Date (Part 1)

Make You Mine
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This is the moment I’ve been waiting for. Well, if I put it that way, it makes it sound like I’m excited about this but I’m actually terrified. What do humans actually do on dates?! I mean. . . I’m going to be finally honest about my experience, it’s almost a zero for me? I had dinner with a male colleague before and we hung out after but it was all business-related so I don’t know if I could call that a date. Although I must declare that this colleague of mine really had interest in me, he told me that same night but of course I declined him because I simply do not share the similar interest. But to make things simple, that business-related meeting or date was already awkward as hell so how do I deal with this now? I’ve come up with a series of options I could conduct during our date later today.

Dress as femininely as possible, like always, to further intrigue and tempt Do Kyungsoo’s manhood. At the same time, doing so while knowing his style in women—credits to Do Soobin—I may pick the most feminine yet still sophisticated and conservative outfit just for him. He wants simplicity, I’m going to give him simplicity. I tried that last time when we went to the market and I received a compliment from him so I shall continue doing so.


No matter how I present myself physically, the key to his heart is how I present myself emotionally; that’s my every expression, reaction, including how I wordout every answers, questions and opinions I may share. I noticed he likes doing heart-to-heart talks, I dislike it but I shall go through it for the sake of getting him to fall for me. My emotional state, if you could call it like that, should perfectly fit his positive perspectives towards women as much as possible, if that even makes sense? But to be simple, just be NOT MYSELF.


Last but not the least,


Abandon traditions and taboos of this world. Make the move, something that men would usually do and, let me highlight, is more politically and socially accepted in this cruel world. I mean, obviously I have made some prior moves which obviously did not work but the moves I’m talking about here are actually strong, at least for me. That includes brushing my hands on his once in a while, maybe lightly hitting him when I laugh to show my interest in him and his topics, occasionally biting my bottom lip to present that ‘I’m supressing my urge to smile because you’re in front of me’ kind of face, I know that’s not a type of skinship but I believe it can trigger his .

There’s more in my head but I am yet to analyze them completely. I look at myself in front of the mirror, doing some twirl going from my left to my right to check every angle of my outfit, I need to check if it flatters my body on all sides and I think it does. Good. Out of nowhere, I get reminded of my conversation with Anna yesterday during work. ‘I hope if this goes somewhere more than friends, you won’t hurt our boss like Lee Seul once did.’ she told me, somewhat warning me in a very kind way. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. I try not to be faltered by such statement. I came here with a purpose and I found out about Kyungsoo’s story way after that. Call me cruel but. . . I can’t back out just because I have this thing called human emotion may feel guiltier for the fact that I know what happened to him prior to this.

I got to do what I got to do. . .

I shrug all those thoughts off my head and make my way out of the room.

I was welcomed by Kyungsoo leaning on the dining table while drinking water from a glass. I take in a big gulp as I look at his very simple yet. . . appealing outfit. Actually, I don’t think it’s the plain forest-green sweater and black jeans that makes everything appealing. I think. . . hmm. . .

Oh !

It’s his hair!

He seemed to have brushed it back showing more of his forehead. He doesn’t have a very long hair to play with but it has grown since I came here and so that may be the reason why he was able to do it now. Also, I think he had a trim on the sides but he left the top part the same. Oh god, did he really get his hair done for this date? I clear my throat and felt the urge to pinch myself right now just so I could bring back my composure. “What did I say about heels?” He asked pointing down to my three-inch heels. “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.” I shrug my shoulders while grinning. He leaned away from the table making me flinch for some reasons?

Why did I just flinch?

I stood there frozen when he walked over to me.

“Ready?” asked Kyungsoo.

If you get out of my face and not block my way, sure I’ll be ready. I clear my throat once again and slowly move to the side. “Yup, I am ready.” I reply before managing to sprint to the door. “So, is this a friendly date or. . . a date?” He suddenly asked making me pause. I could not help but to let out a light gasp as I inhale a huge amount of air before facing him again. I give a stiff smile while clutching on my purse. “E-either way, what would be the difference?” I hesitantly ask, starting to feel nervous inside all of a sudden. I don’t even know why.

, I shouldn’t have asked that.

He might think I only want a friendly date.

He walked towards me causing my body to stiffen once more. “You’re not a kid anymore, you know the difference.” He replied before walking out first with that playful and teasing smile. My shoulders drop dead as I turn around and watch him away. I follow him while grasping on the strap of my purse. “If. . . if it’s a friendly date, how would it go? Y-you think?” I ask while cashing his pace. He put his hands in his pockets and side-looked at me. “Well, I’d say it’s just like going out professionally, I’m still your boss, you’re still my employee, we’re just hanging out as friends or as co-corkers. Like how we’ve been ever since you got here.” He answered rather in detail.

I gulp.

“A-and if it’s a date? Like, an actual date?” I ask with uncertainty. He smiled and turned his head to look at me completely. “I’m Do Kyungsoo and you’re Han Iseul. We’ll get to know each other and see where things lead us. Since you like me, I’m guessing you prefer the latter.” He then replied while wiggling his eyebrows. “Ugh, you’ve been teasing me because of the fact that I like you. I’m starting to be quite offended.” I joke while rolling my eyes. “Don’t worry, I’m starting to be quite fond of you too so no need to be offended.” He said making me stop walking. He kept going and looked straight ahead. Did he just ing mean he’s starting to like me back?!

Oh my.

I cover my mouth and gasp.

His straightforwardness is hurting my pride. “Y-you—huh?” I ask and force myself to walk once again. “Since the beginning, I knew you were quite difficult as a person but you have your own charms too and I’m quite fond of them. I’m the fixer-type of person, I’d have to admit. . . so you interest me in some ways. So far, that’s it. Why?” he explained making my shoulders fell. I think I assumed too quickly, of course he only meant it that way. “So. . . will it ever be possible that you will. . . l-like me back?” I ask while fiddling with the bottom of my purse just to let go of the growing anxiety in my head.

“What’s your favorite color?”

I blink at the sudden question. He’s trying to change the topic again and I’m not happy about it. “Blue. You?” I answer and ask back anyway. “Honestly, I don’t have a favorite color but I do know what I don’t like. I don’t like Orange.” He interestingly answered making me nod. It is quite interesting that he doesn’t have a favorite color but he hates one. I bet a lot of people are the same although they still pick a color they like best whenever they’re asked the same question just to keep the conversation going. “Your birthday?” asked Kyungsoo next.

Wait, is he trying to get to know me now?

Is he—, this is a date.

“12th of February.” I answer and he suddenly snapped his fingers. “Mine’s 12th of January. That’s cool.” He laughed making me do the same. Oh wow, we’re like exactly a month away from each other, that is indeed quite interesting. “Ha~ well, you’re older though.” I chuckle while brushing my fingers across my hair to shove it to my back. “That’s true. This is my last year of being in my twenties. I’m old.” He replied while looking down to the ground, randomly kicking some rocks while walking. I could see wonder in his eyes and that makes me wonder what he’s wondering about. My last statement sounded really redundant, geez.

“Honestly if my last relationship worked out I could have been married by now or even have kids. Too bad, right?” He continued as if answering my inner question. “Too bad but not too late. It’s not like she’s the last girl in the world you’ll ever meet.” I try to encourage him and surprisingly, I’m not doing this for my own project. I just simply wanted him to know the truth. That doesn’t deserve any regrets and what if’s from him. “See, you’re even on a date with a different girl today.” I add with a pout. “Don’t pout like that, I might fall for you.” He replied.

I stop walking once more.

“Can’t take a joke?~” He suddenly added making me drop my stiffened shoulders. “Oh wow, so you won’t ever do?” I argue back and follow him. “Didn’t say that. Who knows what future brings us, right?” He casually answered while stretching his arms. “This would be a nice chill day for me, I got really tired yesterday. My arms are sore.” He changed the topic and started stretching his arms from side to side as we approach the gates of the farm. “So where are we going?” I ask while glancing down to my phone to check the time. “We can walk from here for about ten minutes and there’s a dessert shop there and right outside it, there’s a bus stop. The busses only come by every hour though so it’s really hard to say if we’ll be able to catch it. We’ll try. If we do catch it we can go to town and decide from there.” He explained carefully as we make our way out.

Honestly, since I started working here, I’ve been doing a lot of physical work that I don’t even mind a ten-minute walk anymore. I’d say that’s really close, as a matter of fact.

“Uhm, Oppa?” I call as we pass by his empty lot – my project. “So, yo

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