First Meeting

Make You Mine
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“Hun, what are you still doing there?”

I hesitantly gaze my eyes to my side, my mom opened the car door to check on me. We had just arrived at the vacation house’s parking lot and I hear Junhyung’s on his way to us. I stole my mom’s sunglasses on and put it on while peeking out from the opened door. “Eomma. . . this is the place I was telling you about. I should have told you earlier but you guys really wanted to go. I didn’t.” I ended up admitting hoping that she will let me go or something.

“I know, dear.”

My eyes bulge out in surprise when my mom replied with a playful chuckle. What the is wrong with people? Is every single person who knows about me trying to do something with my ? “Ugh.” I groan before burying my face on my palms. “Come on, we’re taking a group photo before we check in.” My mom tapped my lap attempting to persuade me. “Eomma—okay, look.” I turn my body towards her. “First off, I didn’t even know Abeoji has a girlfriend, he should have told me about this first, I don’t like surprises like this, like when did they even start dating? And. . . of all women he could date—ugh.” I, again, groan in frustration before burying my face right on my carry-on bag this time.

“I think they met when you were away. . . like when you were here in Jeju.”

“Okay okay, I get it, I was here, no need to rub that on my face even more.” I whine making my mother laugh as if she was enjoying this. “Hey, sweetie.” Eomma grabbed me by the chin to make me look at her. “Don’t forget that I told you, I am in no place to reprimand you about running away but. . . if I was given a second chance to be reunited with you like this and correct my mistakes in the past, you can be too. And this might be your chance.” She told me but I knew she was just trying to be a mother. What I did was horrible, I don’t deserve any second chances.

“But Eomma—”


Out of reflex, I tapped my mother tremendously to gesture her to go out and then I slammed the car door shut again. I start hyperventilating as I push my body down to hide. I slowly lift my head to peek from the window. Thank god this car was tinted. I see Junhyung Oppa hugging Park Juyeon and. . . oh , Taeguk Oppa there too.

They each greeted my whole family including the driver for Christ’s sake.

If my father mentions about me I’ll—, he’s pointing towards my direction right now. This is just messed up, I can’t do this, I seriously can’t do this. Not caring about everything anymore, I literally climbed over to the very front, to the driver’s seat. The driver was stupid enough to leave the car keys. I start the engine and drove off.


I can’t do this, call me a coward, fine. I just can’t do this. From the mirror I could see my family trying to call me and even my father attempted to chase the car. “I’m so sorry! I really can’t go in there!” I screamed while crying in panic, I feel so bad. My first family trip is now ruined. I approach the drive way towards the exit and I take a last glimpse at my family for a couple of seconds before facing the ahead again. “I’ll call you when I get to the hote—AHHH!” I immediately hit the brake when I see a person stumble right in front of me and it started raining strawberries.

Wait what?

I immediately put the car to park, turned off the engine and got out. There were strawberries and a basket scattered on the ground and a farmer, I assumed. Now I’m double dead. I’ll probably be banned on this island now. “Oh my god, are you okay?!” I rushed towards him but I immediately made a pause when he turned around. It was no other than Kyungsoo.

I just stood there literally frozen on my spot.



He stood up while wincing in pain and holding his lower hip. Oh my god, I think I did hurt him. He looked up to me, turned to the now scattered strawberries before immediately turning to me again as if he’s just seen a ghost although his face still looks calmer than I would have expected. Well my life. I slowly look away while adjusting my sunglasses. Make him believe that he just mistaken me for somebody else. “I’m so sorry.” I mumble in a slightly different voice. I bowed multiple times until a hear footsteps from behind. I turn around and saw my whole family including Taeguk and Junghyung Oppa. . . and now Sunhee Unni, .

“Oh my god, are you okay boss?!” The two men ran towards Kyungsoo checking if he has any injuries.

They might have seen the whole incident. “No, I’m okay. She didn’t hit me, I just got shocked and fell.” Kyungsoo replied and my heart skipped a beat when I heard his voice. . . after so long, or at least for me it has been so long. I was about to run back into the car when Sunhee Unni rushed to me, held me on the shoulders and removed my sunglasses. “I-Iseul?” She exclaimed making me shudder. I couldn’t talk at all.

I panickly turn to Junhyung Oppa and Taeguk Oppa.

“Oh my god, why are you so mean?!” Sunhee suddenly started crying before pulling me in for a tight hug. I stiffened at the action and I just stare in space, I’m shocked. I was expecting so much anger because of everything I did. “Yah yah yah! Someone has some explaining to do for disappearing!” Taeguk Oppa then joined in then Junhyung Oppa came next.

Wait. . . they don’t know anything?

I turn to Kyungsoo only to see him already walking away holding the basket with strawberries again. I could still see a couple of strawberries on the ground, he must have had a hard time rushing to pick them up and get away immediately.

I feel my heart shattering into pieces as I watch him go like nothing happened at all, like he didn’t see me at all. Sunhee Unni pulled away from the hug. “You should have just been honest with us before leaving like that. None of us really knew about your family story, only boss knew so you didn’t have to be worried. If you fixed things with your family, we could have been so happy for you, We wouldn’t be upset at all. So, this is your lovely family eh?” She asked while glancing at my family. So. . . Kyungsoo just told them what I told him to say and nothing else? Even after my uncle literally told him about who I am already?

“Oh my god, I knew it. You’re rich. Now I get it, you went here to have a healing moment away from the unending wealth, didn’t you? Rich people do that!” Taeguk Oppa teased while nudging me playfully. I see my mom, my dad and Haru laughing along with them. “I. . . I-I’m so sorry.” I finally managed to speak although with a very shaky voice. “Iseul-ah, we all missed you so much. Anna would be so happy to see you. It’s her off today unfortunately but she’ll be here tomorrow.” Sunhee Unni assured me.

Oh my god, what is happening.

This c-can’t be. I don’t deserve this.

“So anyway.” My father and Juyeon walked over to us then followed by my mom and Haru who was carrying Yuki. “This is my daughter, Han Iseul, whom you guys probably already know.” Abeoji put an arm over me as he introduces me to everyone. “That is awesome.” Taeguk Oppa chuckled. “Wow, so Junhyung’s sister is together with Iseul’s father. That is the coolest thing ever, that’s called fate.” Sunhee laughed along in amazement and I just faked a smile. “Oh, by the way, the guy earlier—” Junhyung Oppa looked behind him and then back to us. “That was actually my boss, he must be so busy he co

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