Make You Mine
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This is all so new to me, everything. . .

Last week, for the first time in such a long time I spent a day with both my father and my mother. The next time, I met my mother’s partner, Haru. She’s a sweetheart, she’s Japanese-Korean. I also met my mother’s dog, Yuki. She’s one hell of a y Pomeranian mind I tell you, I swear to god.

Anyway, continuing, we spent Christmas day together like a real family. And now I’m here with all three of them at home planning our first family trip for the new year. We plan to leave on the 29th of the month, just enough time before the New Year’s Eve and we don’t really have a time set to go back to Seoul yet, it depends on where we’ll go and how much we’ll enjoy it, I guess. “I’d love to tour you around Japan but I am yet to tour Haru around here. We haven’t really had time to explore Korea ever since we got here, it was all just work.” My mother explained when I mentioned Japan.

Well, I guess I get it. They lived there for a long time, I don’t think it’ll be that much fun for them.

I should consider the two of them knowing they’ve only been here for a year, actually not even exactly I year, I found out. “What about, we all go to the U.S.?” My father then suggested. I gave him the look. You know THE LOOK. Again, that’s not being considerate to the other two. “Oh, sorry. Yea that’s where you guys came from. Scratch that.” He took it back immediately while smiling like an idiot. I’m kind of interested to go to Thailand. Should I suggest that?

I was about to speak up when the doorbell rang.

My dad signals us to keep talking while he gets the door. “Oh, what a pleasant surprise!” We all turn to my dad, then to the person at the door. It was Baekhyun. Oh. . . I haven’t officially thanked him for convincing me to see my mom. Honestly, if not because of him, I wouldn’t be on this very spot right now, hanging out with my little but now complete family. “I wanted to visit on Christmas day but I got dragged to dinner by family. Here’s a little present for you.” Baekhyun handed a huge basket full of snacks and I could tell they’re like. . . luxury snacks if that even makes sense. Then he had another huge box behind him. He picked it up before finally getting in.

“Oh. . . hi. Who are these beautiful ladies? You guys look familiar~”

I give Baekhyun a knowing smile as he walked over to my mom and Haru. He gave each of them a handshake before placing polite kisses on the back of their hands like a prince. Oh god, here we go. So I told my mom about Baekhyun being the culprit of it all and she said Baekhyun did come to the school inquiring to be a student and then vanished out of nowhere before he could officially register. I told them he was just probably spying to know about their whereabouts for me. Aigoo, what a silly man. They had a cute little talk before Baekhyun flopped down on the couch beside me, taking my father’s spot.

“Hello there my sweet angel. Merry Christmas, here you go.”

He pushed the huge box in front of me while smiling. “Aigoo. . . he’s so sweet. You guys need some explaining to do, okay?” Haru teased making me look at them in surprise. “Wha—there’s nothing going on, I swear.” I defend myself before glaring at Baekhyun but then I still couldn’t help but smile at him afterwards. “Thank you, Oppa. Two times.” I softly muttered and I know he got it immediately. I look down to the box and decided to open it.


It was a food processor! I already have one but this one is in rainbow color, what the ! It was so cute.

“If anyone’s confused and wondering, yeah that’s customized.” Baekhyun proudly informed everyone while grinning. “Anyway, so what are you guys up to? May I invite you all for dinner?” He then changed the topic. My dad sat on the other side of me while nodding. “Yeah, we’d love to. We’re just deciding where to go for our first family trip, it was a little sudden so we need to make up our mind today but there’s no harm in it, a trip is a trip.” My mom answered the question.

“Oh, when are you guys supposed to leave? Are you trying to be on the trip for New Year’s Eve? That’s pretty soon, do you have time to prepare?” Baekhyun asked. Okay, I appreciate him so much but I hope he’s not trying to join in? Well, I think he has the decency to give me this one without intruding. I’m over-thinking. “I know, that’s what we’re thinking. We need to leave on the 29th. We’re planning overseas but we still haven’t decided yet.” My father joined the conversation. Baekhyun was silent for a while before looking at me with that growing smile.

He then snapped his fingers. “I don’t think you’ll have enough time to get ready if it’s overseas, that requires a lot of planning. Why don’t you go somewhere closer, just stay in the country? There’s so many tourist spots everywhere here.” He then suggested and of course that got my mom and Haru’s attention. “Do you have any suggestions?” My mother asked. “I have plenty, I’ve been everywhere in this country both for vacation and business purposes.” Baekhyun suggested while nodding eagerly. Okay I guess we could use him for today, we’re all so indecisive here.

“My favorite destination of all was Jeju. Most beautiful island in the entire world, in my opinion.”



I widen my eyes at him as I give him a look. THE LOOK. He just looked back at me and smiled before giving me that stupid kissy face. Okay. . . I mentioned what I did to my mother but I didn’t tell her where it all happened. “Oh wow, why didn’t I think of that. Omo, Iseul-ah, remember when we used to go there for the antique shops? You might not completely remember everything cause you were so young but we’ve been there a couple of times. Yea?” My mother asked. SHE’S TRIGGERED. NO. SHE CANNOT BE TRIGGERED I AM GOING TO KILL BYUN BAEKHYUN.

I give my dad a look only to see him covering his mouth while obviously holding his laugh. Oh my god, I am going to kill him too, why is he enjoying this? “How far is it? I’ve never been there but I’ve always heard so many good things about it. Now I want to go.” Haru started agreeing and took her phone out to possibly research about it. NO!

“It’s not too bad like an hour, I can book you a flight easily to avoid waiting list since it’s the holidays. Or you can also drive if you choose to, you need to take a ferry to go to the island though.”

Seeing how all of them already have interested faces, I just put my palm on my forehead to hide my dismay and surrender. Am I going to let this family trip slip off of my hands just because of some crazy lovesick past of mine? Oh , I wish I have the heart to. “Wow, it says here in the travel article that the climate there on winter is much warmer than Seoul, like we can do outdoor stuff without much hassle. Now I really want to go.” Haru added more fuel to the fire. “Okay, everything’s set, we’re all going to Jeju Island!” My mother confirmed my worst nightmare. My soul just seemed to have left my body when she spoke. I gave Baekhyun a defeated look but at the same like trying to murder him with my eyes.

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