Eat Together

Make You Mine
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In tonight’s episode of The Evil Tastes Karma. . . Junhyung invited us in their staff’s dinner not only because of his sister, Juyeon, but also for my ‘comeback’ as to what he said. I believe he and Taeguk are making some special dishes for tonight. But this time, I’ve made up my mind. I will not go. I said no, I will stay in my room and order food instead. I just called a chicken place and ordered myself a box of fried chicken. Unfortunately, that place don’t do delivery in areas like mine so I’d have to pick it up, but they said it’ll be ready in about an hour so I should leave in like fifteen minutes or so, just so I have an allowance in case something comes up and it only takes me twenty-minutes to drive there.

Knock knock

“Come in.” I speak up while keeping my eyes focused on my laptop. “Dear, what do you mean come in, I don’t have the keys.” I hear my father’s voice from outside making me immediately jolt off the bed. I don’t know, for a second, I just thought I was in my own home. “Oops, sorry.” I open the door and let him in. “The company dinner is starting in about ten minutes; can you please just be polite and come eat with us? Juyeon might think you don’t want to eat with her.” He begins scolding me right away as I stomp my feet back to my bed.

“Abeoji, you know that’s not the reason.”

He sighed and sat on the edge of my bed. “Well she doesn’t know that and I know you wouldn’t want me telling her, right?” He replied while folding his arms, as If threatening me. I purposely bump the back of my head on the bed’s headboard to show my dad how frustrated I am. “Iseul-ah, you know. . . I almost completely forgot how to fall in love again. And then I met Juyeon and it was. . . like magic. All these years since your mother left, you’ve only been the only woman in my life, my world revolved around you and I’m not complaining at all, it was the best thing ever. . . but you know, falling in love is different, of course. And I never thought I’d feel it again.” My father started giving his own speech about love, trying to guilt-trip me.

I put my hands up to stop him. “Abeoji, I am not against Juyeon at all. You can even arrange a day where the two of us can hang out, no problem. BUT THIS DINNER? This dinner where I have to act AGAIN, in front of all these people I deceived who still don’t have any idea what actually happened, This dinner where. . . I’d probably have to share a couple of eye-contacts with Kyungsoo. I can’t. I just can’t.” I explain myself as clearly as possible. “Not even for me?” he suddenly gave me that puppy-eyes which I cannot stand because one, HE’S OLD. That’s it, that’s all I got to say.

“Abeoji, how can this even be for you? You’re completely out of the picture, like seriously.” I tell him as a matter of fact. If he’s trying to play cupid here then I’m not going to buy it. He sighed and tapped my feet since it was close to him. “Han Iseul, my dear, I just want you to be true to yo—”

Out conversation was shortly interrupted by another knock on the door. “Come in.” I spoke and this time, I know it’s okay not to get it cause I left the door unlocked when I took my father in. It was my mother. “Hey, sweetie. What’s up? Are they all set there?” My father asked. “Just about to be.” Eomma walked over to us. Yay, family bonding? “Iseul, I don’t think you still have to hide here. I heard Kyungsoo just left for a meeting so he’s not going to join the dinner.” My mom then broke the news to me but she looked very disappointed.

Okay, like seriously, does everyone wants us together?

“O-oh. . . well, I can’t take it back anymore, I already ordered food. I need to pick it up soon.” I try to ask as nonchalant as possible but I got to say. . . I felt kind of hurt when they said he’s not joining, almost as if he’s avoiding me as much as I am avoiding him. My mother sighed heavily while shaking her head. “Wow, okay. Seriously, what’s with you guys? Since this afternoon, you’re like forcing me to be close to him when he’s obviously avoiding me as well. We didn’t have any history. We didn’t become a couple, nothing happened. I ed up, that’s it, I don’t deserve any forgiveness from him, he’s better off without me anyway. So, stop this, please.” I burst because I’m getting sick of it.

“But he seems like a really great guy. . . dear, just try? What if you’re meant for each other?” My father whined like a kid making my mother give him a light rub on the back. “Let’s just leave her alone, she needs thinking. Come on.” She mumbled and dragged my father out of my room. Once I’m finally alone, I stand up. I walked over to my luggage at one corner and grabbed my coat. “ it, I’ll just go and wait there before they bother me again.” I muffle to myself and grabbed the car keys which I already asked from our driver. I could have asked him to pick it up for me but all of us were invited in the dinner including him so it’s my responsibility to pick it up because this was my choice in the first place.

As I exit the building, I glanced at the pavilion meters away from me, they’re all there already. I could hear their voices and laughter from here, it honestly looks fun but what can I do, I already made up my mind. A movie’s downloading on my laptop and a whole box of chicken is waiting for me. That is the life, it’s been such a long time since I last did it, well not actually. . .

I think the last time was when I just got back to Seoul after my ed up ‘Project’ and you know the reason.

And this time, it’s. . . the same ing reason. Same ing person making me want to binge on food and movies.

“Ugh, Han Iseul. Focus.” I mutter to myself before sprinting to the parking lot and went into the van.


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