Holy Ssh

Make You Mine
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“Do you want anything?”

Uh, finally he cut off the silence. I ain’t doing that . I form a sweet smile on my lips as I take a quick glimpse of him beside me. He just bought the yarns that his mother needed, she apparently gave him a list just so he won’t make a mistake. Now, we have nothing else to do but to either explore or go back home. “You just got your paycheck, why don’t you?” He teased while lifting his brow at me a couple of times. He needs to stop doing that, it’s not cute at all. I can’t even do that. Also, aside from my paycheck of course I have so much more than that but for the purpose of this plan of mine, I honestly have not used any of my pocket money at all.

Damn, I haven’t even gotten out like this ever since I started over two weeks ago.

I guess I do deserve this huh?

“T-that’s true.” I reply. I took too much time to reply but I still did. I mean, can’t he blame me?! Like, he ing knows about me ‘crushing’ on him – which, by the way, we all know is a total bullcrap – and now he always teases me about it. “Oh, right there. You’d like that store.” He suddenly pointed to a particular direction which I automatically followed with my eyes. It’s a shoes store, a handcrafted shoes store. Interesting. Honestly, handcrafted shoes sound more durable. “You? Are you going to buy anything, oppa?” I ask instead. I try to give him another smile just to attempt, YET AGAIN, to make his heart flutter. “Your treat?” He grinned back.

Oh, off.

I lose my smile as I give him a are-you-ing-kidding-me look. “That’s a phrase I did not expect to hear from a millionaire.” I openly mock him back making him laugh. I know the strength of my meanness and I know how to control it. I wasn’t too mean to say that and besides, it’ll help me to be closer and more comfortable with him if I can joke like that. I know all the formulas to do this, alright. “But if you insist. Maybe after we look around more, we can grab something to eat?” I cut off the joke vibe immediately and ask him in a more serious way. “Are you asking me on a date? Because if you are, you need to try harder, sweetie.” He suddenly mocked back before walking ahead first.

What—WHAT THE ?!

I clear my throat along with clearing all the disgust and anxieties he has just given me with that statement. Me? Ask someone on a date? That escalated quick! Why does everyone assume asking someone to eat is synonymous with asking someone on a ing date?! Can’t I just be starving?

And way to go with that sweetie.

Sweet. Ugh.

I tap my face a couple of times before it starts getting warm again. Han Iseul, get a grip. Fine, ask him on a date. I know he’s just teasing you but you can actually take this chance to chase him for real. “Uh. . . how hard, oppa?” I ask while doubling up my pace just to match his. It made him snigger again while he put the back of his hand on his mouth. “Oh wow, you’re serious?” He asked looking very surprised all of a sudden. Oh okay, so he was just really joking? . “W-why not? Haven’t you been on a date before?” I ask while fiddling with my purse’s handle. “Mind if I ask you the same question?” He chuckled while folding his arms now. He seems to be regaining his confidence back after that wee-bit of a shock he got at what I asked.

, where did I put myself into.

“T-there’s always first for everything and. . . I w-won’t mind you being my first time?” I reply with uncertainty. “Just a head’s up, I promise I’ll stay professional during work. I won’t ask for any special treatment after this date. Work and personal life, I can keep those two separated.” I explain beforehand. I don’t want him to think I have any other motives besides getting laid by him. , I just said that. “I don’t know. Iseul-ah, I don’t think that’s a great idea. I was just teasing you, I didn’t know you’ll take it seriously. It’s my fault. I’m so sorry.” He apologized while giving me that forced smile.

He looks damn uncomfortable now.

He started walking ahead again while looking around.

That’s it.

“But I like you.” I confess just for the hell of it. I need to get this moving, alright?! That certainly made him stop. We’re in the middle of this market with a moderate crowd, hmm, sounds very drama-ish. Whatever. He turned to face me again with his hands kept safe in his pockets. I took a deep breath as I look back. “T-there’s just something about you. . . that I have not seen in other men before. I feel like. . . y-you’ll never hurt me like other people did.” I try to make it as realist and romantic as possible. But honestly though, after those things he said to me about relationships and , I feel like he’s the type of person I can actually trust.

But then again, he really shouldn’t trust me. . .

“Like I know, it might be very overwhelming for you because of your past relationship and it’s like, ‘ugh, another employee?’ but I swear I started liking you even before I knew about that. If. . . if you could just give me one chance to prove that I’m different from her.” I continue speaking and I think I’m starting to sound like I’m pleading. You don’t do that , Han Iseul. You should stop soon. He gave me a simple smile before walking back to me. “I’ll let you walk around and buy anything you want, I’ll wait in the car. Okay?” He gave me a light pat on my shoulder before walking off.

W-what just happened?!

I turn around and stare at his back.

“So, that’s a no?” I ask with my shoulders dropping in disappointment. He’s already too far to hear what I just asked so I just watched him until he completely disappeared from the crowd. “.” I put my hand on my forehead as I take all the humiliation that rejection just gave me. “Are you that scared. . .” I can’t help but to mutter to myself as if he’s still there in front of me. I start walking around but I can’t seem to focus on any store right now. He was just talking to me about relationships as if he is totally fine with it, as if he’s mature and all. He talked about her so easily like he has really forgiven her and stuff but what I saw in his eyes right now is certainly different.

He looked anxious.

He’s denial and he doesn’t even know it.

My thoughts were shortly interrupted when I saw a tart store – actually I pretty much smelled it even before I got there. It smells amazing, oh my god. I skip over to the tent while looking down the trays of assorted tarts. They have egg tarts, butter tarts, cheese tarts and more. I love cheese tarts, I will certainly get cheese tarts. I was about to point to the tray of cheese tarts when I suddenly thought of Kyungsoo. “I wonder what he’s going to like. . .” I look through all the varieties while tapping my lip with my pointer finger.

“Pretty lady, you’re with Kyungsoo, right? I saw you two together earlier, where did he go?” The old lady vendor suddenly asked. I look up in surprise. Oh wow, people really do know him here huh? “Y-yes, he went to his car to wait for me. Uhm, I w-was thinking of buying some tarts for everyone in the farm so. . .” I grin while awkwardly glancing back down to the tarts, I’m trying to pick here, she shouldn’t talk to me right now. “Oh, Kyungsoo loves butter tarts. His mother usually goes here and buys it for him when they’re visiting.” The old lady explained. Scratch that, it’s not just Kyungsoo, the Do family is pretty well-known here huh? “W-well then, I’m going to get a dozen cheese tarts and another dozen for butter tarts.” I finally make my decision.

It earned a big smile from her.

Yes, old lady, more money for you. I know. Good for you.

Your smells so good, you should have expected that.

“Oh wow, what’s your name? Are you a friend of his or?” She asked and started packing the tarts I got. “Oh, I’m Han Iseul, I’m a new employee in the farm, just started a couple weeks ago.” I force a smile as I introduce myself. “O-oh, Lee Seul?” She asked in shock and started looking at me more closely as if checking every detail of my face. U

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