Make You Mine
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| E P I L O G U E |


It’s been six months since Kyungsoo and I decided to start as friends. We would take turns visiting each other, either I go to Jeju or he goes here to Seoul. We’ve been communicating through phone calls or video calls, it started as texting each other at least twice a week since he came back after Soobin’s wedding until it became more often in a couple of months and there was a time that he was here for like two weeks when Soobin gave birth, that was fun.

It’s my birthday today he’s the one going here to visit, I went to Jeju last month for his birthday so I think it’s just fair. The thing is, we don’t really have a schedule of visit, we just talk about it and if our schedules both work best on that week, then we go.

“How do I look?” I ask myself in front of the mirror as I twirl. “You looking like a hot mess , Iseul.” I answer myself before putting my coat over my dress and  grabbing my purse to go out. I took three days off of work for my birthday so no one is going to bother me about work, I deserve it okay? I’m looking quite bomb today, not that I’m trying to seduce him or anything but I went shopping with Yuna the other day and she picked me this tiny red dress that is off-the-shoulders and it’s fitted on my body, it ends just above my knees so I have to watch myself every time I sit down. I paired it with some black flat shoes. I was going to wear heels but I wasn’t sure what we’re going to do so I wore comfy ones in case we take a long walk.

Also. . . lately, things started getting even better between us. It was pretty innocent for the first four months until he started communicating with me even more often and being sweeter and more romantic day by day. I think. . . we’re ready very soon. I’m not quite sure how this will go but it’s either I ask or he asks to cut this crap. Well, it’s not crap. I think the friendship we have rebuilt was very healthy this time and I loved every second of it but you know what I mean.

As soon as I left the building of my condo, I already saw his car in front. By the way, he recently purchased a small apartment around here and a car which he only uses, obviously, when he’s here. That’s another signal that I got that MIGHT mean he will really make it official soon? I don’t ing know.

“Hey!” I hopped in excitement as he comes out of the car. Oh my god, he was holding a bouquet of—what the , it was a bouquet of strawberries in sticks and they were dipped in chocolate? HELL YEA, this is different. ”Woah, only Do Kyungsoo would, huh?” I laughed and he just rolled his eyes before pulling me in for a tight hug. “How are you? I missed you.” He mumbled before giving me a light kiss on the cheek and handing me the bouquet. “Missed you too, oh my god don’t even start at how bad my week has been at work.” I reply. He smiled and lightly pressed his closed fist on my cheek, a sweet gesture he always does to me. It’s like he own version of pinching my cheek when he finds me cute. “Happy birthday.” He finally greeted while staring right through me.

“Thank you! Yah, is this all my gift. Oppa, you are very rich, right?” I joked making him roll his eyes while chuckling. “Geez, so impatient.” He groaned before turning around to his car and opening his back seat. He then took out a huge box and turned around to face me again. I gasp as I see what the box was.

“Oh my god, a bean bag chair!”

I grabbed the box from him right away and attempted to open it right away until he stopped me. “Yah, open it at home later, what the hell? Let’s go now~” He laughed while taking the box away from me. I remember telling him I really want a bean bag in my room but I’m too embarrassed to purchase one or ask someone to purchase it for me because I don’t like anyone to think I’m childish. So, after putting the box back into the car, he opened the passenger door for me and I hopped in.

“Where are we going by the way?” I ask as he started the engine. “I made a reservation in a fancy restaurant that you would like because I know you’re a little baby candle light on your dining table.” He teased. I give him a nasty look before grinning and nodding like a kid because I’m satisfied already just by hearing that it’s a fancy restaurant. Anyway, on our way to the restaurant, I started eating the strawberries cause I literally do not know where to put it down.

“I’ve actually been here since yesterday.” Kyungsoo then revealed making me pout. “Eh? Why didn’t you tell me? We could have watched a movie last night or something, I finished work early.” I responded making me smile. “No, I had some business to do so I wouldn’t have time for you either, it’s okay. We cn do that tomorrow.” He assures but one portion of his answer made me raise an eyebrow. “Business? Like what kind of business?” I ask while chewing. He was silent for a while before he let out a comfortable sigh. “Well, I’ve been having talks with this businessman who’s retiring soon and moving abroad, I’m buying his business to open an organic grocery store that will sell fresh farm and organic goods coming from Jeju, it’s located at Bucheon. Twenty-minute drive away from you, I hope that’s alright, sorry that’s the only area I liked the most for my new store.” He looked at me playfully with a pout.

My eyes got wider.

“W-what. . . what do you mean by all these?” I ask while blinking hard. He only smiled while shrugging his shoulders. “We’re here.” He announced making me look towards the window. Ooh, it does look fancy. I think it’s an Italian restaurant. After parking and all, we got in but his great news still bugs me. So he’s going to have a business here, what does that mean for us then? He led me to sit first before going to his seat across me. “Isn’t it fancy? I don’t like it at all so I was positive that you would like it.” Kyungsoo grinned while looking around. “Wow, mean.” I chuckled before taking a sip on the glass of water the server just gave us along with the menu.

It was silent for a while until I snapped. “Okay, so

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