Smile Boy

Make You Mine
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I look around his house while waiting for him to finish his phone calls. Honestly, I’m still not convinced this is his only, like seriously. This is not a house a rich man like him would live in. No matter how humble he is, if he can afford to be comfortable, why would he choose this very ordinary looking house? “Okay, uh.” He spoke, interrupting my thoughts. “Right now, there’s really no vacant rooms anywhere. I called all my workers, they really wanted to help but they can’t. Also, each house only has two rooms and these workers all have kids so. . .” He breathed while scratching his head as if still thinking of another option.

“How about here?” I suggest. I fight back the urge to let out a celebratory laugh when I thought of such a brilliant idea.

He gave me a hesitant smile while looking around his house. “Do you live alone, Oppa? Any family members who live here as well?” I ask without any hesitation. This will be just perfect for my plans. “Well, I do have two vacant rooms here but my parents and my sister use them whenever they visit from Jeju City. They come here like once every two weeks or during the weekends if they’re lucky.” He replied obviously declining my suggestion. “Oh, you have parents and a sister?” I smile upon his answer. Of course, it wasn’t sincere. Are you kidding me? So, it means I also have to deal with these people now! Trying to get his heart is one thing, now I have to do the same with his mother, father and sister. Ugh, things just keep getting better and better, doesn’t it? “Of course, I have parents. My sister goes to school in the city that’s why they live there instead.” He sighed while glancing at the two other doors beside the door of his own room.

He glanced down to me in silence. I sit up straight while giving my most flattering ‘resting’ expression as I look back, patiently waiting for him to speak. “If you do stay in one of the rooms, would you be willing to sleep on the couch whenever they’re here to visit then?” He asked. My eyes lit up realizing he’s finally considering it. “O-of course, that’s not a problem with me. I’m willing to do anything. . . anything for you, boss.” I smile with a passion. Uh-huh, I am willing to do anything just to get your land, boss-nim. The heavens are really helping me with my project. An embarrassed smile climbed up to his lips upon what I just called him. “No need to call me that. Just Oppa, I said.” He reminded me before standing up.

“Anyway, maybe it’ll be better if I let you use Soobin’s room.” He led me to the first door just beside his room and I’m assuming Soobin is the name of his sister. “Your sister’s in the university or?” I ask as I follow behind. “Senior in high school.”  He replied before opening the door. I looked into the room, I’d say it was a typical teenage room. She had a few musical instruments in one corner and some posters of celebrities glued down the walls. She had a queen-sized bed, thank god. The walls were painted lilac which I kind of like. “Since she doesn’t stay here often, I think she only uses up half of the dressers so feel free to fill up the empty drawers for your stuff. I’ll just call her about it, she wouldn’t have a problem with it.” Kyungsoo assured me and walked over to the windows to open them.

“K-kyungsoo Oppa.” I call softly.

I haven’t been using that term so much that I still cringe deep down inside. I need to get used to it.

He faced me again while putting his hands in his pockets. “Thank you so much, you haven’t even known me completely but you welcomed me this much. I’ll give you my identification cards and my resume so you can get to know more about me and my skills. Alright?” I offer. Of course, I got my fake resume ready, for the identification card, there’s nothing wrong showing the real one since it’s just a regular I.D. anyway. I’m not faking my name nor am I faking my real age or anything. “No worries, you don’t seem to be lying this time anyway, I would have known if you were. But it wouldn’t hurt checking them later just to know you more, you can just leave them on the coffee table.” He agreed and walked out of the room. “Alright, then. . . I’ll just get my luggage and maybe drive the car in? Then maybe take a shower after. I’d like to take a walk later just to. . . familiarize myself more.” I follow out while fiddling with my fingers, showing a very shy yet pretty smile at him.

Unfortunately, he just walked straight to the kitchen and grabbed some water. “Sure. You want some water?” He offered before drinking. “No, thank you. I’m gunna go now, Oppa. Be right back.” I pointed at the door before hesitantly walking while still gazing at him. He gave me a simple nod before walking off to his room. “I’m going to be in my room, if you need me. Okay?” He briefly said before closing the door. As soon as he was gone, I let my shoulders drop as I frown hard. “Ugh, he didn’t offer to tour me around.” I muffled as I stride out of the house.

I look up the sky while lifting my phone up along. I’m not getting a good service here at all. I bet my father’s been calling numerous times by now. I’m not getting any notifications at all and my phone’s about to die. The charger is in my luggage. “Ugh, thank god the soil’s not that moist anymore.” I mumble while looking down to the ground. Although it’s still a bit soft, it’s not as hard to walk on as it was earlier.

Luckily, I survived that fifteen-minute walk to go to my car.

As I was just getting in, my eyes landed on the land that I am aiming for, it was at the end of the whole property away from the actual farm. I grin formed on my face as I skipped towards it. It was of course blocked with some wooden barriers and there were still some trees planted it there. “This is so perfect for my hotel.” I mumble while glancing down the road, the vacation camp and the berry farm. My dream to provide a great experience and indulgence in a small and intimate boutique hotel with fine dining and a spa inside, perfect for tourists – especially the spa part, I mean who wouldn’t like it when you’re stuck in the middle of this nature-friendly town.

It’s like paradise.

No one really understand how much I want this business, it’s not just for the money alone. It’s for my own satisfaction knowing I’ve obtained this kind of achievement outside of my comfort zone, outside of my father’s supervision and connections. I want to succeed without having to settle for the ordinary. Many businessmen choose the busiest of cities and towns and focus more on the obvious quantity but I believe more people nowadays are seeking for solitude and simplicity that this island can offer.

I smile as I remind myself of why I badly want to have my first own business on this very spot.

Plus, I think it’s only a few minutes of drive from here to go to the Sunset Peak – who wouldn’t love that.

“What are you doing there?”

Oh . I flinch when I heard that familiar deep voice. I immediately turned around while forcing a smile. “I’m. . . I’m just wondering what kind of tree those are.” I lie while pointing at a random tree inside the empty lot. Kyungsoo glanced in the lot while blinking. “Nutmeg, why?” He answered nonchalantly while walking towards me. “I d-don’t think I’ve seen much of them in the city—that’s all.” I mumbled while giggling shyly. Ugh, how I wish I can lash out on him for scaring me like that. I really want to. I hate surprises and I hate being surprised. “Jeju is pretty known for that, we even have a Nutmeg Forest.” He explained while staring at the lot.

I think this is my chance to know a little more about him and the lot, right?

“Oh, are you planning to build a nutmeg farm too? Why leave this lot empty?” I ask earning a soft chuckle from him. “Not really, it’s been there since I was a kid, actually. I think, from what I’ve heard from my parents, the original owners of this property loved the fragrance of nutmeg. About the lot, I used to have plans for it but. . . not right now.” He explained which intrigued me greatly, mostly the first part of his answer..

Did I just hear, original owners?

So, this property was not originally theirs? Hmm. . . interesting.

“Original owners?” I ask while tiling my head to gaze at him. He was silent for a while as he turned to me with a smile. “They were an old couple, my parents’ bosses.” He truthfully answered while folding his arms. Ooh, revelations. I love this. “I used to be just one of those kids you saw in the camp. My parents used to work in their farm and they let us live here, it was just me, Soobin wasn’t born at that time. Their property wasn’t as this big before, my parents were just ab

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