Trouble or Fate

Make You Mine
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Fast forward to two months later,

I’m back to my old life. I’m back being the heiress of this dull and boring company. People have been telling me that I’ve changed a little bit, some of them made it clear that it didn’t mean I’m nice now, it’s just that I got more distant than I already was before. Although, my relationship with my father has gotten so much better. That’s probably one thing I did not lie about when I was making excuses to leave the farm.

The farm. . .

Just mentioning it in my head hurts my chest.

I shake the thought off my head as I close the door behind me. I had just concluded a two-hour conference meeting with the board and now I’m back to my office. I am exhausted; I didn’t have a single meal today. I had coffee, if you can consider that a meal. Just as I sat down on my office chair, there came a knock, more like a slam which only a moron would usually do. I roll my eyes before snapping my fingers. “Come in.” I lazily respond.

I know who it is already.

The door opened and a head peeped in. Byun Baekhyun, well what do we have here. Eh, he was part of the meeting, I knew he was going to follow me once it was done. “Hey, sweetie. Haven’t seen you in a while.” He walked over to my table as he spoke. “In a while aka yesterday.” I mocked as I spin my pen with my fingers. “Hey, I was too busy in the gala last night, I couldn’t actually talk to you and your father.” He whined like a kid before taking a seat on the couch across my table.

It’s true.

And also, he tried to hang out with me last night once the gala died down of people but I left as soon as I could.

Other than last night, I haven’t seen him since the farm.

, I am reminded again. Why do I do this to myself. “How have you been?” The most predictable sentence came out of his mouth, the sentence I was hoping to not even get from anyone who’s aware of what happened. “Great.” I fake a quick smile before looking down to my phone, pretending to check something out. I sigh out of guilt. Although Baekhyun was so annoying and inconvenient in the beginning of my time in the farm, he was actually the only person who was the most patient and understanding of me when I was deciding on leaving. “I mean, what else is there to say other than great. I haven’t been working in that stupid farm anymore.” I add while roaming my eyes around but to his direction.

He reciprocated a sigh, almost mocking me in a way.

“Wow I must say, you used to be a very good liar.”

I roll my eyes before standing up. I went to one corner where I have a couple of alcohol, my favorites, and glasses. I pour myself a glass, not too much. Just enough to warm me up. “Okay, for the record, nothing much really happened between me and h-him, so what is there to say? It’s not like something big happened while I was there. We didn’t even reach the official stage.” I casually speak before taking a small sip of my drink. “Doesn’t mean nothing happened just because nothing was official but oh well, why am I worried. More chances of me winning you now, right?” Baekhyun teased while winking at me.

I walk back to my table and sat down, I look down to my glass and brush my fingertips along the edge of it. Well. . . he actually made it official. It was just too late. I never wanted something so bad as much as I did when he said those beautiful words, ‘Be mine.’

“Hey.” Baekhyun’s tap on the table woke me up from that short trance I was in. “How about. . . we go out for dinner after work? I can wait.” He offered giving me those loving eyes he always had for me. I wish I just fell for him, at least things wouldn’t be this hard. “Baekhyun, you know I can’t, right? I’m still going to say no. I’m sorry.” As kindly as I could, I reject him. “How about I invite you and your dad for dinner on Christmas Eve? That gives you more than a week to think, is that good enough?” He asked, not changing his expression.

He knows I don’t celebrate Christmas.

Well. . . I stopped when my mother left.

Before I could even say anything, he put his hands up in defense. “Not Christmas Eve dinner, it just happens to be during Christmas Eve.” He chuckled and gave me a reassuring nod. “Baekhyun, please. I don’t want to. I’m sorry.” Again, I reject firmly as I put my glass down the table. I look over to my desktop to check some emails.

For a broken-hearted mess, I’m doing pretty damn well.

I still do good at work, I still look presentable, I act professional. . .

And I’m still empty as .

“You know, what if. . . you can try it out with me to get over him?” Baekhyun suggested, looking at me with those hopeful eyes of his. “Baekhyun, please. I don’t have to get over him because there’s nothing to get over of. I left it all in the farm.” I argue before taking a big gulp on my drink. I groan as the strong liquid warms up my throat. He leaned on the couch and crossed his legs. “I wish, Iseul. It would actually make me so much happier if there

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