Two Lies, One Truth

Make You Mine
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“Aigoo, why can’t I find a good signal.”

I sneakily gaze meters away from me, towards Kyungsoo’s house, as I pretend to find signal on my phone. The front door is wide open like always so I could have a slight glimpse of what’s inside, barely though. It shows a view of the dinner table and the kitchen so I could see their movements faintly. Seems innocent now, hopefully until the end of time. I nod in relief. I take a few careful and slow steps towards the house while still lifting my phone up to the air. “Come on. . . signal signal, yoohoo.” I continue talking to myself until I bump into something behind me, or someone? I quickly turn around and realize it was Anna. “Oh my god, it’s true!” She immediately freaked out and hugged me. Honestly, I’m so happy to see her too! “Yea! I missed you so much!” I respond and hugged back and both of us are literally hopping at the same pace.

After a while of that while BFF hug we just shared, she held both of my hands. “So. . . you’re an heiress huh? I knew there’s something fishy about you and your high-end fashion.” She teased and both of us giggled, taking that situation now as a funny joke of the past. “Well, don’t think we’re upset of you. We know you had your reasons and it was actually interesting. Was it a good experience for you? I mean being an heiress all your life then suddenly working in this kind of environment?” She then asked. I force a smile and sigh. “Yea well, you know. . . I think it changed me big time, in a very good way. I’ll forever treasure my experiences here, also you guys. You were my only family for like 3 months. It wasn’t too long but I really appreciated you taking care of me.” I explain, as much as I just wanted to tell the bigger and more important portion of the truth.

“That’s good! So does that mean I can still be friends with you?” She grinned.

This silly girl. “Of course! Even after I go back to Seoul, we can contact each other of course.” I reply making her hop in excitement. “Oh my, I have a very cool, gorgeous and rich friend!” She celebrated making me laugh hard. When Anna started dragging me towards a different direction, I stopped and grinned. “I need to call my mom and the signal is around here so. . .” I muffle and she gave me a knowing look. “You’re spying on boss, aren’t you?” She accuses confidently making me zip my lips in a tight line.

“I. . . n-no, of course not.”

I turn away and look up to my phone once again. “Yah, I have so many stories for you about boss and that .” Anna successfully caught my attention right back because of what she said. “W-what, why? D-did something happen in those two months I was gone?” I ask out of reflex and she chuckled teasingly before dragging me close to the field where there’s old benches for tourists. “W-what?” I ask as soon as we were seated. She rolled her eyes before looking at me with a smile again. “You have nothing to worry about, Oppa is seriously head over heels for you, believe me.” She assured me making me gulp hard. Hearing that and knowing that he knows about me at the same time makes me so doubtful. “Don’t give me that look, let me tell you. . .” She scoots closer to me and even glanced at Kyungsoo’s house real quick before moving on.

“On Christmas Eve couple days ago, our team were celebrating together and Seul was there and she was trying so hard to make Kyungsoo drunk and take him somewhere.”

My mouth formed an O hearing what she just said. That’s ed up. “I mean, I might be exaggerating it in a way it wasn’t as creepy as it actually looked but still. . . she was all over him all night but boss would keep on moving away to go with the guys.” She grinned. I scratched my neck while sighing. “W-well, I don’t think it means he’s already head over heels for me just because he did that.” I deny while chuckling. Also, I’m pretty sure Kyungsoo already knew about me on that night so there’s no way.

“Shut up, we’re not even on the Spin-The-Bottle part yet.”

I gulp. They placed Spin-The-Bottle? Uh-oh, that’s a dangerous game, I’m so curious now. “W-what happened?” I ask and I couldn’t even help anymore but to put a hand against my mouth as I wait for her to explain. Anna had to pause for a while to LITERALLY squeal like a fangirl. “Okay, okay, so we were playing right? And then it pointed towards boss after a while and he picked Truth.” She then began and I just nod faintly to let her continue. “Freaking Taeguk Oppa asked something really silly, ‘Who’s the last person you kissed on the lips?’ and everyone was quiet. And the ing Seul was so pathetic. She was so proud and smiling thinking it was her since she was his last ex until Kyungsoo oppa answered Han Iseul. And we were all like WOAH WHAT??” Anna finished the revelation and I just froze there.

Oh right, we did. . . kiss.

“And before I continue, you have some explaining to do. WHEN is this kiss and HOW did it happen? Cause Oppa didn’t explain at all.” She demanded whil

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