Make You Mine
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I made it through last night. . . only Kyungsoo and I didn’t get drunk, I never planned on drinking at all anyway. Kyungsoo did have a bottle or two but he didn’t get as wasted as the others were. That left us working in the vacation house’s office together to cover Sunhee Unni and Anna’s work for at least half of the day, they said they’ll go to work in the afternoon instead. On the other hand, Kyungsoo was lucky enough to call on one of his part-time cooks who usually only comes whenever there’s serious events in the house like gatherings and so on, it’s only for the breakfast service anyway. He was very considerate towards Taeguk and Junhyung and they were also allowed to go work for lunch and dinner service instead. Personally, if I were the boss, I wouldn’t tolerate absence no matter the reason is especially theirs, it was their choice to get wasted. People can party without getting wasted, right?

But anyway, we’re talking about Do Kyungsoo here.

He’s like a saint, just to exaggerate things.

I stop going through the papers Kyungsoo ordered me to check on and looked at his direction. He’s at the other corner of the office working on some cheques. I gulp to supress the urge to smile. I have to admit that he looks extra attractive when his mind is focused on work, maybe it’s just me. The way his eyebrows meet at the center while checking each cheque and signing them up on his record book, I just. . . like the scenery.

As unlucky as I could get, he suddenly looked up catching me staring.

“Have you found Daisy Fresh Market’s order file?” He asked causing me to sit up more properly on the office chair. I dart my eyes back down to the pile of files on my lap. “Uhm, I’m almost done with this pile but I don’t think it’s here, Oppa.” I mumble as I finish up the last four files, yup it’s not here. “Really? I might have to call Sunhee Noona to see if she knows, I need that, I left their last cheque in that folder, I haven’t recorded it yet.” He muttered and stood up. I gulp as he started walking towards me. . . well, towards the office table rather.

He opened all the drawers I have already opened to double check them. I nibble with my bottom lip as I watch him frown down the drawer while looking through it. “Oh, there it is.” He chuckled as he took it out. What the hell? I didn’t see that. . . He gazed down the file before looking down at me. “Aigoo, am I the only one sober here?” He softly teased and suddenly ruffled my hair as if I was a child. I flinch upon the gesture and watch him walk back to the couch. I couldn’t help but touch my head that he just laid his hand on.

“I-I’m sorry, I’ll focus more.” I mutter as professionally as I could be before turning my chair back towards his old- computer who’s as thick as three human heads combined – again, that was an exaggeration but you know what I mean, that kind of desktop. Since my current task has already been taken cared of, I just randomly looked at the desktop screen trying to figure out what to do. Hmm. . . should I organize the computer files here?

It’s quite chaotic in the screen, there’s a lot of junk files, I swear.

They rarely use it to be honest, they only usually use it for emails.

That’s pretty much it.

“Oppa, should I delete this folder full of junk files?” I ask permission first. “Sure, if you want to. Noona usually takes care of it, I don’t even know why she’s putting junks in one folder instead of deleting it. Oh well, still organized I guess.” He chuckled at Sunhee Unni’s silliness. Sunhee Unni isn’t actually a very techy person, and yes, even to this old- computer they have, she’s having a hard time on.

She’s not that old but I guess she just doesn’t like computers.

Kyungsoo’s right I guess, at least she still organizes the junks so it’s easier to find.

Okay, Han Iseul to the rescue!

I deleted it in two clicks. “Yup.” I mutter and opened the recycle bin to check it one last time before clearing it. My mind was already prepared to see only the folder of junk files in there but instead. . . I saw a couple of pictures.

Some are of Kyungsoo’s.

And some. . . are of this woman with him.

Is it. . . Lee Seul? I glance at him and gulp. “Oppa, you know when you delete files, it goes to the recycle bin first, right?” I ask. I don’t know if I should smile or not. If this is Lee Seul. . . I hate to say this but she’s kind of. . . attractive or I’m pretty much starting to get insecure to every woman involved with Kyungsoo for some reasons. She doesn’t look like this. . . I’ve always imagined because of what she did to him. She looked rather kind and gentle – which is now I know is very much deceiving.

“Huh? What?” He asked looking very clueless. I slowly shake my head. “N-nothing.” I mumble before looking at the other photos. I checked on the details of one of her pictures just to know when he actually deleted these photos. I twitch my eyebrow as I looked at the date. It hasn’t been a while, approximately a month ago.

Are you telling me. . . that he only thought of deleting these photos of his cruel ex-girlfriend of like three years, a freaking month ago?!

“.” I groan, unintentionally saying that out loud. “Something wrong? You okay?” Kyungsoo’s concerned voice echoed in my head a couple of times as I look at him. “N-nothing, I just realized I forgot my. . . my phone at home.” I make up an excuse right away. “It’s right there.” Kyungsoo muttered and pointed at the office table which is the same direction as I. . “I mean, my phone charger. I’m almost dead.” I come up with another swift excuse before standing up. “Are you okay?” He asked cluelessly making my blood boil even more.

“I’m okay, I said!” I can’t help but groan at him before stomping my feet outside.

Ugh. I rub my eyes to attempt calming myself down. Why am I getting all worked up, it’s just pictures for ’s sake? I don’t actually need a phone charger cause well, I brought it in the office but that. I walk to the employee’s lunch room instead just to hide myself for a while. She’s pretty, why is she pretty?! She’s this evil in my head why does she look like a lady?! “That’s Kyungsoo’s type then. . . and I look like a micro blob fish beside her, what the Iseul.” I mutter and bury my face on the table.

I don’t know why I’m so mad.

I feel so awful seeing her face.

“Ugh, I’m rich but I can’t even make myself that pretty.” I mutter and stomp my feet under the table. I know I look like a spoiled child having a tantrum but who cares, I’m all alone right now! “I feel like I look like .” I mumble and bump my head a couple times on the table to attempt on getting the thought off of me.

Oh my god.

Random thought alert.

Am I jealous?!

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