Make You Mine
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As much as I still did not want to socialize, my family finally convinced me to have dinner with them in the lodge’s restaurant. After all, they were away all day and so this is my only chance to spend time with them today before the night ends. “Iseul-ah, you really should have seen the flower field, it was so beautiful.” Haru who was seated beside me chants like a little girl. “That’s nice, I heard the owner of this farm plans to have a flower garden here in the future. Maybe you guys could check it out later on.” I respond with a forced smile.

I have concluded that it was #1 answer.

It should be. I mean, skyscraper? Really, in the middle of nowhere? And then that. . . #3 that I refuse to even acknowledge. “Oh wow, really? His business is just getting bigger and bigger. Dear, sorry but I would have to admit, I think he’s actually richer than me.” My father butted into the conversation. “It’s true, it’s like everywhere you go, he’s either an owner or a shareholder of businesses around. He’s a good businessman, and a humble one too.” My mother then joins the Do Kyungsoo is a godly human being advertisement crew.

They won’t ever stop, would they?

“Yeah yeah, keep going.” I sarcastically reply while glaring at both my parents. Just then, Juyeon came out of the kitchen. Yep, apparently, she’s helping with the food for tonight because Junhyung oppa let her, but she’s handling the desserts obviously. “How’s everything going out here? Are you guys excited for the food? They’re just plating them now.” She stood behind my father who was seated at the very end of the long table and put her hands on his shoulders.

Eak, couples.

I look at the other people in the restaurant, they’re having the food that’s in the menu and here we are openly receiving special treatment, and this is on Juyeon and Junhyung too, we didn’t have to pay. I mean at least it’s not like we’re getting food in the restaurant without paying.  I feel very wrong. But eh, I’ve always been wrong. I’m a huge mistake. At the moment, it was Anna who was helping in cash so I could see her at the counter. Our eyes met after a while and she excitedly waved at me. I waved back and grinned. “Is she your friend?” My mom asked me. “Yeah, we’re the same age so we got close when I was working here.” I answered with a small smile.

Oh .

I just remembered. . . so Kyungsoo and Seul must be with their old friends now huh?

“I don’t care. . .” I mumbled while folding my arms. “Pardon me?” Haru leaned closer and asked me. , I said that out loud. “Uh, n-nothing.” I shake my head in panic. Damn it, Iseul. Keep to yourself. I look down to my watch. It’s already eight in the evening. They left like after lunch time. Does it take that long to spend time with friends?!

Ugh, why do I not have friends? I don’t know how that even works why am I judging. . .

“Oh, I missed a call from my assistant.” I sit up straight while taking my phone out. “Huh? Why’s he call? We’re on a vacation, tell him to handle whatever it is by himself.” My father frowned upon my lie. Ugh. “No no, it’s okay. I was the one who asked him for updates this afternoon, he’s probably just responding.” I chuckle before standing up. “I’ll be quick, okay?” I give a little bow before stepping outside. I look around. The restaurant is at a weird angle that it’s hard for me to even see Kyungsoo’s house. I walk further away from the restaurant to have a peek. Oh, the lights are on. I guess they’re here already? I swear to god if Seul is still with him in there. . . ugh. “Please, be apart. Please, Seul don’t be there.” I started mumbling to myself over and over again as I slowly approach. I’m still far but I’m close enough to have a glimpse of the whole house.


I squeal in terror and turn around to see Sunhee Unni. Okay, these girls need to stop scaring me while I spy on Kyungsoo. “O-oh, unni. Hi.” I giggle while waving my hand in panic. She glances at Kyungsoo’s house before giving me that same look Anna gave me earlier. “Seul is gone, if that’s what you’re worrying about.” She chuckled making me look away and fix my hair. “H-huh? She was here? Okay.” I pretend to not even know. “Okay, .” Sunhee unni suddenly snapped making me widen my eyes. Did she just call me ? Fine, I know we were close, but still. That’s too soon.

She laughed when she saw my reaction. “I’m like the oldest in our team, I know everything. You don’t have to hide or pretend. And also, Anna told me that you’ve been spying.” She defended making me groan in frustration. “Ugh, I’m not.” I defend myself while stomping my feet, how many times do I have to deny the things that I’m doing here? “I’ll go call him for you.” Sunhee offered and started walking away so I held her by the arm. She looked at me and frowned. “Iseul, if you had beef with him because you rejected him and now you regret it and actually wants to be with him just go there and tell him.” The very straightforward Sunhee blurts out.

“I-it’s hard to explain to you even if I want to, so forget it, Unni.” I respond and look away immediately to avoid her eyes.

Who am I kidding? Ninety percent of what she claimed is true, I really regret everything and want him so badly. I look over to the house once again, the lights are still on. . . Is this my chance? Or do I really even have a chance to start with? “Fine, I’ll leave you alone to decide on yourself. You’re our costumer here now, not a co-worker. I have no right to speak like a fellow employee let alone as a close friend to you now, right? This should be all you, people around you could say everything and anything but everything is still up to you. Be smarter this time.” Sunhee Unni calmly spoke and patted my shoulder before walking away.

Why does she sound like she knows about the real beef here?

I don’t know. . . and if she really does know, I appreciate that she’s not just screaming at me or hating me. Although, she seems to really want me to fix my which believe me, I really want to as well. I just don’t have the balls to do it.

it, maybe I should at least try.

I was about to take my first steps towards his house when Haru came from behind. “Iseul, did you take Yuki for a while before we went to the restaurant?” She asked with a big frown. “No, why? Weren’t she with us in the restaurant?” I ask. “No, I left her in our room to sleep cause she was too tired from the hike we just had today. But I just went to get my wallet in the room and she wasn’t there. The door was open too but I swear I closed and locked it.” She said.

Oh , the is missing?

I’m not even happy about it right now, this is a huge deserted place and she’s still a tiny animal.

“W-well, relax. She shouldn’t be too far if she got out. This farm is pretty big, I’m sure she’s still inside the vicinity.” I assure her before walking back into the restaurant with her to let everyone know. I know I was about to fix my but now is not the time, I think. My mother and Haru treats Yuki like a real child, I need to help them find Yuki. Honestly, I’m not worried at all, I’m sure she’s still around the farm.

So, we let everyone know and my mom got so worried and cancelled our dinner plans immediately and apologized to the staff and to Juyeon. We all walked around the whole building including the lobby before going back

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