None of the Above

Make You Mine
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I have to admit, it’s not easy to find the village in this town. Flying from Gimpo to Jeju was one thing because I just really dislike it but this one hell of a drive is way up to another story. Straight from the airport, I picked up the rental car that I purchased and I’ll be using it throughout my stay here in Jeju. The drive was smooth, you can really tell that you’re away from the big cities.

The only problem is. . . it’s taking me a damn long time to get to my destination.

I’ve been driving for almost two hours now but I am positive that I’m not lost. “I should be there soon.” I encourage myself while gazing my eyes towards the car’s GPS. I believe I’ve been saying the exact same thing for about an hour already because I just hate driving for long periods of time.

Fortunately, it says twenty more minutes ‘til I arrive to my destination.

I must say, the road is a scenery by itself. Aside from the smooth and hassle-free drive, it’s like a free tour to the beautiful island. I’ve been here once when I was a child but the memories were very vague since I was really young and we only stayed in Jeju City. I never got too far as I am now. I glance at my phone on the passenger’s seat. My father has been calling and texting me numerous time since I landed and I have no time for that. Ever since I told him about my decision a few weeks ago, he’s been trying to change my mind.

Obviously, he failed.

I actually didn’t give him an actual date of my departure, he’s probably freaking out since this morning when I left the house with all my stuff. The reason why I decided to leave very quietly and on my own, I want to make this happen through my own hands with no one to help or even drive me to the airport. It’s between me and my father and it will stay like that. Besides, these wouldn’t have all happened if he had really good and experienced lawyers to help us.

“Ah.” I glance over to the window as I drive through a huge field, seemingly a farm. Beside it, about half a kilometer away seems to be the vacation lodges and camp my father was talking about. “Wow.” I squint my eyes at the size of the whole property. I may be exaggerating but I think it’s like. . . over half an acre of land all in all? If it’s more than that, I’m going to freak out. I arrive at a tall concrete barrier, seemingly like a gate towards the farm. I parked my car to the side while squinting my eyes towards the young boy plucking out the weeds in front of the gates. “I wonder if I can drive through the gate—ugh, I’ll do that later.” I shrug the thought off right away and got out of the car.

The sound I made caused the young boy to stop working. Okay, Han Iseul. . . even if it’s just one of the workers, you need to start practicing the nice façade you’re going to use through out this entire escapade of yours. I clear my throat and fake a smile as I skipped towards the boy. He looked all sweaty and disgusting and I’m trying to my best not to throw up right now. He threw the bunch of weeds on his hands to a black bag before wiping his sweats off his forehead with his bare dirty hands.

Eak. . . disgusting.

“Uh—hi. I’m Han Iseul.” I greet nevertheless. “Is this the residence of M-mr. Do Kyungsoo?” I ask while clasping my hands together just to be extra polite. “Yes, Ma’am. It is. It’s right inside when you go through the farm and the houses. Are you renting a lodge?” He asked before bending down the black bag and tying it down. “Before that—uh, I just want to know if. . . I have to make an appointment to see him? For the, you know. . . the lodges. If I have to, that’s okay. Just lead me to his assistant or something and I’ll make an appointment for tomorrow instead. I just arrived here today anyway.” I make up the best and the most professional lie. “Assistant? He doesn’t have an assistant, Ma’am.” He chuckled before walking straight into the gates while gesturing me to follow. “Uh—I can come in?” I ask in disbelief. “Sure.” He kindly nodded and gave me a light smile. Oh my god, is the owner serious? He doesn’t even have any bodyguards here? Does he know people can just easily steal from him and stuff?

I follow the young boy hesitantly while looking down to the muddy ground. “Eak—“ I unconsciously hiss when the heels of my shoes stabbed right through the soil. “Ma’am, you shouldn’t have worn that kind of shoes if you’re going to a farm like this. I’m sorry, we just watered the field a while ago so the soil is still moist.” The worker apologized which I very much appreciate. At least the owner taught the workers to be a little polite even if they look all dirty and disgusting. “T-that’s okay, I just though—thought you had at least concrete pathways like any other fields I’ve been to in the past.” I answer with a tinge of sarcasm.

I glared at the young boy’s back as I struggle to follow him.

This pathway is wide enough for my car, he could have just let me drive through this hell of mud.

“Does he live in one of those houses?” I ask while scratching my arms, I’m starting to feel very itchy. Oh my god. And the sun! Don’t even let me start on the sun! it feels like it’s right above my head – it’s so hot! I feel like my sunscreen is quickly melting away from my skin and that is not good. Am I going to have skin cancer once I leave this place? I suddenly had the urge to steal this worker’s hat just to protect my face. I put an arm over my forehead just to block the sun from my eyes. “How long do we have to walk?” I ask right after the other. “His house is all the way behind the farm and the lodges, Ma’am. It’s just a fifteen-minute walk from outside, no worries.” The worker reassured me.


Fifteen minutes under this scorching heat?

“So, Ma’am, are you going to rent a vacation house?” The young boy tried to make up a conversation. In his dreams. I fake a smile while hesitantly shaking my head. “Uh—maybe, maybe not. I’m still not sure. I’m very new to this place so I still have not made up my mind. That’s why I’m going to talk to him since your boss probably knows this town very well.” I vaguely answered before looking towards the field just to hide my irritated face

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