Make You Mine
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My first two weeks of stay here consisted of me trying to get Do Kyungsoo’s full-on attention, as simple as that. But unfortunately, by the end of first week only, he has immediately stopped giving me that special treatment – at least that was what I noticed. That’s when I realized the first week was just a grace period for a new employee like I am. He doesn’t act aloof but he just started treating me like any other employees, no added attention other than work. I spent my next week, following my grace period, just barely seeing him actually, I only get to see him after work when we’re both home but then again, he stops working later than I do.

Why did I never think of that? Why did I never think that he was just being considerate of me because of I was new – I really thought I’m already doing pretty good.

Turns out, he’s just like any other kind-hearted bosses out there.

that grace period, made me hope for nothing.

I also realized he’s actually busier than I have expected him to be. The fact that I could barely share a conversation with him that’s longer than two minutes was enough proof that my Stage 2: More Than Friendship wouldn’t be a piece of cake after all. 

Anyway, aside from me making a complete fool out of myself, I also learned how to interact with some shelter kids as much as I can. Not the best, but it works for them – at least that’s what I think. I’m particularly curious of this one kid named Inyoung. She’s the same kid Kyungsoo told me about when I just arrived here – the girl who was recently abandoned by her mother to leave with her boyfriend.

She’s very indifferent of everyone, wouldn’t play with anyone. She doesn’t even look anyone in the eye. I swear, she has some kind of issue. Probably depression or something – I mean who wouldn’t have it after abandonment.

She kind of reminds me of someone, I just can’t figure out who it is.

But then again, there’s millions of children who get abandoned for selfish reasons – so she probably reminds me of basically everyone else.

“Iseul-ah, could you help me with these fish papers for a sec, my fingers are starting to hurt from all the cutting.” Anna called my attention making me stop from combing this little girl’s hair, her name is Cheonsa. “I’ll be right back.” I casually told the kid and patted her head before walking to the other corner of the classroom – yes, they have this classroom where they teach basic lessons. It’s not an actual school or whatever, it’s more like a tutor class? These kids go to real schools nearby but during weekends like today, they go to this fun tutor class.

It doesn’t completely consist of studying, it’s more like an interactive tutor class – sometimes they even have this circle talk, that’s what they call it, where they all sit in a circle and talk about their worries and stuff.  Well, you can’t really expect that much from a kid’s circle talk because it’s mainly consists of very light problems like toy fight or who stole the candy from this kid’s bag, stuff like that. I sat down the chair across Anna and grabbed the colored papers to cut into fish-shapes, yup, not an actual fish. “Uh, where’s Kyungsoo Oppa? Didn’t see him leave the house this morning.” I ask while gazing at Anna.

“Oh, haven’t he told you? His family visits here like once every two weeks or a little more frequent than that if they have time. I think he picked them up from Jeju City cause his father’s car is in the shop at the moment and then they usually go hang out to places before coming home here.” Anna explained to me. Oh, I almost forgot about that, . I haven’t even been successful on getting close to Kyungsoo and I have another bunch of people to impress now?! Anna glanced at the clock before turning back to me. “They should be here soon, around lunch time, don’t worry.” She assured.

“Oh crap. I need to clean up his sister’s room. Oppa said I’ll sleep on the couch whenever they’re here. I really forgot about it.” I scratch my neck while looking around. “Alright, you do that and just come back as soon as you can. We still need to finish this fish chandelier.” Anna allowed me to go, thank god. I quickly left the room as soon as I can.

And of course, one kid will block me.

“Noona, c-can you help me tie my shoes? I can’t figure it out. Please?” The little kid named Yunsu requested politely while pointing down to his shoes. “Oh, alright.” I immediately squat down to tie his shoes. Ugh, if they were not so adorable, I wouldn’t do all these for them. “Here, watch me.” I gesture him to look as I slowly tie the shoes for him. “Got it?” I ask while looking up to him once I was done. “Thank you, pretty noona.” He grinned and hugged me on the neck. I gasp and flinch a little upon the sudden human contact. It was supposed to be so awkward for me but this kid. . . just like all the kids here, they’re so warm and innocent.

Like. . .

I don’t even know.

“Aigoo.” I look back and run my fingers through his messy hair. “Look at your sweat, listen to noona. Go to your room and change your shirt first before going out again. Hm?” I order him softly. I never thought I had this side of me until I started working here. Suddenly, he gave me a kiss on the cheek before letting go and running away, to the direction of the bedrooms. I watch him leave and I find myself smiling.

Kids are really loud and hyper, I’m not going to lie. They piss me off when they’re like that. But at the same time, they’re so much purer than adults. It’s funny because it makes me feel like sometimes. . . kids know more than adults do, or at least they feel more.

I snap my finger to cut the thought off of me and run out of the building. Took me a couple of minutes to head home and I was panting so bad when I got in. Ugh, I think I’ve lost some weight since coming here. But at the same time, I’ve also been eating so well and I always have home-cooked meals because of the staff meals.

I was about to run straight towards my bedroom when my eyes landed at the living room where two old people were sitting on. Uh-oh. Are these his parents already? . They had smiles on their faces as they stood up. “Hello, are you the new worker here?” The man spoke first and offered a handshake while bowing. “Y-yes, I’m Han Iseul. Nice to meet you.” I properly bow and shook his hand before doing the same thing to the woman. “Omo, you’re so beautiful, my dear. Are you single?” The woman asked out of nowhere while grinning.

I try my best not to look bemused by what she just asked. I give them a shy smile.

“Honey, we just met her. You’re too silly.” The man chuckled while tapping the woman’s cheek. Just then, someone came out of my bedroom – I mean, no, it’s not my bedroom. , this must be Soobin. She looks just like Do Kyungsoo, but of course, a female version. She had earphones on and she was texting. Oh thank god, someone who seems to own an actual smartphone. Oh right, the room. I haven’t cleaned it yet.” I rush over to her making her look up. “Hello.” She bowed while looking at me from head to toe, but not in a bad way. “Hi, I’m Han Iseul. I’m the one who was using your room, I’m so sorry. I left it messy. I’ll clean it for you, okay?” I offer making her smile.

Oh thank god, I thought this is another troubled kid.

“It’s okay, it’s not that messy. Can I call you unni?” She asked. “Sure, you can call me unni.” I smile in response while looking around trying to find secret project. Where the hell is he? “Unni, are those your shoes? They’re very pretty.” Soobin asked while pointing at the bedroom door. “Yes, you want to try them on? But I think my size is too small though.” I offer and led her back to the room. Yup, this is one good way to get this clueless teenager to like me right away, just level on her age. “Are you from Seoul? I’ve always wanted to have these, a girl group that I like wore these on a music video. Is this expensive, unni?” She squatted and grabbed a pair of shoes.

Ooh, she has some taste in fashion.

Unlike her brother.

“Well, they’re pretty pricey. But I really like shoes.” I reply and look around the room. “Uh, where’s your brother?” I ask, finally I managed to ask that. “Oh, he just checked something in the farm. He said he’ll be back in a minute.” Soobin answered before grabbing another pair of shoes to look at it closely. Just then, I hear a familiar faint voice from someone outside.

“Soobin—yah! Did you eat the burger on the table? I told you that’s for Iseul!”

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