is generally a good guy and he genuinely cares about me but. . . he also has his own evil side, especially with business and. . . I guess all the guys with me that is not him, I mean nobody’s perfect. I’ve seen it with our past business partnerships. There was one time, he was so kind and friendly to this businessman we’re trying to settle stuff with and I thought we made a good deal together, everything was all well, until a week later, the business owner’s store completely shut down.

He made it happen because he said the man’s business proposal is not as ambitious as we both wanted it to be and that will cause trouble for our company. He got annoyed at the fact that the business owner ‘doesn’t know business as much as he should so he doesn’t deserve it and will cause damage to his own reputation.’ And he shut it down and bought the lot for a huge price to ‘save this guy from bankruptcy in the future because the business will eventually fail.’

In a way, I used to believe that he was only helping, he was preventing this guy from failing in the business. But now, my views have changed and I think he shouldn’t have done that

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