Make You Mine
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I received friendly goodbye hugs from Kyungsoo’s family. Actually, it’s more than friendly because his mother gave me that look as she hugged me and went to whispering, “Take care of my son, dear.” In a manner that I know she’s freaking doting on me for his son. I swear if she actually knows about the dating thingy, it’s safe to say that Do Kyungsoo is a mama’s boy who tells her everything. He’s a twenty-nine-year-old grown man, I swear if he said anything about me asking him on a date—ugh!

“Bye, love you guys.” I watch Kyungsoo wave a hand towards them. They decided to just take the cab home since it’s already late and they didn’t want Kyungsoo to drive home so late, although he initially insisted. Kyungsoo sighed a smile while watching the cab disappear before our eyes. “They usually leave much earlier than tonight, I guess they wanted to stay longer, huh? Maybe they really enjoyed your entertaining company.” He chuckled before walking ahead back to the house. We’re at the very gates of the farm so it’s going to be a hell of a walk back home again. “What are you trying to imply on that entertaining company of yours?” I ask while raising an eyebrow.

I don’t even have time to act all cutesy right now, that statement of his WHICH IS OBVIOUSLY A MOCK bugged me off.

He laughed in response and looked at me as we walk side by side. “That.” He replied making me look down to myself out of reflex. “You have this. . . soft and tough side of yours. I can never tell which one will come out at every moment. I’m usually good in reading people and I have read you effortlessly in the first few days but I think it’s getting harder and harder each day.” He explained leaving me a bit speechless. Uhm. . . I don’t know about the soft one. I do try to act nice and cute sometimes but I never tried acting soft. There’s a difference. “Really now.” I chuckle while folding my arms, showing my dissatisfaction at such statement. He turned to me and nodded meaningfully. “Really.” He replied before breaking into a cute laughter.

, did I just say his laugh is cute. Ugh.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m not the only one flirting.

Like seriously. I think he has secret hots for me too.

Wait, scratch the too. I don’t have secret hots for him, it’s more like a pretend secret hots. There’s no too for ’s sake.

“So. . .” I clear my throat and peek at his reaction. He just stared at the night sky while walking, then he started humming this random but soothing song, I don’t know what song it is but it’s damn good in my ears. He sounds like. . . he sings. I don’t know, does that make sense? He’s only humming but it sounds really nice. But then again, Soobin plays musical instruments and she sings a little too so I shouldn’t be surprised, right? “Soobin really likes music huh?” I randomly ask cause I’m just really curious. “Yeah, we all do. I actually taught her how to play the piano and the guitar. The other instruments, she really went to school for which is better cause I can’t really read notes, I just play piano by ears. For the guitar, a classmate back in high school just taught me.” He explained while chuckling.

Oh. . . he’s musically aware too huh.

The , did I just say musically aware?

“Do you still. . . play?” I ask while fiddling with my fingertips. “Not so much. Like if people ask me to, I can. But I wouldn’t like. . . do it all the time for no reason. And I don’t have the time anyway so even if I want to, I can’t.” He answered casually while putting his hands in his pocket. “Why, you want to hear it don’t you? And fangirl over me like what Soobin does with those idols on TV? Like, Soobin dies over their presence alone. I can literally lose my sister just because an idol breathed. That’s how bad it is. Are you going to be like that?” He suddenly teased making me look away immediate with a horrified expression.

“Oh god, no.” I disagree while clearing my throat to maintain my composure. “But I hear ya, she showed me those idols that she likes and she did not stop talking for a good thirty minutes. She didn’t even give me enough time to process every information she gave me, she wouldn’t stop talking so fast. She even knows these people’s birthdays and all.” I then agree about Soobin’s fangirl syndrome. I swear, it’s bad. And she told me all of her classmates and friends are the same, I can never imagine how bad it is in schools now. “Yeah, that’s probably why she wants to move to Seoul for university. I wouldn’t be shocked if she dares to try out being one of those idols someday. She’s crazy.” Kyungsoo laughed while shaking his head like a father disappointed over his daughter’s failed test marks.

“Anyway.” He cleared his throat as he looked at me. We’re just about to reach the house. “Wait, before you speak.” I cut him off and put my hand up for emphasis that I want to talk first. “A-about the date. . .” I mutter while keeping my head low and my eyes glued up to him. “What. . . made you change your mind?” I finally get to ask while I keep my composure. I don’t want to show how curious I am of his answer so I hid my hands behind me as I play my own thumb-war with my thumbs. He stopped walking to completely face me making me do the same. “I didn’t change my mind.” He answered as a matter of fact and snorted as if my question was so damn stupid.

“Yeah, you did. You rejected it when we were in the market.” I pout while trying to fight over it. What the is this guy talking about? Is he going to deny it now? “I said I don’t know, I really didn’t know then. Took my time and after a while. . . I finally knew.” He replied, I could see the sides of his lips threatening to curve up into a smile as he looked back down to me. I gulp while trying to keep my eyes glued back but I’m very tempted to look away because his stares are very. . . intimidating and difficult to survive of. “K-knew what?” I ask, rather whispered?

“That. . . I had time so why not?” He vaguely answered before walking ahead leaving me there standing motionless. For ’s sake, is he trying to do Push-and-Pull with me because ! I don’t want none of that. I have no time for this, ugh. “You had to think about that? You have all the time, you own this place. You are your own boss.” I answer loudly and earn a loud chuckle from him but he just kept walking until he reached the house. Just before he goes in, he turned around and leaned on the door frame. “Good night, princess.” He playfully said before finally getting in first.

To hell with that princess calling.

I swear that’s his way to call me a spoiled-brat.

I take a deep breath while patting my throbbing chest. He makes me so mad that it’s hard to keep up on my project sometimes. “You can do it, Iseul. Just ignore it. Ignore what he says and does, focus on your plans.” I mumble while taking out my facial mist from my pocket. I always bring it with me now for times like this. It’s getting more frequent each day because of this man. I sprayed some on my face a couple of times and fanned myself as I continue walking.

Good luck sleeping tonight, Han Iseul.

This freaking guy is getting me unsatisfied with his random statements.



It’s a normal work day for me but at the same time I’m trying to survive through the week. All I’ve been thinking and worrying about is how I will conduct my top-secret project this weekend on our first date. But then again, I literally told him it may be a friendly date so I’m not entirely sure what kind of date it will be to him.

“Abeoji, I told you I’m alright. Nothing much has happened but I can say I’m quite close to him now so it shouldn’t be too hard on the upcoming.” I assure my father who’s been worrying nuts on the other line. I’m locked up in the staff bathroom right now so I could call my father. I haven’t talked to him in a while. “Is he nice to you? I hope he’s taking care of you, my dear.” He asked, teeming concern in the tone of his voice. “I don’t know, I don’t care even if he doesn’t to be honest.” I muffle and look down to my lap. I nibble with my bottom lip as I picture Kyungsoo’s face on my head. “H-he’s quite. . . the caring type though.” I end up admitting but I make sure to clear my throat right after, I don’t want him to misunderstand things.

“I mean I’m not saying I care if he cares, I just. . . I just noticed that.” I explain myself while running my fingers through my hair. “Well then, that’s good to know. As long as he is nice to you, I have nothing to worry about. I hope you’re having fun there, Iseul-ah. I know you have your own motives but still take that time to relax and be away from all the stress of our company, it’s good for you.” He advised as if I’m in vacation right now. “Ugh, Abeoji, I’m not here to relax or to escape from the company. Obviously, I’m doing this for our company. Whatever, I’ll talk to you later. My break will end soon.” I cut off the topic because it’s starting sound ridiculous.

“Alrighty, my dear. Take care of yourself there, bye by—”

“Ah—Abeoji. . .”

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