It's A Draw

Make You Mine
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“We’re fine, we should be fine.”

I look around, walking cautiously in the dark while carrying Yuki who’s whimpering in fear. I mean, it was dark and cold and just creepy out here right now. I can’t blame the poor thing, she’s probably been lost here for a while until she found me. “Ugh, not knowing those two guys’ name doesn’t help me at all.” I grunt. I didn’t expect this area to be this big, it looked pretty darn safe earlier when we just arrived. “Hello! Han Iseul here. Do Kyungsoo’s employees, where are you?!” I scream as loudly as I could hoping those two guys would hear me somewhere.

“Well. . . Yuki, let’s just hope I actually took the right way back.”

Surprisingly, having Yuki with me makes me less scared right now. I know if we do get in trouble there’s no way she could help me but still. . . this little fella right here is almost like my mom’s daughter. That makes her my ‘sister’ which is weird that this is even coming from me but that’s just the way it is, I guess.

“HELLO! I’m lost here, it’s Han Iseul. Are you guys still here at all?!”

I don’t have a watch on and my phone’s dead but I’m guessing I’ve been stuck here in the forest for about an hour or a little more than that. I’m quite relieved that there doesn’t seem to be wild or scary animals around, I mean except those bats but they seem pretty high up there so I eventually overcame the fear.

My thoughts were interrupted by rustling sound from my right-hand side which made me turn and immediately I saw a figure running towards me. “Oh my god.” I hush and I was preparing myself to run when I realized who it was. Before I could even react, I was pulled in a tight hug. I've never felt this kind of hug before, it was full of. . . emotions. It was warm and loving. 

Do Kyungsoo?

“W-what. . .” I mumble in confusion. Yuki who was now sandwiched between us whimpered a little which made him pull away. “Where the hell did you go?! We’ve been worried sick!” For the first time in history, the Do Kyungsoo screamed at me. . . or more like screamed in general. Just then, I heard a sound coming from random spots, like people were approaching but I couldn't careless at the moment. "Do Kyungsoo. . ." I mumble out his name. Our eyes locked at each other. He was breathing heavily like he's been running for a while now. "I thought something happened to you, don't you do that to me again. . ." He grunted and cupped my face, still looking into my eyes. 

“Oh, Iseul!”

“And Yuki, she’s with Yuki!”

I move my head around to look and it was some staff and my family. “Ugh, Jesus Christ. Iseul, we were so worried about you!” My dad and mom ran towards me making Kyungsoo immediately walk away from me to give them space. I’m still a little bit taken aback by what Kyungsoo did and so I couldn’t really hear what my parents were saying but they were somewhere along the lines of “I thought we’re both going to lose you and Yuki!” and “That’s it I’m giving you bodyguard. We were trying to call you so many times.”

Wait what, did my dad just say bodyguards? that, I’m not twelve.

“Relax. I’m fine, I just got lost but we’re totally safe.” I assure them because they looked like they were about to have heart attacks and I’m not about to lose both my parents right now for the same reason, seriously. “I’m fine. . . don’t worry.” I add before looking at Kyungsoo, somewhat trying to assure him too. He looked away while clearing his throat. The other people who came went close to me as well and started asking the same questions and concern my parents did and eventually, we all started walking back.

We’re with a staff who knew all corners of this forest so we wouldn’t get lost going back.

Since we’re walking in a group, I couldn’t really have an alone time with Kyungsoo but I tried to be as close to him as possible. Well. . . I kind of slowly moved my way up to the very end so that I’m almost beside him. He was walking in between Sunhee Unni and Taeguk Oppa. I moved beside Sunhee Unni. “Was it scary here? I’ve honestly never been here.” Sunhee Unni started a conversation with me.

“Err, there were bats earlier and that’s kind of the main reason why I went too far and away from the trail I was following.”

She laughed at my stupidity, I let her. It was really stupid of me anyway. I glanced at Kyungsoo again, he’s so quiet. Is he embarrassed of how he reacted earlier? He probably didn’t even intend to show that to me. “It’s okay, I still felt pretty safe since I knew I was in a great environment. I just love this town; I fell in love in this town.” I said. Oh shoot. “You fell in love in this town?” Taeguk oppa teasingly asked. “I mean WITH this town; I fell in love with this town. But. . . sure, that also.” I respond making him and Sunhee Unni smile like idiots. Kyungsoo just looked down keeping that straight but calm face.

You know what? I’m going to ing go for it.

Even if I only have a tiny bit of chance, I’m going to take it if that’s what it takes.

“Are you okay, Oppa?” I ask while tilting my head to look at him. He didn’t look back and I’m surprised he’s not even acting like he’s okay, as the usual. He’s just openly being quiet right now. “I’m not asking Taeguk Oppa.” I add making him finally look back. “Hm?” He asked and now the acting starts, he gives that same caring face he gives everyone.

Just a moment ago, you were like staring in space.

Instead of saying the same thing for him again, I just looked back and smiled. “I’m okay.” I muttered softly just enough for him to be to read my lips. “Ah, Sunhee Noona, what were you telling me about the kitchen earlier?” Taeguk Oppa seemed to have gotten the queue and dragged Sunhee Unni forward to leave Kyungsoo and I behind.

I smile in victory before looking at Kyungsoo.

I don’t know, it’s weird. It’s like, seeing that very worried and loving look on Kyungsoo’s eyes earlier encouraged me so damn much. I loudly sigh and looked up. “Hmm, should I try it again?” I ask myself but making it loud enough to make it seem that I was asking him. From my peripheral view, I see him looking back. “What do you think, Oppa? Since you’re older, you have more experience. You think it’s okay if I try making a move on this guy the second time around, but this time. . . for the right reason?” I ask.

Yup, I’m just going all ing out right now.


“I don’t know. . .” He said as if he’s thinking. “Maybe it depends.” He added. I tilted my he

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