Make You Mine
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So, my short nap was interrupted by these humans when they thought of surprising Junhyung Oppa for his birthday, apparently, he just turned thirty-two yesterday. I was tired from dealing with tourists in the field for almost the whole day, I badly needed that nap, alright? I hate it the most when I’m put on the spot, like right now. I can’t even say no anymore cause I’m already awake.

“So, you and Sunhee are going to hold the confetti cannons.” Taeguk Oppa woke me up from my short trance. I mean, can he blame me? I’m half-awake right now and it’s not always that I actually had a time to take a nap after a work day. It was really busy during morning to the afternoon but we still finished pretty damn early than expected in the field. What in the world is a confetti cannon? Anna took out two long, thick cylindrical tubes from a box and handed them to Sunhee Unni and me. Oh okay, this answers my question.

I didn’t even know this ever existed.

“So, where’s Junhyung Oppa?” I ask cause obviously, he’s nowhere to be found at the moment and we’re hiding in the office’s stock room. “I asked him to go to the market to pick up some seafood and meat for the restaurant. I kind of lied, I told him there might be some influential guests later tonight for dinner at the vacation house.” Kyungsoo, being the boss the he is, answered the question for me. He’s actually standing right behind me for some reasons and I’m sitting on this tiny stool so my head is almost touching his abdomen. I don’t want to turn my head and have face-to-face contact with his abdomen, I don’t care if he has a shirt on. . .

I still don’t like the idea.

“Iseul-ah.” Just right after my self-talk, he called me. As much as I dislike the idea, I turn to look at him when his finger poked right on my cheek. I immediately pull my face away and glare at him. “What was that for?” I muffle before turning around again. I’m still mad at him.


Because after that date a few days ago, he hasn’t asked me out on another date and I was expecting he would.

Plus, that answer of his when I asked him what he thinks of me now is not helpful at all.

“Are you mad at me?” He asked, his voice turned soft after that light giggle he let out upon poking my cheek for fun. I feel him nudging me on the back making me move on my stool a little bit. I hold on the edge of it while putting my feet around its wooden legs. “Stop. . .” I mumble with a light groan and brushing my hair away from my face. It’s too hot in this tiny storage room and there’s like five of us inside. “You guys bought a cake, right?” Kyungsoo suddenly stopped bothering me and went back to his serious mode about the birthday surprise. “Well, actually I made some cupcakes instead. They’re still in the oven, I had just put them in before going here.” Taeguk Oppa explained.

Ooh, cupcakes.

The word excites me.

“Oh, can I help put the frosting in it?” I randomly ask making them all look at me. “What? Might as well make the job faster, right?” I add while folding my arms. “Not a bad idea, since Sunhee and Anna’s picking up the food we ordered too. We decided not to cook the main dishes ourselves because we know a restaurant Junhyung loves so we ordered there instead. Then the two of us shall play with the birthday cupcakes, hm? Let’s go.” Taeguk Oppa gestured me while winking. I felt giddy inside just from the thought that I can play around with the cupcakes. “Yippie~” I jumped off the stool and was about to go follow the chef when Kyungsoo suddenly grabbed the strap of my denim jumper to stop me from walking, using it like a ing leash. “Ahh—let go, Oppa. . .” I groan while trying to get off him. “Gift. I’m picking up my gift. Taeguk hyung you go check on the cupcakes now I’ll be going.” He said. “Then get your gift. I’m playing with cupcakes. Stop annoying me, Oppa.” I pout while still trying to remove his grip on my jumper.

I’m wearing a cute baby blue, striped top under my jumper, while I wear these white sneakers that Anna actually gave me cause even she found the shoes that Kyungsoo got me for work horrible. During work, I had my hair on a braid while I wore a nice little hat to protect my face from the sun but after the nap, my braid got ruined so I just let my hair down giving me these voluminous waves on my hair. Anyway, I’m not going to let him ruin my fashion today just because he wants to treat me like a dog. I am not in the mood.

Taeguk let out a chuckle while shaking his head. “Boss wants you to come, I’ll be fine alone, Iseul.” He spoke before getting out first, followed by Sunhee and Anna who need to run their errands now. I stop fighting back and turn to Kyungsoo. Oh. . . I thought he’s just trying to annoy me for no reason like always. I remember the other day, he scared me with this jar full of dragonflies and I swear to god, I almost my pants when he opened the jar to let them all go – oh and the jar lid had holes in them so the dragonflies were alive, in case anyone is wondering.

“Oh. . . you want me to come?” I ask. He didn’t answer and walked straight to the door instead. I thought he was going out already when he turned around with his head lowered down while he scratched his neck. “If you want, you can also get a gift for Junhyung. We have like. . . two more hours before we surprise him anyway. Well. . . only if you’d like to.” He spoke. For some reasons? There was a tinge of. . . shyness on his tone which is not normal?! 

I had the urge to smile but I hold it in and fold my arms.


I can finally see progress.

“I think I’d rather ask him out tomorrow to get lunch or something, I think he would prefer that than material things, right? He’s a chef, he likes trying out different kinds of food. I’ll be my treat,].” I reply innocently before skipping to the door, walking pass him. “Just the two of you?” he asked, a little bit of force and a lot of bit of anxiety in his tone, I believe. This is fun. “Yeah, why?” I ask while batting my eyelashes to act cute and clueless of what he may be feeling. “What, is that your thing?” He asked, his expressing suddenly turning kind of dull?

“Huh?” I ask, okay now I’m really clueless of what he’s trying to say.

“Just asking everyone out? Is it your thing?” He asked while chuckling. He was able to maintain that ‘good guy’ tone of his but I could still hear a bit of emphasis on the end of every word that tells me S-U-L-K-Y. Oh boy, he’s starting to care for me and he doesn’t even realize it. “Yeah, I like asking everyone out on a friendly date, what’s wrong with that?” I chuckle. He suddenly widened his eyes at me in disbelief and put a hand over his mouth for a second before looking at me again. “Friendly d—oh, okay—that’s. . . Okay, of course.” He let out this odd chuckle before storming out of the storage room even before I could.

I turn around and watch him approach the door of the actual office to go out.

“But I don’t think last Saturday counts in my friendly date list. That’s. . . different, I believe.” I decide to add but he just walked straight out and I didn’t even get to see his reaction on that. But let me assume that made him smile. I’m so good in Push-and-Pull, sometimes I wonder why I’m still single.

But oh well, career first.

I am a strong independent career woman, I ain’t need no man to satisfy me. My existence alone is already a satisfaction.

Well, I kind of need Kyungsoo right now because of my dream business but. . .


Anyway, I make my way out to the field again just to get my bag that I left in the pavilion earlier. I know my room is like a few minutes of walk but I still like to have my stuff with me during work so I won’t have to always walk back and forth if I forget something, you know?  I was happily skipping out of the vacation house building when Kyungsoo scared the out of me. He was standing right there at the entrance while having his hands in his pockets. He tilted his head to the side to look at his car parked on the side. “Oh, you’re serious? You really want me to come?” I ask in amusement. “Huh? Uh, no. . . I was just waiting for my car to heat up. My car’s not in its best condition so I always need to wait a bit before driving.” He answered.

“Okay.” I shrug my shoulders and continue walking away. “But I mean, I’m not stopping you if you still want to buy a gift for him. Just saying. Wouldn’t you feel left out if you don’t have a gift?” Again, he persuades. Okay, this guy. . . He goes on one date with me, ONE ING DATE, gives me really vague answers that are not enough for me to confirm if there’s a chance for us to be actually together, suddenly begins annoying the out of me every single day and then turning into this shy boy once in a while.

Woah, I felt quite warm and fussy just by saying that in my head. The ?

“Why, where do you want to go?” I ask with a teasing smile while turning around to face him. “Huh? No, it’s not like that at all, I just really thought you might want to buy him a gift because. . . everyone has gifts for him tonight. I mean the surprising wasn’t really my idea but I knew it was gunna happen and so I ordered this video game from the city cause I heard he kind of likes playing games and

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